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    male genital physical exams
    An_243907 posted:
    Dear Doctors,
    I will lose the new job offer if I don't have their Dr.physical exam.
    I have avoided exams for over 8 years because I'm too embarrassed, humiliated, - my penis is sooo small, retracted--and my testicles just average--until an exam. My scrotum tightens, my testicles all but disappear into abdomen, the Doctor is trying to "feel and exam"., I couldn't look him in the eye after.....and I swore I'd never go thru it again. Doctor was too professional to comment on my lack of any penis or testicles to examine--Really, how could he feel no shaft, no scrotum/testicles?? And I can't expose myself to anyone--I just won't.
    Can I request a DR., NOT to do genital exam??
    Thanks for listening. Sincerely, Neil M.
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    hairyd responded:
    Since Dr Marks has not answer. I would advise to go ahead and make the appointment. You could request the doctor not to do a genital exam. But most jobs wants a hernia check. Therefore no job. If it been 8 years you need to be checked.

    Request he checks your genital while you are laying down. Do not be embrassed or humiliated. True the doctor will not comment on size of your penis. But it is your body. Before the exam prepare direct questions, To ask the doctor. He will be glad to give you helpful information. Do not worry about eye contact. His eyes and your comments should be about your penis.

    It is not the size of your penis. He is a doctor for medical information ONLY. YOU want the new job. SO DROP THE PANTS. He know what to feel / check. Keep us posted.
    You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
    hairyd replied to hairyd's response:
    Guys You forget the doctor was born a man. He is no differant than you or me. There is no requirement for his Penis to be measure. Before he entered medical school. In the gym / coutry club locker, etc. I have seen doctor's with average penis, below and above average penis lenght. It's his body oorgan. It does have a damn thing to do with your exam! DO NOT BE EMBRASSED OR HUMILITED. I have seen men with retracted penis. There erection was normal at 6 inches. If you are having a problem with sex. Discuss if you would be a good Candidate for surgery. You ask him !!!!!!!
    You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
    MW_Smith_WebMD_Medical_Staff responded:
    Hey there,

    I came across your post and even though it's been 3 weeks ago, I felt compelled to respond. HairyD pretty much said it all. Really, I can assure you that the doctor isn't going to think one thing or another about it. Here's my advice. Talk about it before having the exam. Just get it out there. That'll break the ice and then you won't be so hung up about it. Really, I understand your anxiety over it but doctors are there to help keep you healthy and that's what is going to be on the doctor's mind -- not size. Worry not. Talk about it. Get it out there. And then drop 'em so your doctor can make sure all is well down there.

    Hope this helps.

    Dr. Smith
    dfromspencer responded:
    DUDE! The Dr. is not there to judge your penis size! He is there to perform a function that is required by your job. Nothing more. I too, always felt that my penis was too small. I had a job related Dr. visit, and it just so happened to be a female Dr.. I was so embarrassed. She saw that my face was completely red, so she asked me why? When i explained it, she had to laugh a little. That just embarrassed me more. Then she explained to me that penis size is no big deal, and that she was not there to judge my penis in any way. She sat there and talked to me for quite awhile, until she noticed i had relaxed a little, then went on with the exam. She only glanced at it long enough to get her fingers in position for the hernia test. Afterward, she assured me that i was quite normal down there. I never thanked anyone so profusely in all my life! So, dont be afraid! If i could do this with a female Dr., then you can with a male Dr.! By the way, today, i have a female primary care Dr., and she is very professional! She has even stuck her finger in my rectum several times now for a prostate exam. I guess the moral of this story is; if i can have a woman do this for me, you can have a male Dr. do it for you! Relaxation is the key!!! When you get nervous, that is when the scrotum tightens up. Relax dude, it is NOTHING to worry about, i should know, i have a female Dr.!!!!
    rickone replied to dfromspencer's response:
    what is going on in this country? males are so shy and silly about their bodies.we all have a nose hanging off our face and everyone's nose is differently shaped yet no one is sensitive about it. we[men> most all, have a penis and testicles but there is an increasing number of men who do not allow any one to see themselves in a state of nakedness. why? it only draws more attention to you. you see other men naked around the locker room or dressing rooms or dorms but you are so intent on hiding your genitals it sets you apart. most of us are similar in size,shape, etc. we all look like each other in general and most of us don't have any problem being naked around each other. and yes most men look at other men's genitals. it just confirms that we are all alike. if my nose is big no one comments on that and if my penis is small, no comments on that either. we accept ourselves as we are and likewise accept others as they are. i know of no place on earth where there is any criteria for the size of a man's genitals except for the pornographic industry. if that's the thing men are relating themselves to then they are sooo misinformed. how many men have the genitalia of porn stars, look at other naked men, you don't see many who are much different than you.
    have you ever been in the boy scouts, or the service, or on a sports team. really, you wouldn't last long hiding your dick around there. have you ever been in a locker room where your fellow team members were jumping around, grabbing and just fooling with each other. this is how well adjusted men behave, it's called fun, no body is concerned about their body being different.
    i am tired of these younger uptight guys with their towels wrapped so tight, afraid somehow that their dicks are something for no one to see. and the looks on their faces when they are face to face with a naked man. it's sort of a disapproving look as if the sight of someone who looks like themselves is disgusting.
    i have been going to the same health clubs most of my life. the ymca's at least around where i am from have upgraded the facilities to compete with the times. when i was a child i remember none of this self conscience behavior. and i even remember swimming naked with my father in the pool. today the place is coed and modern and pretty nice, except for the jerks who are so uptight that they are trying to impose ridiculous behavior among other men.
    i didn't really mean to rant like this, but i'm sick of this silent undercurrent that being naked where it has always been appropriate is now a taboo.
    fight back. stand up, strip down, say hello to the guy next to you and relax.there's nothing to hide. the birthday suit is the great equalizer.
    gymrat44 replied to rickone's response:
    Hi RIckone, welcome to the forum! Good to hear your views.

