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    Weight Loss
    Jijarine posted:
    I'm 33 and having a heck of a time getting ride of the old beer gut and the extra pounds that seem to want to stick to the face and belly area. I follow a work out routine that is 4 days 1 day off, 1 day on, 1 day off, repeat. Each day focuses on a specific bound section; legs, chest, abs, etc

    My diet is average, normally in the morning I have 1 can of Dr Pepper, 1 Cup of Coffee, and a special K Protein bar, lunch is usually a salad; leaf lettuce, light ranch, pinch of cheese, dinner varies; salad, steak, a burrito, we only usually eat out maybe once a week and I try to keep is small and simple.

    I admit in the evening I will have a few Heinekens; sometimes 1, most the time 2-3 before bed.

    My job is in web development, so the hour that I'm not working out in the afternoon is spent sitting at the computer.

    I'm stuck at 160lbs, my work is nice because I feel my leg muscles growing and my chest, arm, I can feel the hard ab muscles under the belly fat so I now I'm building muscle, but the fat won't go away!

    What can I do? Stop drinking beer, no soda, go to a zero carb diet? I don't think I live like that... Anyone got any ideas?
    gymrat44 responded:
    Glad that you have made the progress which you have done and can feel come muscles hardening and taking shape. And it's good that you're reaching out for advice and tips as your weight loss seems to have stalled.

    First of all let me say something you already know: losing weight and whipping yourself into shape is not easy or quick. But it can be done. My first thought is about what you're having to eat in the evening: the rest of the day may be OK but I think all of us tend to overdo it in the evening. I heard someone say recently that what we eat after 3:00 pm determines the size of our waistline (which, by the way, should not be more in inches than one half of your height -- I know, that can be hard to achieve!)

    I've lost about 75 pounds since my highest weight and still have about 10 pounds more I'm fighting with. And I know I need to cut down on bodyfat percentage if the muscles I've developed are going to show. I can eat anything I want but the big word is "OR". I just can't eat all the things I want on the same day -- I have to have this OR that OR that, and probably in a smaller portion than I might like.

    Smaller portions of high-calorie or high-fat treats can be hard to get used to, I know. I now limit myself to two drinks or two beers an evening. A meat portion should be no larger than your fist or a deck of cards. All that nutritional good junk which you have been hearing is largely true and if you choose to follow it I bet you'll be delighted with the results.

    Like workouts --which continue to be important -- your food intake needs structure and monitoring. Record keeping can help with both. Perhaps a new food program and/or a new workout routine could help. Getting a buddy to do either or both along with you can be a great boost.

    Please give these ideas I've set out a try and get back to me in two or three weeks. I bet you'll be pleased with your progress!
    Jijarine replied to gymrat44's response:
    For evening meals (dinner) this week:

    Monday: Chicken Salad (Leaf Lettuce, Light Ranch, Fried Chicken)
    Tuesday: Nacho Salad (Fritto's, Taco Meat, Shredded Cheese)
    Wednesday: Taco Bell (Quesadilla, Crunchy Taco)
    Thursday: Fend for yourself, I've had a dinner roll.
    Friday: Salad
    davedsel57 responded:

    You have already been given excellent advice. The only thing I can add is that soda (we call it 'pop' where I live) is not a healthy beverage, even sugar-free. I would think limiting beer would also be a good choice. The best beverage anyone can drink is water. There are now lots of very good sugar-free water flavorings on the market. Just tried sugar-free Orange Crush flavorings and it is delicious - even tasted like it is carbonated but it is not.

    I've struggled with obesity my whole life. You are wise to get your weight problem in control now. Believe me, once you hit 40 (I did that 15 years ago and will never do it again. ), your body does make drastic changes. Making the life-style change is not easy but you can do it.
    An_245119 replied to Jijarine's response:
    Hi !!!
    I KNOW that you are doing what you think is best, but there are several flaws in your diet. First, you need to eat a healthier breakfast with protein & complex carbs to help you make it thru lunch. For dinner, drop the light dressing---FAT FREE is delicious--try it !!! A Nacho salad is tremendously hi in sodium & fat & if you use cheese---get a food scale & WEIGH out 1/4 cup (28 gms) of cheese as 1 portion. Also, make sure the Taco Meat you use is TURKEY or CHICKEN meat---NOT BEEF !!! Lose the Fritos---loaded with salt & fat !!!

    Believe me, I weighed 265 lbs 3 years ago. I am now 61 yo, male, 5'7". By cutting out late night snacks & eating healthy, I lost 47 lbs--got down to 218 lbs. Then last Nov., I joined Weight Watchers Online for Men & I have lost 28 lbs on that. I now weigh 190 lbs & intend on getting down to 170 lbs. I highly recommend keeping a food log of everything you eat & drink---it will be much easier to see how much you are REALLY consuming. I can't emphasize how much WW has helped me structure my food eating---it REALLY WORKS !!

    Good Luck
    swb60 responded:
    After ut strength workout do some interval training. walk then sprint or any other form of arobics. just slow than fast for 20mins a day. your earlier workout will have used up your energy stores & allow you to burn fat.
    Stay with natural foods. i make my salad dressing with cold press extra virgin olive oil & apple cider vinegar with a little sweetner.
    harleyboots responded:
    you need to do some extra walking and some protein shakes the i am on,they are natural and very affordable.Let me know

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