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    Ejaculation during DRE/Prostate exam
    An_247495 posted:
    Hi All,
    I recently had to go in for my first physical in over 10 years. I'm 28, male, caucasion and straight. Like a lot of guys I was worried about getting an erection, and thankfully that didn't happen. However to my horror, about 20 seconds into my DRE (something I had never had done before) I ejaculated. I was completely flaccid, and it wasn't an orgasm (obviously I would have been able to tell if it was an orgasm). I didn't realize it was going to happen, or otherwise I would have said something or done something to stop it! My doctor said it was completely ok and it happens to a lot of guys. But after doing some searching on google, I can't find any evidence that it DOES happen to other guys! Just how common (or uncommon) is this? Am I a freak?
    Polfsky responded:
    Well, I would go by the doctor's opinion. He probably has done it 100s of times and if he says it's normal, it probably is.
    gymrat44 responded:
    Hi An_247495 -- what you described having happened with you is that you had a nice anal orgasm. There are thousands of nerve endings in the anus and if that area and the prostate are stimulated under the right situation any of us will have a nice discharage of semen. When you have an anally induced ejaculation the penis usually will not be hard because it's not the area being stimulated.

    Many guys don't realize how sensitive their rear end is and that it is capable of providing so much pleasure. One can be completely straight and still be able to be stimulated to ejactulation from the rear end --as happened to you.

    It's too bad that you weren't able to just let go and enjoy the experience! You certainly are not a freak -- just a guy whose equipment is in good working order. And there's no need to go after more of these orgasms unless you'd like to. There is a tool called the Aneros which you could obtain through the net if you'd like to explore more of these feelings by yourself. It can be a real eye-opener.
    Anon_155686 replied to gymrat44's response:
    Hey I never ejaculated from a DRE but I do remember one doc I went to some years back who had a touch which just drove me wild! Somehow his exam got me so excited that the first thing I had to do after the exam was over was to go find someplace to masturbate, and find it fast! I could think of nothing else until I shot the load which somehow the doc had brought out to the forefront of the 'shipping dock.' I think I would have been more comfortable if I had just come right off like you did, AN247495.
    dfromspencer responded:
    Wow, some of you guys are so lucky! I have this beautiful woman Dr., with whom i am madly in love with, give me these DRE's, but no explosions of semen. I suffer from E.D., perhaps that is why? (No this Dr. does not love me back, at least i don't think she does?) Now, i wonder what she would think of me if i did that? I would be embarassed, tho.

    Maybe it is like Gymrat says? No big deal?

    Take care, Dennis
    miker70 responded:
    Don't over complicate this. It is very common (and sometimes intentionally done by the dr) to leak semen during a DRE. If it has been a while since you've ejaculated, it is even more likely. Sometimes a urologist will exert significant pressure on the prostate in order to get some semen leakage for analysis. You did not have an anal orgasm (if there is such a thing vs. a regular orgasm). The pressure of his finger against your prostate just caused the release.

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