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    Lower Left Abdominal Pain and Varicocele - are these related?
    ctaclyd posted:
    Hi all,

    I'm really new in this community. I hope to ask for some guidance/help as I'm having trouble trying to find out what's causing my lower left abdominal pain. I am 30 years old, male.

    I have been having this lower left abdominal pain for about 2-3 months now. The pain is on the lower left abdomen (around the pelvic area), along the belt line, slightly above the pubic hair region.

    The pain starts suddenly, usually (not always) after exerting some pressure. I can sometimes recreate the pain when I inhale alot and inflate my stomach such that it bulges and pushes down on my pelvic area. One time the pain also started after I coughed hard while in a seated posiiton (driving). The pain is steady and achy, not colicky or sharp.

    When the pain is present, I can hardly twist to my left side, as it is painful to do so. After a day or two, the pain goes away for about 2-4 days. And then for some reason, it comes back again. I'm having trouble identifying what's triggering the pain.

    I don't have any diarrhea or constipation, and no difficulty urinating.
    I have had several tests done and I've listed the results below:

    Whole abdomen Ultrasound - Negative
    Blood tests to check for stones (creatinine levels, uric acid, presence of blood, etc) - Negative
    X-ray of thoraco lumbar area - Negative
    Ultrasound and Physical check-up for possible inguinal hernia - negative

    The only test that came back as positive so far is a scrotal ultrasound showing Varicocele on the left testicle. Could it be possible that the varicocele is causing my lower left abdominal pain?

    I have read around the internet alot about varicocele and most of the time the pain felt is usually in the scrotum and not in the abdomen. But I could be wrong. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can please share their thoughts. Thank you.
    ctaclyd responded:
    Sorry, I meant to say that I cannot twist to the "right" side (not "left" like I originally posted). My apologies.
    otter051069 replied to ctaclyd's response:
    I had a varicocele several years ago removed. What I noticed with mine was a dull ache in the scrotum and lower abdomen on the left side.

    Let me know how you come out. You may want to pursue having the varicocele taken care of.
    undefined responded:

    I have virtually the same presentation. I was wondering what you have determined since your last post if any new information.
    ctaclyd replied to 29634566's response:
    It was indeed my left varicocele causing the pain. I had it operated about a year ago and about two weeks later (when I was recovering) I could no longer feel the pain I used to feel.

    I do sometimes feel some tingling sensation once in a while but it's not "pain" per se.

    I still have varicocele on the right side but my doctor said that if it's not causing pain (which so far isn't and hopefully never will) then there is no need to operate (since I also already have two kids).

    Good luck!
    timbogray replied to ctaclyd's response:
    Hi ctaclyd, what operation did you go for to solve the varicocele in the end?

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