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    im 21 yrs of age PREMATURE EJACULATION
    Anon_230661 posted:
    get so empty and emotionaly disconnected after sex because i feel i ejaculate to fast within minutes , its embarassing and its hurts my pride and ego , i inturn make my significant other feel horrible because i show no affection after because im so ashamed ! PLEASE ANYONE KNOW A REAL SOLUTION MEDICINE OR TECHNIQUE ? I TRIED THE STOP AND SQUEEZE I TRIED TO THINK OF OTHER THINGS BUT NOTHING WORKS , once i begin to increase my pace the ejaculation just comes out ! i also have tried the numbing effect doesnt do much either ! yes this has been a ongoing issue throughout my life please help !
    napolean1_99 responded:
    try extreme pleasure condoms-i tryied these and went for two hours-had to take it off cause i was exhausted. these are GREAT. wife luved it
    1quickquestion replied to napolean1_99's response:
    thanks alot i really appreciate the advise ... do you know where i can buy them i live in newyork , and also what do they do ? please reply asap
    Guthrie53 replied to 1quickquestion's response:
    While I get it that you feel that you ejaculate pretty fast, it might help if you take the focus off of you. We are men, we all ejaculate and it's going to take time for our bodies to adjust. But I think if you made your primary concern with giving her pleasure (whispering in her ear or nibbling on it, playing with her hair, using your other senses like smelling her hair or the smell of the soap on her neck and body, even oral sex if that's something you already know she will enjoy), you will take the focus off your ejaculating too early. And for goodness sake, so what if you still ejaculate. It happens. Don't bring any extra attention to it as if something is wrong with you. That's the difference between being a boy and being a men. It's how graceful you deal with unexpected setbacks. A man focusing on giving her pleasure won't think about his ego and would leave the pride at the door. Try lots of different types of foreplay; call her throughout the day to get her juices flowing and build up to intercourse. Something that I find that works is without even touching her breast, vagina, or buttocks, slowly rub your hands all over her legs, back, shoulders, neck, lips, etc. The roughness of our male hands on their soft skin drives them crazy. Get rid of the pride and ego, and stop stressing over the possibility that you might orgasm, I promise she wouldn't care if you blow a load every 5-10 minutes. Please reply back and let me know what happened.

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