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    Penis Size
    An_243143 posted:
    I'm 18 years old and my penis is definitely not the size is should be. Everything I've read says that penis size is based on genetics, and no male in my family has a penis as small as mine. I'm afraid something went wrong during puberty! Is it worth going to a doctor or should I spare myself the embarrassment? If I do go, what could a doctor do? Any advice would be great, and please noone say just deal with it because I honestly don't think I can.
    gymrat44 responded:
    You know, probably going to a doctor would be a good idea. We're all different and maybe you're on a slower timetable than you'd like -- that's a possibility. Sometimes everything isn't fully grown by age 18. I know that in my early 20s my facial hair was very light in color even though I have dark hair. I had a moustache but you couldn't see it. I was in the service at the time and took a lot of ribbing from the other guys because I would go to the PX and buy an eyebrow pencil (made for women) to darken my moustache up so it could be seen. By the time I reached my late 20s all my facial hair darkened and I didn't need the pencil any more.

    Maybe your penis is still growing (in it's soft state, that is!); may be it's at its full length now. If that's the case maybe the doctor could recommend a counselor to help you work with that. But let me assure you: no matter how big your dick is, just about every guy wishes his was bigger. I do, too, but actually women have told me they were glad that it wasn't! And having a bigger dick really doesn't make your life any better.

    It's good that you weren't too embarrassed to get in touch with us here; don't be too embarrassed to talk to someone who could help you! Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
    hairyd responded:
    AN, you did not give your size. You are able to pleasure yourself with masturbation? Since you have seen your family dicks. Then they also have seen your penis. Has your father or uncles advise your that your penis is not normal? Why be embrassed for a doctor to see your penis. He would be able to advise you if your normal. You may want to shave your dick therefore you would see the whole link of meat.

    Since you are a virgin your concerned about the look. When you become sexual active. You will learn it not the size but it how you rock her body to ring her bell.

    Enjoy your time in the shower or locker room. Other males may look, but unless they are gay, has no thoughts.
    You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
    cds199324 responded:
    NOONE in my family has seen mine. I am VERY small soft, and only 5 inches hard. And I am not a virgin. I lost my virginity last year, and she has given me hell since we broke up about being too small. I dread spending the night with my current girlfriend because I dont want her to see my penis. And I have plenty of facial hair and plenty of pubes, I just have no clue what is wrong with me! But I guess I will see a doctor this week, I just don't know what to say.
    cds199324 replied to cds199324's response:
    btw, i am An_243143
    hairyd replied to cds199324's response:
    cds, Here's hoping you will spend this night with your current girlfriend. Or as soon has she will premit.

    Do not be embrassed for other male to see your penis. A very small penis is more comfortible in daily activities.

    A hard 5 inch penis will give any female the MOST Pleasure and pain. Insert a straw, tube, ect in your mouth and anus.

    Spend more time at the gym working on your abs. The females enjoys the look of the waist up. Not your gentials.
    You can push iron and change your body. In the lockers you will see many man with differant penis. A male and female enjoy SUPER sex with the actions of the penis.

    Why speak to your ex friend. A ex is not the one to tell you the Truth. Since she does have a dick now she is releasing her angry.

    Enjoy each sexual act with each partner. But must IMPORTANT use each intercourse. To LEARN from the lady what please her. Also learn what other males have done with her.

    MAN your going to have a Great Life with your 5 INCHES.

    Keep us posted what your doctor tells you. Request he check you with a erection. Expalin the same information or more that you have told us.
    You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
    Eugenio311 replied to cds199324's response:
    If you have 5 inches (hard) you're totally within normal range, brother, regardless of how small you are soft. It's not a bad idea to talk to your doc to get some individualized feedback, (although I doubt he or she is going to ask to see your erection). There's so much variation in what is "normal." For every guy out there with a 7-incher, there's also a guy out there with a 5er, so you've got lots of company.
    A couple of suggestions: If you're overweight, you can lose weight to maximize appearance. Get in good shape to bring attention to other aspects of your physique. In fact, I have a theory that most bodybuilders are guys with either a short penis complex or a complex about their height. Unfortunately the penis has no muscles to exercise, so all the stretching you read about and pills advertised don't really do jack. They just play on every man's wish for a bigger one. It's part of our competative nature, I think.
    Don't waste your youth and energy worrying about what some girl with a raggedy stretched-out vagina doesn't like. Don't make it your problem.
    Good luck! ----Eugenio
    Anon_130552 replied to Eugenio311's response:
    Eugenio311, you are right the doctor will not request to see your erection. But HD was also correct since the male has concerns about his penis size. The patience should request the doctor exam his penis both flaccid and with a full erection. Every young male should request this full exam.

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