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    Includes Expert Content
    sex talk
    An_205493 posted:
    my bf and i can't have sex together. he can get an erection but he can't ejaculate. for long time i thought it was me but with on going conversations with him he says it's him. he has been to some doctors but no one really seems to help.
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    hairyd responded:
    What's the probem? A time limt? What is a long time? Is he hurting you with friction. Are you able to be sexual satified. What sexual positions are you choosing. Not to be personal but does he have a small penis? Therefore he is not making a firm direct connection to your anus or vaginal walls. A long time screwing , I enjoy the sex together ,there is no problem. If it takes all night and still going >>> I will call in late or all day off.

    More information we could help....
    Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
    This sounds more like his thought and brain issues than sexual act itself. It could be from guilt, worry, anxiety, fear, stress, fatigue, medications, drugs, alcohol to name a few. I have know men who really had no drive or interest. He should see a urologist for some basic hormone levels to be sure he does not have a pituitary tumor or another hormone or thyroid or liver or kidney abnormality that might explain this.
    trying2beehealthy responded:
    I have the same problem. I can keep an erection for a very long time, but I ejaculate once every 30-40 times. Becomes very frustrating.

    I will watch this discussion as I need help too.
    bacisnoopy replied to trying2beehealthy's response:
    An_205494 replied to bacisnoopy's response:
    I also have this problem and agree that it can be caused by low testostorone. He should have a simple blood test that measures free testorone. If it's low, he can use skin patches or take injections. Many of us can learn to do our own injections.
    ron_ruble replied to hairyd's response:
    To Harry D:

    I've got the same concerns occurring in my life - in part simply as a result of reaching the age of 50, but also about equal parts of an intentional effort on my part - and equal parts as a result (possibly) of the Paxil I take for depression as a symptom of my Multiple Sclerosis, my Multiple Sclerosis itself and the resulting sexual symptoms of that disease, and partly as a result of the pain meds, MS Drugs, and other symptomatic treatment drugs required by my MS.

    However, the vast majority of the response I have received from partners in regards to this "slow trigger" has been positive - and judging by the response I would say that any guy would find the same as long as they make sure they put the satisfaction of the woman they are with FIRST - that is, make SURE as the guy we always slow down and do whatever it takes to be sure SHE is satisfied (and often multiple times) before we even START to think about our own reactions/needs.

    As long as a guy doesn't resort to just pounding away in a sorry attempt to get his own satisfaction - he most likely will find that most women will immediately appreciate the staying power that their man has been "gifted" with - rather than having any type of "problem" with how long the sex with their man lasts - after all, HOW many women are posting out here about the exact OPPOSITE - the all too common "One Minute Wonder" that apparently is soooo common out there today ??

    I know you were making basically the same point to whoever posted the initial post that started this thread - and apologize if any of this sounds like it's directed to you - for it is not in any way... I meant this to be a response to the original post - and hop you understand it as such... We ALL need to make EVERY EFFORT we can as men to be sure we do ALL WE CAN to see to it that we satisfy the women we're with - maybe then we would see a LOT less posts out here complaining about unsatisfactory sex lives, and self absorbed, self centered men who always leave their women unsatisfied in the bedroom ??

    Thanks for reading this to whoever did - and let's all do our best to REALLY make sure we take care of what's TRULY important in life.... '-)

    Have a great day..!!

    hairyd replied to ron_ruble's response:
    Ron you and Dr Marks are correct it is a medicine issue or a mental issue. If it is a mind issue relax please the partner. Do not look at the clock. If it is medcine talk to the doctor, explain fully what is happen with his sex life. Delay ejaculation is always good for sex.
    doogood responded:
    I have to agree that medication can play a big role. Speaking from experience, I've had issues with anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds 'numbing' me too much. If it's not med related, um does he masturbate often? And if not that, he might try an herbal suppliment if all else is ok. I used saw palmetto for prostate health and saw an increase in ejaculate volume. Lastly, is this an issue for you or your bf? If he can achieve an erection does he feel like he has an orgasm but does not ejaculate? Or can he not reach orgasm? It's rare, but possible because the two sensations are not always at the same time.
    WmtheGreat responded:
    I have a similar problem so maybe his problem is not really a problem just a different way of being. I never thought of it as a problem but my partners, like you think it is an important factor to a man being satisfied. Not so in my case. Satisfaction comes form knowing you are happy. Be happy it stays up.

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