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    Includes Expert Content
    Used Talc Powder on my Penis and Balls to prevent itch?
    dlively452 posted:
    I had always scratched my balls area (not the penis) and to the end of the ball "line" where there is a hair to the butthole for all my life, I don't scratch it everyday in my life; but happens sometimes and it happening again nowadays, my ball skin gets too itchy and sometimes I scratch it when I sleep or at specific time after 6:00 pm to relieve the itch and the next morning, it stings so much for next couple days. I have asked my mother, and she said it is a hereditary matter (skin conditions) because my dad scratch his ball skin as well sometimes and also my older brother but they don't scratch it nowadays. I was wondering if there is any solution or should I consult a doctor about this problem? (I know its not jock itch or any of those; my skin looks fine except when I scratch it hard, the skin turns hard and rough and sometimes whitish, but it doesnt happen to turn whiteish these days)

    Also, to relieve itch, I have put some Johnson's baby talco powder (it says "con manzanilla naturale" after that, hope it means cornstarch), hopefully there is no medical risk from this as I heard using talc powder can cause cancer or tumor (of course I don't apply everyday but only when my balls gets itchy which is often these days) I have apply to my penis as well (including tip; thinking it will make my private part smooth), and after rereading the risk of talc powder, I pray that I did not damage or cause any cancer or tumors or any future complications on my penis or my sperms...

    Thank you, I hope I do not have any complications from using talc powder on penis (after today; I will buy the cornstarch one) and my ball itching will stop soon
    Duckblind responded:
    Try using a hypoallergenic lotion such as Vasealine Intensive Rescue on the penis and sack after showering.
    dlively452 replied to Duckblind's response:
    thanks for the reply, but I had tried everything from all those lotions, it only provided temporary relief, but I will try the Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion brand and see if it will disappear in long term
    Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
    Some men scratch down there as a habit or it could be a stress or anxiety or sweat thing or maybe you have a medical reason. Excessive scratching should be addressed as this can get serious and cause problems- you should see a dermatologist. There may be some treatments that may help that require a prescription. Good luck.

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