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    Low T, but not according to my doctors
    Nixalot posted:
    So I have had my testosterone levels tested every week for the past month with it always being around 350. This is way way too low in my opinion as, the average for a 23 year old is in the 600s, but both my doctors have said that its okay because its in the normal range. They don't seem to care about my almost zero libido, my constant tiredness, or my low motivation. So must ask this question, if my doctors don't seem to care what can I do to raise my levels up to were they should be? I want my levels to at least be average. Seriously any advice would help.

    Side note: I run and lift heavy weights 3 times a week, take horny goat weed (I heard it is supposed to help), and have been trying to sleep 8 hours a day. I've been doing this for months though, so I don't even want to know what my levels were like before.
    joankirk999 responded:
    A typical normal testosterone level range given is 260 -1080 ng/dl . Your testosterone level is in normal range, but it is less when compared with the average testosterone level for a 23 year old guy. It is possible for you to overcome low testosterone by following the below diet.

    1. Basically you should eat balanced and healthy diet.
    2. Fruits and vegetables should be major part of your diet.
    3. High levels of zinc are needed for better sexual health.
    4. Nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements are very helpful for boosting testosterone in short period.
    regdad responded:
    You're were smart to get your Testo levels checked considering how you are feeling. You are on the right track to feeling better. Be sure when your levels are checked, your doc looks at your "free" testo level. That is a more exact reading of what is happening to your body.
    I had the same issue almost around your age...I am now 48 years old. All the docs and urologists told me what you were told, your range/reading is normal for your age. Really it is not and why do you want to be average like every other guy out there, this is YOU?
    I found a doc who is knowledgeable about Testo in a man and levels and how it all works and what can be done to make you feel better. I was tested and my free level was around 250. Once I did this we discussed my options, using a topical gel to rub on your body or actual injections. I tried the gel, it didn't even touch the problem and it either got washed off or I perspired before it could do any good. I went to the injections of testo and rec'd them every 10 days or so. My life changed, I felt better, had more energy, slept better, increased my muscle mass and started getting better, stronger erections and my libido went back to normal which was huge for me. I have always been sexual and this gave me the desire to be who I used to be.
    Keep in mind if you start testo replacement, your body will totally shut down making its own testo and rely on the supplement; so this will become a life long deal with the injections. Your doc will guide you along the way and keep tabs on you with blood tests and monitoring your prostate. Eating such is great but it won't give you what you need to feel better.
    I have my doc give me an Rx for testo and i give myself the injections. It is nothing different than a diabetic giving themselves insulin shots.
    Google low t or doctor and low t and you'll find docs that understand this more than reg docs.
    I am happy to converse with you on my experiences if you like. Resond back here and i'll give you an email address.
    Good luck!!
    alexpinca responded:
    An alternative to testosterone replacement is optimum weight, physical fitness and cholesterol control....cholesterol is an enemy of testosterone.
    rustee responded:
    I am 71 and a competitive weightlifter and thrower, ie: shotput, discus, javelin, hammer. I agree with the weightlifting, but also look into some supplements, ie: d-aspartic acid (DAA) and tribulus terrestus. Zinc is also important and protein supplements. These are all natural substances and I think you will find they will increase your "
    T" levels. luck
    jacktar replied to rustee's response:
    I wouldn't reduce cholesterol too much. Testosterone is made from cholesterol.
    DeadSinner responded:
    Hi Nixalot,

    I had similar symptoms to you, low libido, tiredness, not firing on all cylinders, etc. and after discussing this matter with my G.P. went down the route of low Testosterone. My readings were within the normal range but on the low side. However, my doc agreed to treat me with testo gel. Everything was great for a while but a few months later I had a full blood spectrum analysis and my liver function readings had gone off the scale. Long story short, I found out that I had Hepatitis C : ( My point is : are you absolutely sure that low T is what is causing your symptoms ? B.t.w. Testosterone treatment shrinks your nuts. Mine used to be like juicy plums. After the treatment they were more like little grapes !
    ScottsdaleAZ responded:
    I went through this issue for years and understand your frustration. Finally tried all the gels and none of them worked. Ultimately I did testosterone pellets which are implanted every 4 months or so in your upper glute area and has been great. Testopel is the brand used and most insurances cover just fine. Prior to doing this recommend a full physical with in-depth blood panels to ensure all else is fine. Hope it all works out well for you.

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