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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    broman323 posted:
    Hello Bros!

    So I have a question for everyone. I do not tend to trim/shave my pubic area often. I was having a discussion with my cousin and the topic of manscaping came up. He told me that he shaves EVERYTHING...completely bald! I was a little shocked and told him that I thought only women were supposed to do that. My fiancee has mentioned to me a couple of times that I should trim (which I have done in the past). What are your thoughts on this? Do you manscape and if so any suggestions?
    joe8843 responded:
    I trim my pubic hair and shave my ball sack and penis shaft ,both on a weekly basis. Idon't like the look of a man with no pubic hair. It reminds me of a little boy.
    zoom1969 responded:
    It really depends on your body type! I have a really hairy chest and legs. So if I shave off my pubes completely it looks weird. But guys that have little to no body hair look great if they shave everything. Usually ever other week I shave my shaft and balls. Then trim up the pubic hair around my penis w/ scissors or a trimmer. Sometimes I let it go a month or so and I end up looking like a guy from a 1970s
    broman323 replied to zoom1969's response:
    Well I look like a guy from one of those 1970's porn videos all the time lol. I guess I should try to switch it up. I will attempt to shave and trim. I didnt realize that so many guys shave their "areas". I guess I should join the club lol. Not going bald though. Like Joe said, I would probably feel like I hadnt hit puberty yet lol!
    jrocker85 replied to broman323's response:
    Hey Bro, If you have facial hair I suggest you first try your beard trimmer and use a gage that is short but not to short on your shaft and sack to see how you like it then go from there. It's easier and less chance of cuts and rashes that may take a few days to heal.
    gq12 replied to jrocker85's response:
    if you are hairy, trim back your pubes and shave your balls and shaft clean. That is the best bet for you. A lot og guys will trim bacl the hair on their chest, abs and pubes to about 1/2".

    I am not too hairy, so I have shved it all at times or trimmed it (#2 on the trimmer attachment).
    hairyd replied to gq12's response:
    Since I was born hairy. My barber trims my balls with a number #2. But he shaves the shaft. My wife does not like to eat hair. I am the same therefore her stuff is hairless has her butt.
    I perfer the collar on the base of my penis. But some guys like the bald base therefore all the penis is in view. Therefore longer in appearance. You may do differant for her specials days. I have, it will grow back. My shaft has been green, blue, red, etc. It was a big surprise for her! But a bigger surprise for the guys at the gym????? LMAO
    Anon_880 replied to hairyd's response:
    Your barber???? really? for some reason, I doubt it.
    hairyd replied to Anon_880's response:
    I understand. Mac starting trimning his cousin and me over 25 years ago. It started after joking about matching our wives. This was long before you could buy beard trimners . Only straight or double blade razors. Mac only has a small private shop; appointment only. There may be one or two guys waiting. Conversation is no differant than while he is shaving my face.
    uniquescreename responded:
    This is one of the best things I've ever come across. I used to shave my balls and cock for my wife (and 'cause it makes the bits look bigger), but then I started also shaving my underarms. Love the smooth feel, and the idea I know other guys check me out in the locker room wondering if they, too, should manscape. And trust me...some of them definitely SHOULD!
    vinig replied to uniquescreename's response:
    I manscape my shaft and balls and once I started I can't go back. My wife like the look and the smoothness and i do too. I'm plenty hairy so a little less down there is no big deal.
    uncutsmoothy replied to vinig's response:
    I aa married man of 45 yrs. A long time ago i had my first hernea operation. I was shaved arond my cock and balls and loved the feeling. I am now totally shaved in my pubic area. smooth cock and balls. I also shave my chest and arm pits. I am not very hairy at all so it is not difficult to accomplish this. I just love the feel of my smooth body, especially my smooth cock and balls. It also makes my 6" cock look much bigger than it is. All in all i will never have hair around my cock and balls again. by the way I am 68 yrs old
    jrocker85 replied to uncutsmoothy's response:
    Has anyone tried to wax at home, I don't like to shave my cock and don't mind trimming with my beard trimmer but I have light hairs up the underside of the shaft and wouldn't mind being rid if those, I know gq goes to a pro but if anyone tried this did it work out well?
    doogood replied to jrocker85's response:
    Yee-ouch! I don't think I'd go with waxing the manhood or the boys. The skin is much thinner there and waxing may take off more than you bargin for! Maybe someone else here has had a good experience that can counter my opinion. Personally, I;'ve done the shave everything, share the balls and shaft and trim the "beard". Nowadays I just get the beard trimmer out and take a quick run around everything to keep it neat and tidy. I like the feel of some hair, and I found it just a little too itchy growing back in if I didn't keep on top of it all the time. As gq says, if you've got hair in other places, it looks a bit out of balance if you're completely bald down there. Also like Joe and broman - I feel like a little boy if I don't have any hair on the manhood. After all I couldn't wait to be a man and have facial/bodyhair - now I'm going to get rid of it right where I want it? Nope! And HairyD - I'm wondering why now that home trimming equipment is available why you still drop trou at the barbers and have him do it for you? It must be enjoyable to some exent to have him do it for you - maybe? Also I gotta ask -how much does he charge for a pube trim? I paid once (and only once) to have a barber trim my beard while I was there getting a hair cut. Afterwards I thought - why did I pay for something I can do myself for free.
    hairyd replied to doogood's response:
    Hot wax can put your penis on a sick list for a long longer time.
    THE most important thing is to have someone who knows what they are doing either male or female with lots of experience. You do not want to be some ones first!

    There's no need to feel ashamed of a little waxing as part of your penis health care, just know that it can be expensive and painful. Many men are turned on by the feel of waxing. I think that when having the shaft waxed if it is hard it hurts very little but the skin should be kept tight and only small areas done at a time. The balls do hurt more but you can take a Motrin before having it done and it hurts less. I actually get wet sometimes very wet when being waxed. But it may be the male talk or the male mags in the shop. Having you butt done does not hurt at all and when the hole is done it stings a little but it is not too bad.
    Your penis looks much larger when the hair is removed and most guys like getting that extra inch or so when the hair is removed. It is been proven with studies that men without pubic hair have sex more often with mates that are willing to try more interesting sexual adventures. A hairless shaft not only looks better but it is more fun to play with and more easily stimulated. They are just perfect for licking, kissing and trying to be put into loving mouths. Women just love to play with these new tasty areas covered so long in hair but now smooth as a you know what!

    Doogood, I pay Mac $30.00 for a scissor hair cut, face shave, and manscaping. This is always on the first Thursday of each month for years. I now have a trimmer. But the clean up of fine hairs is a pain.. I would prefer someone that has a better view put hot wax on my shaft and anus hole. I also pay for my wife's waxing.

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