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    Tips for Menopausal relief
    bichonlover92 posted:
    I had Stage IIb Uterine cancer at age 26. I am a twin and my uterus never developed properly. It was removed along with one ovary. I had no chemo because I had no positive nodes, but I did have lengthy radiation. At age 34, I had a low grade thyroid cancer, my thyroid was removed, followed by radioactive iodine treatement (they gave me a pill, and I stayed in isolation in hospital overnight).

    My remaining ovary worked fine until 2003 - I was 46, twenty years after the original surgery. May fiance noticed changes in my skin temp sitting next to me on the sofa. I didn't feel it. He would say I was burning up one second, the next moment he said I was ice cold.

    Not long after, I began to feel sick in the pit of my stomach, very deep. This symptom began to happen more frequently followed by nervousness, then I would feel deep heat inside my entire body, that would then roil it's way up through my skin layers and pop out into a sweat. At that point, I felt very nauseated, but never threw up.

    I realized what was going on, I was at the right age, and felt fortunate that my one ovary had lasted as long as it did.

    I remembered hearing on a radion program that Asian women didn't suffer menopausal symptoms like American women do, because of their diet, which is based largely on Soy. American diets are based on wheat, flour, etc.

    I went to the pharmacy and bought a product called Soycare. It was capsules, and I kept a bottle beside my bed, and one in my purse at all times.

    I got to where I could feel a "hot flash" coming on deep in the pit of my stomach, so I would immediately take a capsule, and within minutes, it would "squash" the symptom - after getting the soy in my system, the cycle was basically stopped in it's tracks.

    I developed fibromyalgia during this time, so I had to go on pain meds. I also had to get something to calm the nervousness, so my doctor gave me a muscle relaxer. The fibromyalgia was bad, sometimes I felt like I would "break" I was so stiff.

    Because of my history, I was cautioned against taking hormone therapy, so I never did.

    After 3 years total, the symptoms stopped, and eventually so did the fibromyalgia. It took about 8 months to get off the pain meds. I would suggest doing it in a step-down process - it is possible.

    Oh, another thing, menopause affected my heart. My heart would literally ache, and beat erratically, which never happened before. But, when the soy got in my system, this symptom eased up. I would recommend a product by BeeAlive called B-12 Plus. It has B12, B6, Folic Acid, and Royal Jelly. It's an amazing product, and will help with stamina.

    Menopause also aggrivated lymphedema in my legs, from my first surgery. It was hell. It added alot of extra thick fluid to my already compromised lymphatic system, but as I said, I got through it, although it was a fight.

    Don't drink alcohol, salt, light on sugar, read labels and eat chips and things that don't have preservatives, like MSG.

    Do drink soymilk, if you can tolerate it, eat fish that has Omega 3's, it will help with the stiffness.

    Except for the 35 year old above, I think all of you who are having discharges, some bleeding is probably normal, and I also had vaginal dryness, and sensitive clitoris, but after all of the treatments I had earlier in my life, I figured that was normal.

    I try to eat fresh food as much as possible. Eat yogurt. Another thing, I had thought interruptions, which was out of character for me. Menopause affects every part of the body. But it will pass!

    link to BeeAlive
    If you're interested, I'm Cancer editor at I post weekly articles, and a wkly newsletter. Here's the link:
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