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    Includes Expert Content
    MortyFromQueens posted:
    I didn't see where I could ask a question about the piece on shaving.
    I use shaving soap, which I lather-up with a shaving brush.
    Does the author have recommendations for good shaving soaps?
    I also use aloe vera gel as an aftershave lotion--what does the author think of that?
    Thank you,
    Morty Sklar
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Morty,

    I'm not sure about the author but here is one of many articles on WebMD re shaving , but I also hope members here will post and share their ideas too.

    Are you asking about shaving your face or other parts of your body because knowing that could change how others respond.
    MortyFromQueens replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Is Caprice being capricious? I haven't shaved my body since I entered the Mr. America contest. Talking about my face, thank you.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to MortyFromQueens's response:
    Thanks for clarifying, Morty. You just never know here.
    Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
    I am jealous. Speaking as a urologist, I have no professional knowledge or experience to answer your question. As a regular guy, I always wanted to use an old brush, though it seems like it would take too long as compared to the chemical gels that come out of a can much more quickly. It really is personal preference. Everyone is different. Much depends on you, your skin type, razor type, hair type and density, and what you are trying to get out of a shave- fast or close? Key is to use water to wet hairs and some lubricant to assist with the shave itself. Perhaps there are shave experts or dermatologists who have an opinion.
    MortyFromQueens replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
    Well, Dr. Marks, the truth is, I don't recall the last time I added a new shaving soap disk to my shaving cup, it lasts so long, as does the bottle of liquid aloe vera I apply after shaving. However, I wouldn't be so "green" if I didn't get a good shave from this combination--along with using Wilkinson Sword double-edge blades in my simple (no moving parts) razor. First I apply a hot towel (made hot by running water from the faucet over it) for about thirty seconds, then I lather-up well. After shaving, I sometimes run the brush over my face again without lathering-up again, and check for rough spots. I used to use the most economical shaving soap, but then got a more expensive one that doesn't dry-up too soon.
    MortyFromQueens replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
    P.S. to my reply: I said hot towel, but I actually use a thick wash cloth.
    Sheldon Marks, MD replied to MortyFromQueens's response:
    I am impressed with your dedication to the old world ways. I have always heard that there is nothing better for a shave than the old razor shaves at the barber shop. Scary, yes to have a guy with a sharp blade at your neck but then again I do vasectomy reversals every day and that would be a bit scary too.
    MortyFromQueens replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
    Yes, more old-fashioned than my method is the straight-razor method, which a barber advised me would take some time and skill to maintain the integrity of the blade, as well as shaving. I believe barbers used to do tonsillectomies, too, didn't they? Maybe they'll start doing vasectomies (of course, not in the U..S.).
    Paulnewyork replied to MortyFromQueens's response:
    OK, if none of you have tried shaving with a brush and soap, you are living the the shaving world equivalent of polyester clothes and trailer parks. Before you get your hackles up, take a look at No, I don't work for them. Just a converted customer.

    I always hated shaving. One Christmas my wife gave me the whole set
    complete with the wooden bowl of soap.

    I could not believe the difference. There is a huge movement among men to get back to shaving being an experience of taking care of yourself and I never would have pictured myself in their company. But, I became a believer.

    It does NOT take any longer than using those awful greasy chemicals on your face and the whole experience raises shaving from a drudgery to least mildly pleasant. The brush of warm soap on the face is wonderful. The razor feels great in your hand, and the balance with the blade keeps shaving safe and smooth and flowing.

    There are lots of other shaving companies, but this one is the only one I can vouch for. OK. sorry if this sounds like a commercial.... but it is so much better than the foam companies.
    The shaving soap in Art of Shaving is rich, creamy, clean, and I use the sandalwood scent.
    MortyFromQueens replied to Paulnewyork's response:
    Thanks, Paul.

    By the way--for whomever else is following this thread, I mentioned that I thought barbers used to also perform tonsillectomies, but someone advised me that what they used to perform was tooth extractions.
    Sheldon Marks, MD replied to MortyFromQueens's response:
    I was always taught the original surgeons were "barbers and surgeons". Anything involving sharp steel tools was their trade. But then again maybe it was just tooth extractions.
    lb4lb6911 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
    hi Caprice,
    I think that was a valid issue,face or body. I shave my body parts, although not with a razor
    doodad98 responded:
    I've been using a brush and shaving soap since 1978. I've tried a wide range of products, from the cheap to expensive. Cost doesn't correlate well with the quality of the shave. To be honest, the stuff at Wal-mart works really well. The brand is Van Der Hagen and comes in a green box. I do feel a badger brush works best ... not that you asked about that. Since the brush and soap method brings warm suds to your face, it really helps soften the beard for cutting and it feels awesome.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to lb4lb6911's response:
    Thanks Lb. Welcome to WebMD!

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