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    Includes Expert Content
    Vaginal odor???????
    spikeabike posted:
    I was wondering if anyone can tell me if they have experienced or are experiencing strong vaginal odors while going thru menopause, I take a shower every morning and the next day morning upon waking, I smell very bad down there. Some days I notice a slight odor when I go to the bathroom.
    I have not had a period for 2 yrs, in my early 50's, I don't see any discharge.
    Has anybody out there tried the new item I see ads for Rephresh-to balance out body ph? Should I be using something along this line?
    Any suggestions would be good.
    thanks, anne
    Pattycake4fun responded:
    I was the same way. I am 52 and haven't had a period in over 2 years myself. I take a shower morning, evening and in the warm weather (or if I sweat a lot during the hot flashes) I take a shower in the afternoon or right after I get home from work. I use panty liners daily and sprinkle a little Summer's Eve feminine powder on the pad. The best soap to use down there I find is either Zest or Ivory. I still douce once a month too. Also, I don't sleep with panties at night. Hopefully, this advice will help you too.
    Margery LS Gass, MD, NCMP responded:
    The most common cause of bad odor coming from the vagina is a condition called bacterial vaginosis, also called gardnerella. The odor stems from an overgrowth of certain bacteria in the vagina that causes a strong fishy odor. The odor is worse after intercourse because the pH of the semen causes more of the odor to be released. Prescription pills or cream can usually eliminate the bacterial imbalance. In premenopausal women, a not uncommon cause of bad odor is a forgotten tampon. Removal of the tampon will correct the problem. Gentle cleansing of the vulva with clean water is usually sufficient for hygiene. Any soap can be irritating to the vulva and in some cases can cause dermatitis, skin irritation, or rash. In most cases, douching is not recommended. A very strong or unusual odor should be evaluated by a clinician.
    Txmedieval replied to Pattycake4fun's response:
    I had a total hysterectomy 7 yrs ago.. and all has been great

    Married nearly 5 yrs ago, barely have relations now days..yet I have started to get an odd oder..I shower.. n try Not to take many bubble baths as I know they can cause irritations..I hope someone can help
    sexyslim039 replied to Margery LS Gass, MD, NCMP's response:
    I tried almost everything shower 3 times a day and still feel dirty. The Clinician have test me several time and I still have recurred vaginial odor
    Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to sexyslim039's response:
    Dear Sexyslim 039,
    You might want to try something like repHresh cream; it's over the counter, and to get started you could try it three times a week initially; and see if you notice a change in your odor. It might help,
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane
    sunniehills replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
    I am in peri menoupause, still having regular periods. Within the last 4 months, I have been experiencing that BAD fishy odor. I did see my Dr. DId a vag and pap. Said everything was fine. I have tried the over the counter 3day monostat, but to no avail. It is driving me nuts and it is embarrassing. I am so self consience when it comes to being intimate with my husband.
    Should I try the dr again and get a script?
    Paladin9 replied to sunniehills's response:
    I have douched with vinegar and water and added a little bit of baking soda. I also drink alkaline water-this helps to balance the ph in the body. My skin is usually very dry and this has helped some.
    therealways responded:
    I too had the same concerns but I tried coconut oil inserted some in took my vagina. And it works amazingly purchased it at superstore health food section I also sprinkle powder down there stopped the dampness and order good luck!
    nina0100 replied to therealways's response:
    Can you give an update? Is the coconut oil still effective? How often and when did you insert it? Did coco oil eliminate the odor or the powder did?
    Sandy1212 replied to nina0100's response:
    Estring worked for me. It actually causes a pleasant sort of sweet body odor, at least for me. Needs a prescription.
    An_250628 responded:
    me too !! it comes and goes .. strange
    rareorchid62 replied to An_250628's response:
    I take RepHresh Pro-B probiotic feminine supplement - 1 capsule every day - i have only been taking them for 1 week, but i don't smell bad anymore..

    Please try everyone.

    Good Luck.
    An_251697 replied to rareorchid62's response:
    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person experiencing this unexpected and unpleasant problem - I was a bit worried about what was going on! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. In terms of the RepHresh Pro-B - I'm in Canada but can probably find it here. I'm wondering, is it still working for you, and have you experienced any side-effects?

    Thanks again....
    charchar56 responded:
    I have had this trouble for awhile now. I talked to my older sister and she also has this problem. She spok to her doctor and she told her to take Acidophilus I went to walmart and the gave methe 2million mg tablets. It took awhile 2week but it worked. All of a sudden the ordor was gone. I wanted to shout to the roof tops. I went on to try to try other thing that say they have it but spring valley brand was the one that does it for me.

    Multiple human trials report benefits of acidophilus for bacterial vaginosis, a common infection of the vagina. L . acidophilus has long been used as a therapeutic agent for gastrointestinal disorders.
    There is no side effect and I have taken more that 2 tablets when I got off it to try something eles.
    I went to my OBG and he couldn't help or my reg doc. Try it Ladies you will be so happy. Of course look it up talk to your doc what do you have to lose but that smell.

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