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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    First BJ
    tx2010 posted:
    just did my first it was awesome!! did it on the bed and he came on my chest..
    nissan12 responded:
    good job man
    tx2010 replied to nissan12's response:
    Thanks!! It was tough at first...he's gonna give me one tonight...
    nissan12 responded:
    I remember givng my first bj and swallowing his load, it was totally awesome
    tx2010 replied to nissan12's response:
    He asked if I wanted to try it, but I said let me get you down my throat first then I will swallow's big and my gosh he came a lot...nice and thick and white cum too...
    tx2010 replied to tx2010's response:
    Morning boys...well, we had a nice time last night...he came by and we started playing around...the wife was there but didnt know...he sucked me off...he is very good!! held it good and took me all in....i came and man he swallowed it all!!! I loved how he cuped my balls and stroked my cock....I think i may have found a bf!!! lol...later
    Ukn2010 responded:
    I never had it done to me until I was curious to enter a video store the one were anything can happen in a booth. I was scared as hell and did not know what to do. When I saw him pull his pants down and saw it danging, I did the same too and one thing led to another. I did not go down on him but he went down on me through the space between the wall. I used protection and between everything that was going on before you knew it I busted. Was that normal of me to do this?
    tx2010 replied to Ukn2010's response:
    Unless you can find friend who's gay or bi, aI guess it's ok. It feels good to be sucked
    StPeteBob responded:
    Wow man ... how did you connect with this guy? I have only done it once in a porn shop with a glory hole. I was like 20 at the time and never knew things like that existed was watching str8 porn jerking and look over and there is a fat cock sticking through a hole. I touched it and stroked it a bit and the next thing I know I was sucking it. I would never do anything like that again because of the fear of STD but haven't sucked since. Have to admit I still think about that sometiems when I jerk off.
    StPeteBob responded:
    very hot thread
    Polfsky replied to StPeteBob's response:
    Still hot after two years!
    fitjock replied to Polfsky's response:
    Correct! I have never actually had a blowjob but I have given one. Man was that good!
    sluggo76 responded:
    hi guys new here. let me say i'm a married man also with kids. lately i also have the urge to suck a cock and have mine sucked.
    went to a korean spa today and was in the sauna and steam room. since i am trimmed like a mohawk there i could tell a few guys casted side glances at me since everything is nude there. this is a straight place and nothing happened but i was very excited. is this normal?? not gay or anything, just want to suck a man and have him do the same.
    bigred53 replied to sluggo76's response:
    Sluggo what is normal? I think normal is whatever you're comfortable with.

    First of all I'd like to know if you've taken to your wife about these desires? If so is she cool with it? Personally I think it would be so hot to watch two men together but I don't think I'm like most women. I have no desire to be with another woman though. So does that make me abnormal?

    sluggo76 replied to bigred53's response:
    big red,
    no i haven't. whenever we have sex i have to beg her for it. i don't think she would believe me anyway, lol.

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