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    Delayed / Retarded Ejaculation
    ruasbizze2 posted:
    I am 52 and have been married for 32 years. I have always been able to have intercourse to "completion" and masturbate likewise all my life. Recently I have not been able to do so at all while masturbating. As far as sex with my wife I am lasting much longer than normal(5-10 min's)
    Only real change in med's is starting on Zoloft and Trazadone for mild depression and trouble sleeping. I do have high blood pressure and have been on Lisinopril for a few years. Dr. doesn't think the dosage levels are going to produce this side effect if it is one. The side effect is frustrating for her(too long for me to ejaculate) and upsetting for me(masturbation).
    Any other guy's out there with same or similar experience?
    barefoot3us responded:
    Hello Ruasbizze2,

    I can sympathize, I'm 64 and married for 44 years.
    I had a very active sex life with my wife and could masturbate always.
    Probably a year to 2 years ago ago I developed Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), due to an enlarged prostate which lead me to having urinary tract infections. My Urologist told me I wasn't able to empty my bladder completely and this is what was giving me the urinary tract infections.
    My urologist put me on a drug called Jalyn which has done wonders for me, no more urinary tract infections. I also had a Urethrotomy done by my urologist, this is a procedure that opens up the meatus/opening to help with better urine flow.
    Sorry I digress. Since I started taking Jalyn when I masturbate or have sex with my wife I have no ejaculate. I have the feeling of coming which is still pleasurable, but no cum. I do have from time to time some pre-cum or possibly ejaculate that will flow from my penis which is exciting, but not at the times when I have sex or masturbate.
    From doing lots of reading about Jalyn and it's side effects I'm experiencing them to a T.
    I have what is called retrograde ejaculation which occurs when semen enters the bladder instead of going out through the urethra during ejaculation.
    The Jayln relaxes the neck of the bladder which in turn does not allow the ejaculate to flow out of the penis, but backs up into the bladder. This is not harmful, but takes the wonderful feeling of my cum flowing out of my penis.
    The Jayln is indeed doing a good job for me in relaxing the neck of my bladder and letting it empty all the urine and not causing me infections.
    Although I've given up the wonderful ability to cum as I did most of my life, but not having urinary tract infections is so much more important for sure.
    I know I've gone on forever and I'm sorry. I didn't want this to be about me albeit I wanted to let you know that medications can certainly change the way we ejaculate and how our penis's respond.
    I hope I helped in some small way and try to enjoy what you do experience, try to imagine not being able to cum at all.
    Talk to your doctor maybe he can adjust your meds to allow you a better climax.
    Good luck,

    vesuvius13 responded:
    I can tell you from experience that medications definitely can cause sexual problems. My problems started much earlier in life as I have been going through spinal disease including a decade of spinal fusions that were major surgeries. All through the surgeries I continued to have good sexual functioning but once my spine continued to decline and I needed medication to manage the pain sexual function became problematic. I have found that Cialis at least is a way to counter my ED from the meds but I still have a problem with nerve damage and the lack of feeling.

    Your doctor may not think your problem is caused by medication but it is a real possibility. I wouldn't worry about taking long than 5 minutes for sex though as many of us often last from 20 min to one hour to accommodate our wives efforts to orgasm. I think your doctor is off base as the medicines you can all cause your problems so by themselves they may not be high enough doses but combined they could be the cause.
    jmf5044 responded:
    I strongly suspect Zoloft as the primary cause of the problem, although there may be many others. I believe Zoloft is one of the best anti-depressive medications, but it does have this nasty little side effect. Unfortunatrely I cannot suggest an alternative as I am looking for the same myself.

