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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    married man likes sexual escapades with other males occassionally
    ez1450 posted:
    i'm a mwm who has acted on fantasies and experimented with other males. my wife would never be accepting of this, so I will never tell her of my romps. I occasionally like masterbating or receiving oral from another male in a very discreet setting. I love women. is this normal?
    boricuapr responded:
    I am married and over 50 and have fantasies also. Prefer to have a close friend for that kind of experience. So far my experiences are in a massage scenario. I prefer women, but willing to enjoy erotic and pleasure with a close friend.
    july1936 responded:
    I think a great number of men have these feeling but just choose to not acty on them
    gymrat44 responded:
    Hi ez1450 -

    Take some time to read through the many stories on this board and also over on the Man to Man discussions. You'll find that while we're each a little different we are more alike than different. When we try to match ourselves up with images that society puts up as 'standard' we'll all find ourselves not quite fitting.

    The problem is to determine who you really are and how to best be that person. Is what you describe unusual? No, not really. We have our natural urges but also have a need to build solid and trusting relationships. Nature urges us to start as many babies as possible. And sometimes we guys get attracted to each other. Finding a way to put all of this together is not easy -- that could be a reason why so many of us come here to talk and listen.

    Good luck to us all as we work to find our way.
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    gq12 responded:
    While it is not so openly talked about in society (men havin sexual relations together, but not exclusively with men), I think it happens more than we think. As gymrat said, there are lots of guys here who have opened up and talked about this sort of thing. It is like therapy to talk about it and find out that there are many others who feel the same way.
    Many will say doing anything like this is cheating, but there are things that happen between guys that do not/cannot between a guy and a woman!
    I have done much of what you are saying and while I have guilty feelings, I am being who I am.
    gq12 replied to gq12's response:
    I will say that I considered myself straight for most of my life, but as I've gotten older I have "experimented" more and now I would consider myself bi. I am very sexually sttracted to females but a good looking guy will catch my eye, and if I have the chance to see his penis I will for sure take a look. I find both men & women sexually attractive.
    Anon_16867 responded:
    know how u feel ..i was curious about that too long time ago so i had too find out about it myself..yes i rec oral from guys alot and now it is so great that i cant get enough..there is no drama ..that is what i call a freind with great benefits ..dont have too worry about buying dinner.helping pay her bills..that time of the one even knows and i will never tell....
    gq12 replied to Anon_16867's response:
    I have actually made friends with a guy who is gay and we have gone a bit further that I have with any other guy. It was exciting but it confirmed for me that I am not gay because it is just not the same as with a female.
    gymrat44 replied to gq12's response:
    Interesting to hear about that discovery, gq12. There are all levels and grades of attraction between opposite sex and same sex and it sounds like you've had some time with a fellow whose same-sex orientation is stronger than yours. It's useful for us all to be realizaing that we shouldn't be worrying that much about where we fall in a general classification but who we actally are, and how we can best be that person -- which I think I said earlier in this thread. Thanks for your insights!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    Anon_133604 replied to gq12's response:
    I too feel exactly how you described yourself. I just have some issues with guilt when I am with my wife. Sometimes I think that I should do my best to refrain from m-m sex but the urge seems to overcome me at times. I have two guys who I have been having sex with for about a year. One dude is and always been guy. He never had sex with a women but dam is he good in bed. I have found an attraction to both these guys but it still eats at me. Don't know what to do?? Some people on here say I should tell my wife but I can't do that and hurt her or have her leave me. Just interested in everyone's replies. Thanks Guys!
    hairyd replied to Anon_133604's response:
    Guilt, stress will kill you. It would be dam bad. To have a heart attack during a hard attack with one of the Guys. During m-m sex. Do you think your wife would be Hurt. Do you think she should leave you. What would you do if she was F two guys. You ask our comments; but it Your life.
    Anon_527 replied to Anon_133604's response:
    What you are doing is not only immoral but illegal. Come clean with your wife and put her and yourself out of your misery. I think you and your wife would benefit greatly from therapy.
    Anon_133604 responded:
    Sometimes we don't quite understand what normal is. I too am a married male and feel a close connection to other dudes. I have two guys in particular that I have been having connections with. One is gay and when I m with him I feel such a sensual connection with him. He just knows exactly what to do to make me feel awesome. I just deal with the guilt feelings at times when I go home. So, what is NORMAL??
    hairyd replied to Anon_133604's response:
    Marriage is a monogamy relationship. You need three sexual partner? Not a married man.
    Sir, you have not given your age. As a adult you agreed to a marriage. A marriage is the bonding of two to make a family. True after my marriage it was still normal for me to have a desire for sex with other females. But because of my wedding vows and love for my wife. I am able to say NO.
    If you are not able to say no. If you do not have a agreement with your wife. That she and you can have sexual connections with others. You are not a married man Therefore for you and you wife. You need to talk with her. She can help you say No.
    Or you can choice a swingers life or M to M. If your wife does make you feel awesome. Lifes to short. To live with quilt or lies.
    Anon_16867 replied to gq12's response:
    yes i had a special freind too that loved anal sex..he was married and we had sex outside near the ocean ..we always checked out the spot first too make sure it was clear..when his wife went out of town we did it up like we was married ..all over the house ..he loved it in the ass and i loved giving it too him..just sex with no drama ..i dont call my self gay either just know how i like too get a great nut...we are not the only ones doing this.. milloins of other guys are doing the same thing just keeping it too themself so i dont even feel bad...

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