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    husband with ED
    helpseeker42 posted:
    My husband has ED we have only been married for almost 3 years· It seems like right after we got married he became worse. Now at this point we do not have sex at all and if we do it is oral. And this only happens every 3_4 months. Not to say that I do not enjoy that but penetration is much more desirable . I am 43 years old he is 49 , I d,,esire to have sex often and he does not want to get help. This is not good. Any advise?
    amidonn responded:
    I had this problem too only I didn't get oral or anything.. I had to take care of myself.. We talked about it and finally he said if I made the dr appt stating he was having problems getting the erection he would go and ask about Viagra.. Now we already knew his health was causing this so maybe he does need a evaluation to see what's going on! Good luck
    helpseeker42 replied to amidonn's response:
    Ok you used the word Had meaning past tense. Did the VIAGRA help? We have tried VIAGRA..Calois..testosterone creme. -83D-E25 with no luck.
    helpseeker42 replied to helpseeker42's response:
    nohard responded:
    Hi If he does not want any help and you need sex more often? then perhaps you need a man change, find one with a far higher libido than yours, then you will either love it or at times you can say those immortal words, Not to night darlings I have a headache.
    Perhaps you need to give the ultimatum.

    Good Luck

    kingharold responded:
    Hi, that is a real problem. sounds like it can be a couple of things maybe low testosterone causing no desire. performance anxiety. try introducing toys like vibrators to remove some of the pressure to perform. try Cialis is much better than Viagra. keep it light the mood, so he doesn't feel like failing. keep it sexy and fun. remember good sex is driven by desire. also make sure he isn't masturbating to much. couples porn may help with arousal. little alcohol doesn't hurt either. good luck. Kh
    lonealaskangypsy responded:
    I know a few other people have given advice on here- but as someone who's been with a man with a low libido, perhaps you could work on 'building yourselves up to sex' to help motivate him to want to perform. Eating foods with sexually-stimulating properties, watching risqu? films, participating in foreplay, and trying new things may inspire his interest.
    kerry_john responded:
    I have used oral medications and found very good success but I had a side effect of indigestion. Now I am doing injection therapy and the results are better than the oral medications with no side effects. This treatment is for erectile dysfunction .
    oldbiguy responded:
    My wife and I know exactly what you are talking about, we have lived with a similar problem all of our 35 years of marriage — I just don't have a need/want/desire for sex as often as most people, I have never had. You might consider taking the same road that my wife and I took, I share my wife with 2 male friends.


    If you can't separate Sex & Love — What do you do when the Sex is gone?
    josesvargas replied to oldbiguy's response:
    Hi, is very interesting your case,
    and you just wash her ...I think u maybe try more potibation or gwork in 2 couple! or 2 girls..instead u share her.
    oldbiguy replied to josesvargas's response:
    Hi Jose,
    We had a couple that we would separate room Swung with every weekend for several years. Her sex drive was like mine, and it worked great until they moved 800 plus miles away. We still try to get together a few times a year to swing. We tried swinging with other couples but with my lack of desire, most women don't want a second shot. My wife tried a couple of same sex encounters, she didn't enjoy them and didn't feel comfortable in bed with another woman. We have threesomes with a few male friends, we do enjoy our MMF threesomes. That is where I discovered that I like giving oral to men, but that is all I enjoy to doing.

    Most of the time I don't watch and I'm not in the same room. I do enjoy watching "sometime", but after a while even that gets old. After they are done, they will shower, come get me, and then I go to bed with my wife.

    After 35 years of marriage we have found that just my wife having sex with our male friends' works best for us.

    dmsadmin replied to kingharold's response:
    This was excellent advice.

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