    Good luck.
    yankiewankie responded:
    I had the same problem on Zoloft. It is very frustrating. At first, my doctor told me to not be so focused on orgasm-centric sex. Finally, I did the research on the condition myself and asked to be switched to Wellbutrin. It does not have the anti-orgasmic side effect.
    ruasbizze2 replied to yankiewankie's response:
    Thanks guys. I am having another appt with the Dr tomorrow and will again give a "progress" report. Lasting 20 minutes with the wife and, sorry to say not able to while doing the deed solo.
    3gonads responded:
    I was on Prozac, and my doc switched me to Viibryd due to Prozac's side effects that affect sexual performance, but then proprietary Viibryd's price with inadequate insurance can make you go limp too.
    phicycle responded:
    I can sympathize with your frustration. I am almost 43 years old. In 2002-2003, I was on paxil for depression. When you listen to the fine print at the end of pharmaceutical television advertisements, they have a motor-mouth announcer reading a whole list of possible side effects that you can barely understand. One of them for paxil is "sexual side effects" but they don't give any more detail than that. When you have a prescription filled, the pharmacist gives you a printout with all the pertinent drug information including all the known possible side effects. The sexual side effect that paxil may cause is "prolonged erections." Of all the possible things, that sounds like the least troublesome of the side effects considering many men would like to last longer. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes "a prolonged erection" means "an erection lasting so long that you'll tire yourself and/or your wife out before you actually achieve an orgasm or ejaculate." After taking the pills for a month and having follow-up exams with my psychiatrist, he assured me the side effect would go away when I stopped taking the drug. That was 9 years ago and I still have long-lasting erections, which isn't necessarily a bad thing for a guy in his 40's when other men are starting to take pills just to get an erection. The problem that does still exist is that an orgasm is often nearly impossible to attain with my woman or by masturbating. On some occasions when ejaculation and orgasm do actually occur, the erection persists and a second orgasm is usually attainable. (Those are great nights.) The frustration does continue however since I can't tell you how many nights I've fallen asleep with a persistent erection and a tired wrist.
    Have other guys experienced lingering effects from drugs even after no longer taking the prescription?
    ruasbizze2 replied to phicycle's response:
    Update --- Dr has started me on Welbutrin. Side effect from the Zoloft had "worsened" to the point of no orgasm/ejaculation from either intercourse or masturbation.
    Hoping for the best result within the next week or so...
    Sylvanusman replied to ruasbizze2's response:
    Everybody who's responded has been right on! I'm 64 and been on Vicoden for severe lower spine problems, stenosis and ruptured disks, for many years. Then treatment for depression from the lack of sexual performance w/my wife with Zoloft and Trazadone has totally eliminated my sexual capacities! Any SSRI's will do that or at least greatly prolong sex before ejaculation. Any Doc who doesn't tell you this should signal a change of Docs right away!
    doogood responded:
    For anyone still reviewing this posting string - I can add from personal experience that anti-depressant / anti-anxiety meds will affect your performance. When I started taking Lexapro - which in the right dosage is great! - I too had sexual performance problems. I could get excited, I could get hard, I get approach the point of no return and then! nothing. I'd lose all sensation, get really hot, like a sauna hot feeling, my heart would race and then I'd be like - ok just a set back, let's get =back to business. Ok, erection back - check!, Feeling the juices flowing - check! Getting to that point - check! let's go! wha-wha-whaaaa. nothing. It took a lot of convincing my doctor that the dosage I was on - even thought it was typically a low dose - was too much for me to be able to enjoy life - especially my sex life. I am now on half that amount and doing great! Don't give up but be persistent! Remember - medical professionals like anyone else WORK FOR YOU! You have the right to question their recommendations and get the message through that you own your body and no one else can force you to take medication that you don't understand or question the validity of taking. Please note that I am not against individual doctors and their specialized knowledge, just the build up of the expectations that a doctor will automatically know what's best for me - more so than I will! Take control of your situation! Many doctors are only basing their prescriptions on what the Drug Manufacturer Reps are telling them. Are these folks really going to share all the 'bad' results and publicity that is going around? Ok now I sound like a conspiracy nut. Just remember to examine and analyze what goes into your body no matter who recommends it.
    doogood replied to barefoot3us's response:
    Amen Barefoot!! we all react differently to meds! And you have every right to state your case here! Thank you for sharing your situation for others that may be experiencing something similar.

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