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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    Funny Stories While Sleeping Nude
    gymguygreg posted:
    There is another post on here right now about what everyone wears to bed and as I write this it seems everyone sleeps nude. That got me thinking that I have a couple funny stories of things that have happened while sleeping nude, so maybe you do, too.

    The first story is one I shared in the old forum. My wife and kids and I were at my mother-in-law's house for a visit. My wife and I were sleeping on a sofa sleeper in the family room. One morning my mother-in-law got up early and was cooking breakfast for all of us. She ended up buring something, setting off her smoke alarm. I jumped out of bed in a fog and ran to the sound and ended up face to face with her in the kitchen, me fully nude!

    Another time I was on a business trip and visiting a college buddy. He is single and lived in a small downtown apartment. I camped out on the sofa. I got warm during the night and threw off the sheet. He woke up before me. He said when he came out of his room, I was lying on my side, had a hardon and was drooling precum. He said it looked like I was having a good dream and my penis was twitching. He had seen me naked many time but not in that state!

    OK, men do you have a funny story to share?
    Manjock responded:
    This is a very stupid story but i will tell it anyway.I had stayed up watching TV in the lounge and decided to sleep there. I was naked as I always sleep and in the morning I was having a very sexual dream and i thought it was really happening. My blanket had fallen off and I awoke to my brother laughing. The dog had come in the lounge and been licking my balls. I was rock hard. I jumped up and chased the dog out. My brother though this was hilarious so much so that he told his friends at school. For about 3 months I was known as dog boy. Not funny then but funny now. I cant believe i was enjoying it! YUK
    Trouble_Jones replied to Manjock's response:

    Holy crap dude!!! ROTF LMFAO!!!! After the week I've had i REALLY needed that. Thanks dude.
    Commando14 responded:
    I lived at home when I was in college and for a period of about six months when I was about 21, a buddy of mine moved into our house due to his family problems. Anyway, we shared my rather large bedroom, had two twin beds at opposite ends of the room. We had been friends for quite a while and had seen each other naked quite often before he moved in so it wasn't any big deal that we both slept nude. Anyhow, I had worked until about 3 am one night and came home and literally crashed out, naked of course. The next morning, my buddy woke up late and was rushing around to get out to work and left the bedroom door open when he left. I was dead to the world trying to catch up on my sleep and had kicked off the covers and was completely exposed. My room was at the back of the house but it was right across the hall from the bathroom. Unbeknown to me, my mom had come home for lunch with a woman from work who was pregnant and needed to make a mad dash to the restroom as soon as they got there. Yep, as she walked her 8 month pregnant self down the hall she came face to face with me sprawled out on my back with my erection fully on display. She let out a little gasp which brought my mom down the hall to see if she was all right and also woke me up. So yeah, there I am, fully hard, dripping a fair amount of pre-cum and face to face with my mom and her co-worker. Had a little talk with my bud about remembering to shut the door when he leaves.
    GuardSquealer responded:
    Well my story isn't about me sleeping nude but you will get the idea. After my divorce I was living with my dad and his roommate. They both partied a lot more than I did. I had grown up living with my mom, and had been pretty straight laced, and then got married and my wife was very proper.

    So anyways I was now living with this two party guys. His roommate Johnny was a real ladies man and pretty much had a woman in his room every night of the week. They both owned their own companies while I was an 8 to 5 guy working for someone else. I didn't stay up very late and always got up early to go to work.

    So one night I was already in bed when I heard Johnny come home with a lady friend. They went to his room, which was right next to mine, and were having a very loud sexual encounter. I was trying to get to sleep but the kept me up for quite a while. So then I heard someone walking down the hall. My room was right across from the bathroom. Heard them go in there and then come out. But instead of going back to his room Johnny wandered into my room. He was naked and barely had his eyes open. Clearly he was drunk and lost. I had the tv on and was watching is disbelieve as he tried to get into my bed. He was feeling the bed for the edge of the covers to get in. But I was holding them tight so he couldn't get in. I said his name several times. Finally he realized it wasn't his girl calling his name was really confused. I said "wrong room". He laughed and said sorry and went back to his own room.

    The next morning when I left for work I noticed a pair of girls boots with spurs on them. That night he wouldn't tell me whom he had in his room.

    So a couple nights later we went to a strip club and this dancer came running up to him and gave him a big kiss and wrapped her legs around him. I noticed she was wearing those boots with the spurs. After she left I told him I knew she was the one that had been in his room that night. He couldn't figure out how I knew. Until I told him about the spurs.
    Manjock replied to GuardSquealer's response:
    here is my other embarrassing sleeping story. About a year ago two of my cousins came to visit and decided to stay the night. My cousin Lynne and I had always been close friends growing up so she decided to sleep with me and her brother Rob would have the couch. I wore boxers to bed that night and we went to sleep facing opposite ways. I awoke at about 1am and realized what I was doing. I had one hand on her breast and had taken my boxers off and was rubbing my rock hard erection against her bum. I was having sex in my dream. I got such a fright i rolled over and thought what do i do. I slowly got up got dressed and went to sleep on the other couch. I thought she new what I had been doing. Lynne is my cousin and very lovely but not a very attractive girl. The next morning I apologized for what had happened. This was more embarrassing as she had n idea until I told her. We are still good friends but don't ever share a bed. LOL
    hookedcurved responded:
    damn that's was hot dude....."drooling" Word! My younger brother walked in after I finished beating off in a druken haze...I awakened briefly and just fell back asleep thinking I was all family functions he makes it his business to bring it up!
    gymguygreg replied to hookedcurved's response:
    My son shared this with me...

    He had a long hard day of work and was really tired. He went to bed early and fell into a deep sleep. He woke up to some noise, jumped out of bed and ran into the living room. There he found his fiancee and three of her friends planning their upcoming wedding. He was still in a fog and said he just stood there. After a few seconds, he realized where he was, what he was doing and apologized and went back to bed. His fianee told him the next day that her best friend said "I always thought he was the perfect package but didn't realize how perfect his "package" was when I said it."
    Blocky858 replied to gymguygreg's response:
    One time I was sleeping nude and had awoken to find my butt flowing with precum and my dick fully erect. I always do this when I sleep nude. One time I was invited to one of my friend's house. We both sleep nude and had to share a bed. When everything was quiet, I heard him masturbating. I was too. Then I fell asleep. I had a sexual dream, and awoke to find my friend flipped over with his head on my dick, his mouth touching it, and it filled with precum. I also found my butt to be filled with it too. I got up and had breakfast. He got up saying that he was drooling something and the bed was wet.
    Anon_39081 replied to Blocky858's response:
    it sounds like he did you in your sleep both side of you
    gq12 replied to Blocky858's response:
    Can you explain how your butt flows with pre-cum?
    hairyd replied to gq12's response:
    Sound like he used as a male milk jug. He should be checked for STD and sleep disorder. How do you sleep while a penis (he must have been tiny) is banging your BUTT>
    jmgg5000 responded:
    when i was a teen i started sleeping nude and one time my mom open the bedroom door to get my laundery to do laundery and happen to see my bare butt as covers where pushed off, she is like oh my and closed the door lol.
    doogood replied to jmgg5000's response:
    ha! "oh my" that made me laugh! I can't really recall any funny stories while sleeping nude. If I do I'll be sure to post them!
    jmgg5000 replied to doogood's response:
    yea well when she saw my butt i figured she is my mom and she has seen my dads butt so seeing mine is like seeing his so i did not bother to cover up

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