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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    ryu2008 posted:
    Do you guys have a favorite position when jerking off? when position is more pleausurable and which is not? for me sitting and alying down are always the best position for some reason the pleasure last longer. standing is my least favorite it's still good but not as good when laying down or sitting. what about you guys?
    mark_daniel responded:
    great question ryu. i'm a bit surprised no one else has responded yet.

    i think i prefer laying down on my back, or on my side too. sitting doesn't hold that much appeal. i kind of like standing, whether its in the shower, watching in the mirror, or outside somewhere.

    recently i read somewhere about laying down on two chairs, chest on one, legs over the other, so you're suspended in the air facing down, and tried that. it was an interesting feeling, def worth trying out.
    StPeteBob responded:
    I like laying on my back head up on a pillow so I can watch. Legs bent with my knees spread out a bit. like to edge for a long time and see how far I can shoot.
    zoom1969 responded:
    Definately like laying down in my bed! Sometimes I will shoot my load on my stomach and chest or just roll over and ejaculate on an old t-shirt that I keep tucked away. Not big on sitting. Not really comfortable that way. Standing I don't really mind. Especially enjoy jerking in the shower with the hot water running all over me. Occassionally I will stand over my bathroom sink, look at myself in the mirror, and shoot my load in the sink!
    Handytim replied to zoom1969's response:
    Like Zoom, I enjoy laying down w/ a nice mag...sometimes edging...the shower is nice too, I clean up easily:)
    broman323 replied to Handytim's response:
    I enjoy doing it in front of the mirror so I can see myself. It might be a little wierd but I like to be able to see me having a good time. Ryu, I get from your posts that you are a personal trainer or know alot about bodybuiling, am I right? If you are up for it, could you email me to help me. I want to start a bodybuilding program but dont really know where to start. email is! Thanks brother!
    doogood responded:
    hmmm - any way I can get off is good but I have to say that my preference when jerking off is laying on my back, pulling it straight up - in other words 90 degrees from my body. Like others have mentioned shooting off on my bellly is great and an old t-shirt is handy to have to clean up. A few toys help too now and then. Anything that helps lift the "boys" works for me. Backdoor play is helpful too. Any kind of stimulation - outer or inner - is a great help. Standing is a bit akward for me, but being in the shower helps with sensation and completion. Anyone like to be outside and pull one off? I have one of those three person patio swings that comes in handy to have a nice outdoors climax. Nothing like some fresh air to get the juices flowing!
    uniquescreename replied to doogood's response:
    I prefer the shower or anywhere clean up is easy. Rubbing one out in the bed laying on my back is great, but I've still got to wipe up - may as well be under the shower head for that, right? Then again, I have jerked off a couple of times with a friend (years ago), and I wasn't bothered a BIT at the thought of toweling off in his living room on his sofa. LOL!
    gymrat44 replied to uniquescreename's response:
    Hey, if you enjoy rubbing one out on your back while lying in bed but don't like to be bothered about clean-up I recommend you get a stash of cheap condoms for your bedside -- nothing fancy, they're just for you! When I wake up stiff and groggy, not really awake enough for really conscious masturbation I just reach in for a condom and wake up while having a most enjoyable 'wrap and slap' session. There's nothing like starting your day with you getting more and more awake and clear-headed as you get closer and closer to an ejaculation!

    You're going to get up anyway, so condom removal can be done quickly as part of the go to the bathroom process which comes next.
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    sun44 replied to gymrat44's response:
    It seems like I have always enjoyed watching myself in front of a large mirror. I can see my body and how defined my muscles are and I can pose in different positions. It is really arrousing for me. I put something on the floor to make sure that clean up is easy. It is great to be able to just relax and let it go, all over and anywhere and not be concerned. Sometime using baby oil on my body and for lube is exciting and not only looks great but feels so good.
    doogood replied to uniquescreename's response:
    yeah having a friend involved with the priamary activites always overrides clean up detail! Let's face it - most guys would pull it out and stroke it anywhere they could get away with it - am I right? Of course I remember in my youth I had some kind of satiny laundry bag that I would lay over a pillow and hump the hell out of it! Also tying the string around my balls would be an extra pleasurable sensation! guess that's why I like cock straps today!
    doogood replied to sun44's response:
    You must glisten like a greek god! I think a lot of us would like to watch that too!
    Jonaman responded:
    Legs butterflied balls in hand is good. Also standing up is good for tantric energy
    lv2jo responded:
    I like when waking up cock rockhard, then before my eyes are open I wrap my hand around my cock and slowly masturbate. Then push the blankets down to my knees open my legs and slowly move my hips pumping my fist like a tight pussy. Since I'm uncut i'll pinch the skin over the tip and let my pre build up then slowly pull the skin back and watch my pre ooz down my shaft and fingers. This is especially hot when I know someone is watching...

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