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    Epididymis or testicular pain??? 33/m
    Anon_3321 posted:
    For the last couple months I have had a strange pain/discomfort in what I think is my testicular area but I'm really not sure. It may be my urinary tract or even my vas deferens. I periodically get pain/discomfort that seems to come and go. I've been tested 2 times for STD's and both results were negative. I got tested for a UTI and that was negative. I have no problems with my penis/urinating/ejaculating. There doesn't seem to be any lumps or other issues besides the pain/discomfort.

    A few months ago I went on vacation to FL and on a cruise. I had sex in a pool which may not have been the cleanest(with g/f). I then stupidly had sex with no condom on the cruise(1 random girl). Besides these two events, I have not had sex with anyone else(except the g/f). My g/f has no STD's and is now pregnant with my baby. All tests coming back great with her.

    I also seem to get lower back pain where my kidneys are but the doctor didn't seem to think there was an issue there. He thought it may be muscular.

    I am a vegetarian, I exercise 3 times a week(lift/cardio) at least. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, run 5k's constantly. My only vices are drinking on the weekends with the occasional smoking of weed/cigs when hanging out with friends. No other drugs.

    I feel as though there is something in my "tubes" that is causing this pain but the tests keep coming back negative and there are no other symptoms to go along with what I'm dealing with. Anyone...advice???
    An_253824 responded:
    ...have complete blood work done including having PSA check. Your systems may be prostate related. Also have your Doctor exam you for possible Hernia. Good luck. Good Health. Stay monogamous
    diytestkitsdotcom responded:
    First off, congratulations to you and your girlfriend for the little blessing. Well, that also gives another cause to rejoice. If you got her pregnant that means your reproductive system is okay. Though, most of your fear must be from having had unprotected sex with a random girl during the cruise you went to with your girlfriend. You know the risks so, your mind might just be bothering you about it and making connections with your current situation.

    But if you want to be sure, you could get a DIY test kit to check on your prostate health. Try the Prostate Specific Antigen Test (PSA)-Home Blood Testing Kit of ZRT Lab for that. It's something you can do yourself at your convenience and for your own peace of mind. You should also consider that it might not have anything to do with your prostate health, and might be caused by something else, say muscle related or even a damaged nerve.

    Goodluck with the baby!

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