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    Penile anomaly
    Anon_158017 posted:
    I am 26 years old uncircumcised male. About 4 months ago I noticed what would best be explained as a ring or circumfuerence on the right side near the opening of my urethra. The bottom side of said ring is what I would call a wrinkle or trench; it actually is an indent from the rest of the topography of my penis (like a trench about 2 mms long). The left side is made by the border of the skin around the opening to the urethra. The rest of the "ring" or circumferences is closed off by other smaller lines.
    This ring is visible under certain light which im guessing makes shadows which make it possible to see. The inside of the "ring" is not discolored and there is no texture aside from the indent which I explained beforehand. I have compared with other parts of my penis and the texture and color is similar in other areas. This ring often changes shape or is better o harder to see depending on my penis size (cold or not) or after I've had an erection. It's visible when I have an erection and has no texture to it, just the indentation on one side.
    I have had both my dermatologist as well as my family doctor look at it. My dermatologist said it's a normal part of the "topography" of my penis and develops as men age. My family doctor, which is specialized in infectious diseases didn't see anything odd and actually had trouble seeing what I was talking about.
    I have had STD exams done about a year ago and everything has come out negative. I had another general blood test exam done about 2 months ago for a general check up and everything came out great.
    I've been known to be somewhat of a hypochondriac and even though the doctors have told me that it's nothing to worry about I still do and would like to know what it is, I mean it is my penis after all.
    I remember a while back I was wearing some tight pajamas and had an erection at night and woke up because of the pain because my pajamas were constricting my penis near the area where I now have this ring. Could that be it, or as my dermatologist said it's a normal part of the topography of my penis?
    For all I know, it could have been there forever I've just recently started giving myself monthly check ups for testicular cancer and the likes.
    Thanks for the help.
    Guthrie53 responded:
    I don't know if you have ever been to web sites like or where you could actually look at pictures of other men's penises, but you will notice that we come in all shapes and sizes just like women do. I'm not encouraging you to spend a lot of time in these sites, but you may notice that bend, curvature, exposure to air when the foreskin isn't covering it all make every guy's penis look a little different then the others. I think maybe you should look at it this way: if it's not broke, don't fix it. You should wear underwear that are comfortable, that doesn't constrict or allows for a lot of flop, but allows it to breath. Wash yourself regularly and thoroughly, behind the foreskin every time you bathe. If you have pain, see bleeding from that area, or an unusual growth, then go see another doctor. If not, move on to another problem. Everybody's life has another problem waiting, I assure you.

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