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    Loss of Erection During Oral and Vaginal Intercourse
    JoeGrenaldi posted:
    Dear Doctors,

    I'm a 37 year old male and I've always enjoyed a healthy sex life. I masturbate about three to four times a week and I love having sex with my partners (female); however, over the past two years I've found it more and more difficult to maintain an erection during intercourse and especially during oral. Let me be straight, I am very sexually aroused by my current partner and have no trouble getting an erection. She gets me very hard with her hand and with constant pressure, but the moment that I enter or she puts me in her mouth, I can feel myself start to go limp. I'm sure there's a psychological component to all this, a feed-back look of performance anxiety, but I can genuinely say that's not how this all started. Frankly, down there, inside my girlfriend, there's just not enough sensation, especially on the glans. I'm using Viagra right now, however, I don't want to use this for the rest of my life and while it works most of the time, the few times I've gone off it the inability to maintain an erection during sex and oral creeps right back up.

    Could it be my masturbation technique? Because let me be clear, when I'm with a woman with whom my penis bumps up against her cervix (or what I assume is her cervix) or who takes me so deep in her mouth that I hit the back of her throat and my glans is stimulated, well, I don't usually have a problem. I just hit that and the blood stays flowing. But in a vaginal where the head doesn't hit anything, well, I feel my penis weaken rapidly. Could my masturbation technique have trained my penis and mind into expecting sensations that are not realistic for oral and vaginal penetration? My technique is thus: dry and usually pull my skin taught around the shaft which pulls the glans taught. Cause see, a vagina, it doesn't really work like that. It's usually sliding up and down a penis, as are lips. Is there a technique that is more "vaginal" or "oral". And I'm looking for specifics here, or links that could help me out. I'm kinda growing desperate. I want a regular stress free sex life, one that I can enjoy with oral and vaginal sex. Should I stay away from pornography? Should I masturbate less for a while? Please help.

    Poul1986 responded:
    Hello Joe, perhaps you need a medicine that can help you prolong erection. You can visit this link as they provide info about ED treatments available:

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