    Gotta agree that times are funny. I've been around a while and also remember nude PE in college (swimming). Back then it was no big deal -- it was just the way it was and the way we were. And it was comfortable and the comradeship good.

    Nowadays I enjoy my 'nude hour' at the gym when I can relax in the shower and steamroom, sometimes with some buds, sometimes alone. And it's really funny some days when there are 3 or 4 of us nude guys relaxing in the steamroom with one guy hiding in something -- he's the odd man out then!
    Anon_3669 replied to gymrat44's response:
    Yes physical exams can be embarrassing. But going to the doctor and having them do the complete physical is important enough that you need to live through it. Think how much worse it would be if you got a bad problem that didn't get caught until you had to go to the ER and the doctor there asked why you didn't get checked regularly.

    As others have said the doctor has seen it all, big and small and won't be surprised by what you look like.
    An_244440 responded:
    wow it's okay to have a small penis so what a lot of us guys do, I do! Hey just like some women happen to have small breasts, and or very large vaginas? you are as God made you! now like you I'm very small, but I have do have huge testicles but if it's cold in the appointment room... forget about it... They like yours run for cover! In fact now that I'm thinking about the last time I had a internist give me a physical, I was with Kelsey Siebold, and the only internist that had an appointment, out of the two they offered turned out to be a very attractive young woman? so on the one hand cool on the oh no, because the only reason I was actually interested in the physical was because I had been having what I thought were prostate problems at the time, so I need a prostate exam! So I go into the room and it's freezing in there and when it came time do the ball cough mine were like gone! lol Hiding way up there just like yours, as it was freezing in the room! Now at least if you use a guy Dr. unlike me he should be able to empathize with you to one degree or another.... Oh yeah the worst part of mine was that the extremely attractive Dr. turned out to be a total ass, and refused to even do a prostate check on me? Can you believe it? So I had to change from Kelsey to a more expensive option, and it really sucked, so after that I'll never use a female internist again, but now I use a urologist anyway! However I don't think she was remotely indicative of female doctors!
    doogood replied to gymrat44's response:
    How true gymrat! we should be able to feel relaxed around other men - realizing that we're built with the same general outline but have unique differences among each other. I've been enjoying more 'nude hour' myself when at the gym. I feel much more confident in my own body - with all it's imperfections - as well as a peace of mind that I'm just one of the guys.
    Pierow responded:
    I'm glad I found this topic! I have the same issue, very small. The last time I had an exam (with my female doctor of all people) the little fellas ran for cover and my penis played turtle as soon as I dropped 'em. It was the most uncomfortable 10 minutes of my life. And now I have to go have it done again in a few days with a male Dr for another bout of epididimitis (probably butchered the spelling). I feel a little better about it after reading everyone's responses
    hairyd replied to Pierow's response:
    Pierow, why be uncomfortable. I bet your not that way in the bedroom. When you getting IT DONE,

    A Small penis is the Average MALE's penis. It does all the sameTthings Look around there is few 7 feet men. But also mostly 5 to 6 feet men. Enjoy your dick; its the only one your have!!!!!
    You are fastest Sperm from your father....Stay HEALTH.....
    jmgg5000 replied to Pierow's response:
    most guys penis are small to average size be glad what you have and when the doctor tells you to underess fell comfy and feel proud of what you have. be like here is my penis doctor in all its glory he or she will be like wow what a nice penis. i know when i am in the doctors office i am glad to show the doctor my penis and balls
    nash75 replied to gymrat44's response:
    So glad to have found this exchange! I was a very late bloomer and somehow made it through high school gym class by hiding my junk in lockerroom. Now, at 50, am still very insecure about my small size and have never been around nude guys. The guys in porn flics intimidate me. Lately I've been feeling that I've missed out on the comraderie of being able to be comfortable around other guys while being unclothed. I recently got enough nerve to try a public shower to overcome my fears. I had no trouble undressing and taking a long shower and was looking forward for the ultimate test of someone else coming in just to get past this obstacle. Unfortunately, nobody else came in, but a feel like I made a giant step in the right direction and will try again while I still have the nerve.
    jmgg5000 replied to nash75's response:
    yea to me the risk of being walked in on is always fun just to see what they look at and how they view your body compaired to there own.

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