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    Includes Expert Content
    Over 50 and easily crying at movies
    An_205630 posted:
    I am 54 and I never used to cry over movies. The past 5 or 6 years I guess I have began to start getting more and more emotional over scenes. Now it is to the point that it is actually embarrassing to me and I live alone. If I was around anyone else I would really be humiliated. I mean some of the scenes are not even that sentimental really but I still start crying.
    Any idea what might be the problem? I would appreciate any direction I might be pointed toward. I just had a physical and didn't think of speaking of this to my physician but I think I really should have.
    Thanks for any help that might be sent my way.
    GAP1954 responded:
    Go have a physical to rule out any metabolic or other problems. I suspect you may be dealing with some depression. You may not even recognize it but a professional might be able to help you figure this out and guide you in some management of it if needed. 54 is not old at all (I'm 56) but it is about the time we start facing our own mortality and that can exhibit in a whole lot of ways - including becoming more emotional.
    hairyd responded:
    Anon call your doctor's nurse and request a lab appointment. Your estrogen and testosterone level changes with age.
    But the ladies loves a man with open emotional feeling. You are a adult male so screw what another male thinks. He is not take you home.
    3mens replied to hairyd's response:
    I am not a doctor or health care professional so I can't give you advice but I think everybody shed tears at some point. Men are trying to be a macho by not crying out loud but indeed they want to cry out loud. They don't want other see them weak but they're crying inside. I think if you hold back your emotion is not good for your health rather shedding some tears are indeed good for your eyes. I am taught that "Men should rather shed of bloods but not shed of tears" but I cry. It made me feel good. I just want to let the pressure, the tension out of me. Don't you think after crying you feel good. I am. I think you're a kind and sensitive guy. Nothing wrong with you.
    Popear responded:
    He is depressed and needs to have his testosterone level and TSH tested. I would recommend hobbies, social outlets to be around real people.
    robertlee626 responded:
    Hey Anon...I am 58 and had the same thing going on. I went to the Doc and my testosterone was low, my thyroid levels were not low, but I did have some underlying depression going on regarding my age and my children finishing their masters degrees and moving away. The funny thing was I did not realize it. Go see a good doctor for labs and have a nice visit with a respectable counselor. You will feel so much better for it....Best of luck to you my friend.........RB
    WilAtl replied to GAP1954's response:
    he clearly stated that he just had a physical.
    Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
    Some good responses. Suggest you get your estrogen level checked with the free and total testosterone and prolactin as well as the thyroid levels. Also suggest you see an endocrinologist.
    malford6 replied to GAP1954's response:
    I suspect that a bit of depression might be involved. I have some input suggesting low testosterone which I suspect might be a cause also, Thanks for your input.
    An_205631 replied to hairyd's response:
    Hi, Thanks for your response. I have had physicals, but I doubt if the hormone levels have been checked and I have thought that might be a cause myself. I will have to make an appointment and get that checked out. Just wanted to get some other opinions on it first. And I am secure in my masculinity, so I don't care about a bit of crying, but I really think that I am ridiculous. I would refuse to go to a theater for anything besides an action movie or a comedy. Thanks again.
    An_205632 replied to Popear's response:
    Hi, I possibly am a "bit" depressed at the present time. And I have thought of having my hormones checked. I do get regular physicals, but they don't include hormone levels. I have been a bit of a recluse for a while and that doesn't help I am sure. Thanks for your input. I will put it to use.
    An_205633 replied to robertlee626's response:
    Hi, you are the 3rd person to suggest my problem is possibly testosterone related and I had thought it might be so to begin with. I just wanted to see if others thought so too. I appreciate your input.
    malford6 replied to WilAtl's response:
    Yes, but physicals are specific. They do not include a lot of things unless they are asked for like testosterone levels. I will be calling tomorrow for an appointment for lab work. I hope this might clear that up for you like all of this has educated me.
    WilAtl replied to malford6's response:
    already had appt. coming up soon, i have added to my list:
    Sheldon Marks, MD response: Suggest you get your estrogen level checked with the free and total testosterone and prolactin as well as the thyroid levels. Also suggest you see an endocrinologist. i apologize for my earlier abrupt reply, i did learn from this. i too live alone, have been crying when there's an emotional situation on tv or in a movie, & have become more of a recluse than usual. thanks

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