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    Includes Expert Content
    Jock Itch Problem!
    shoe4455 posted:
    Hello WebMD community,

    I effectively realized that I have jock itch last Tuesday, and so I promptly bought the CVS version of Lamasil AT (with with the anti-fungal Terbinafide). I followed the directions on the tube, once a day after using soap and water for a week. However, it has been a week, and now the tube is empty! My jock itch also hasn't shown any clear signs of slowing up. It is still a large reddish ring around my groin folds extending to my thighs.

    My question is: should I go to a doctor?
    Should I buy another tube of Terbinafide?
    Or should I try the other anti fungal at CVS?
    Is this unusual?

    -Note, I am 95% sure it is jock itch. I have all of the symptoms and the characteristic rash. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! This thing is horrible.

    An_205665 responded:
    You might have better luck with the Lamisil aeresol spray. Since it is alcohol-based, it has the added benefit of drying the area out, although it does sting a bit. It is important to keep the area clean and dry. Use plenty of it.
    An_205666 responded:
    I have found that sometimes even though the store brands have the same active ingredient(s) in the same concentration, the "carrier" components of ointments could make a difference in how well they treated my rash -- so the "name" brand may work when the store brand does not.

    I had great luck with Monistat Derm 2% cream in the past. I would recommend giving it a try.
    carlcap responded:
    OK one week went by and now you can try something else but, after two weeks, I would definitely go and see a doctor if you don't see any progress. After you wash with soap and water, put medicated powder on generously and rub it all over the infected area. Do this everyday and after a week if you don't see any improvement, you had better see a doctor.
    bluglue replied to An_205666's response:
    Desitin, a baby ointment, body powder (gold bond) and a soft soap like Dove works well. constant change of clean underwear also helps.
    mrvitamin58 responded:
    I use to suffer from athletes foot,jock itch and ecema.the cure was
    to follow the yeast diet.There is a paper back 'The Yeast Syndrome'
    and since I read it and followed the diet and used internal lamisal pills from my Doc not only did it all go away but my toe nails didn't crack or warp anymore and I had a lot more energy!
    Turns out I had systemic yeast. that's right a yeast infection throughout my entire body. Women are not the only ones who get the yeast.
    So,no sugar,no simple carbs in your diet anymore.
    Read the book.You will be surprised about the info on yeast and how it affects our bodies.
    JokeyMokey responded:
    I think I have this as well. Red rash on my inner upper thighs. I've been using a medicated body powder, and it seems to be helping. Make sure to dry the area really well after you shower and use soap.
    Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi shoe4455,

    If you are still experiencing these symptoms, then please seek a doctor's examination. According to this Jock Itch Overview , this form of ringworm can normally be treated with OTC creams and powders, but should be seen by a doctor if the "infection that does not go away, is severe, or comes back."

    Wishing you relief in the near future and hope that you keep us posted!
    Jasmsw responded:
    I went to a dermatologist and he prescribed Ketaconazole. The ringwork has never returned. This is a problem that would go away and come back for years. This is the answer!
    Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
    We hear this all the time. Everyone, doctors included, always assume that every treatment will be effective for every person, when we know this is just not the case. Some infections, whether bacterial or fungal, can be resistant to some of the treatments. Usually I suggest that men go back to the pharmacy, talk to the pharmacist and find out what different type of anti-fungal cream or lotion or powder is effective. If that doesn't work then see a doctor.
    Guthrie53 responded:
    The reason you are directed to follow up with a physician if you see no results after 1-2 weeks of self treatment is because a persistent fungal infection may 1) require a stronger dose or a different anti-fungal compound that is not as resistant to the general OTC treatments and 2) it may be indicative of a more acute disease process brewing such as hyperglycemia which could lead to you becoming Diabetic. I mention this not to alarm you, but to highlight the importance of early screening before a life threatening emergency arises.

    Please let us know how it turns out.
    An_250307 responded:
    A year ago, I had a pretty bad case of jock itch.

    Jock itch, if i sat more than an hour, red bumps would appear
    all over my buttocks and on the inside of my leg.
    If I would sit in a sauna, there would be a big red scales in
    between my nut sack. I tried all kinds of creams, the problem
    would just come right back. Creams and Sprays from various products seemed to have contributed to sedated the bacteria and put it to "sleep". Perhaps this is the marketing strategy from the company's products or they simply are not strong enough to kill the anemic problem. One day i looked at the hand sanitizer on my bathroom sink and thought "Alcohol kills about anything". I took a paper towel and put the alcohol on the red areas. The area that i applied the alcohol to, immediately felt like my bare skin was over a hot campfire with red burning coals. My nuts felt like they were on fire. No wonder alcoholics and their livers, deteriorate into a small warped plum because alcohol is so potent against any type of anemic skin rash. Very effective and instant sterilization occurred.
    Guthrie53 replied to An_250307's response:
    You may have gootten rid of the problem on the surface of the skin area, but it can return because the fungus may just be diminished or regenerating. When it comes back, and it will, you need to go see a doctor and get something to decimate it once and for all.
    Howard1959 responded:
    For future reference, LOTRIMIN ULTRA is the better bet. It contains butenafine hydrochloride cream, and will kill your Jock Itch in a matter of days.

    Use a blow dryer on your pubes after you shower, then apply LOTRIMIN. Sleep nude if you can

    I have four boys, all for some reason suffered (and the younger two still do, as they are in HS sports) from Jock Itch. I also recommend CLEAN feet and putting on socks BEFORE you put on your pants or underwear, as athletes foot fungus can spread to your dick and balls.

    Any QUestions, shoot me an email: [email protected]
    july1936 replied to Howard1959's response:
    according my dermatologist never use alcohol. Blow use is good. I use Keeld medicated powder almost daily(dr recomds)' I have used store brands cremes sucessful. Now live in the South so fungus is worse.

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