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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    What Gets a Rise out of You?
    gymguygreg posted:
    Aside from sex with a partner, jacking, or morning wood, what is the most common thing that gets a rise out of you? I get erections easily so this is really a toss up but I will share three.

    1. My wife has a friend who is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Just seeing her gets me going. My wife knows it and thinks it is hilarious.

    2. A guy in worn out jeans showing a bit of a bulge and nice rear.

    3. A warm day outside with the breeze blowing on my naked body.

    What causes lift off for you?
    Chad_Telo responded:
    Well I am the same way, a small breeze and BOING.. but for some reason riding in a car on a warm day with the window down while wearing nothing but work out shorts, really does it. I have to be careful when going to or from the gym sometimes!
    Also another weird one, but a good looking father. Like when I see a really good looking guy with his kids (thus he is a dad) it always gets me a little tingly.. not sure what that one is about, but there ya go... lol!
    Ramases responded:
    Reading some of these posts gets a rise out of me. Soft plush fabric against my naked skin. Then there is the warm water from the shower and the soap running smoothly over my genitals and butt. Boing!!!
    Dan8781 responded:
    Getting kissed on the side of my neck- my girlfriend comes up behind me and plants her lips on my neck. Wow...

    Provacative conversation, or erotic reading, about men together. I can really put a great visual to the words I read.

    The feeling of cool, smooth satin. I once got a pair of satin boxers for a gift. I swear I had wood all day wearing them. Feels great!

    Naked avatar pics

    RuBare2 replied to Dan8781's response:
    pogo99 replied to RuBare2's response:
    yeah...definetely boing!

    For me, something as simple as eye contact with a smile from an attractive person will get me going.

    Someone touching my earlobe very slowly and then putting pressure on my neck or shoulders is very intense for me.
    gymguygreg replied to pogo99's response:
    Good responses guys. Ru, I am happy to see you BOINGing again.
    SUPdude responded:

    Anytime the waves are head high or better.......

    My HR reps ass........

    Listening to my neighbor masturbate.... ( She HAS to know we all hear her )

    Hot tomboys..... ( LOVE a tough girl )

    Pretty much any Sat. at the beach, for obvious reasons......
    Commando14 responded:
    It doesnt take much but I will share a few things that always catch my attention and start my motor running:

    1) Light fingertip/nails caress of the insides of my legs starting at knee and working up but no contact with groin area

    2) Agree with Chad about freeballing in workout shorts and feeling the breeze

    3) Skinny dipping and lifting myself out of the pool and feeling the water caress down my backside

    4) Shirtless guy in jeans that are loose on his hips (hmmmm, this sounds kind of like Dan's avatar)

    5) This board, the stories and personal revelations and the avatars that portray the hint of nudity
    An_205389 responded:
    mine is to have my nipples sucked on and caressed gently that gets me going faster then anything
    gymguygreg replied to An_205389's response:
    Just reading some of these answers is doing it to me!
    MAguy61 replied to gymguygreg's response:

    I am new to group and cathing up on reading previous posts. I have to say I agree with you reading the posts and seeing the RU would say BOING!!!!
    Contemplating19 replied to MAguy61's response:
    The one thing that has always gotten a rise out of me is a woman wearing the color brown.

    It doesn't even matter what shade of brown. It can be the deep dark brown, or a very light tan, or even a hint of gold. But, any halfway decent looking woman wearing the color brown will definately give me an erection.

    I have no idea why... Brown fetish I guess...
    ryu2008 responded:
    It doesnt really take much for me to get hard most of the times just reading the topics here gives me a rock hard tool lol anyway here are other things that makes me hard
    1. nice cleavage small waist and nice firm butt
    2. Guys in jeans showing bulge or commando.
    mark_daniel responded:
    great question greg. i think i'm the opposite of many of you, as it takes bit more to get a physical rise out of me. it usually has to be something physical. something i see or hear my start my thoughts thinking in that direction, but i don't physically respond. any other guys out there that can relate?

    here are a few though. oh, and i'm actually outside sunbathing in the nude as i read this... thought some of you guys might want to know.

    1 - when a woman touches, kisses my earlobes, or whispers softly and seductively in my ear

    2- when she softly touches and rubs my chest

    3 - when she holds me from behind. if she's also doing 1 and/or 2, watch out.

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