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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    First experiences
    uniquescreename posted:
    I'm super curios about 1st experiences - Mine was fantastic. Not sure if this has been a discussion posted before I found the forum. I'll try to tell you w/in character limits.

    Before I got married, but after college, I lived w/a fraternity brother from college. I'd always thought he was cute, but ruled out anything 'fun' w/him. I lied one day, not sure why, and suggested I'd given a BJ before. That started a bunch of seemingly innocent questions from him, probing me for info. I lied some more. One of the things I told him that was true was that I dress to the left. He said he did, too

    One night, we were looking at porn on his computer and I said I was horny. I asked to see his penis. He said, show me yours first - so I did. His eyes for wide. Guess he didn't think I would show him. LOL! He Leaned back, pulled his shorts down a bit and revealed the most awesome penis. Long and w/a string of pre-cum going to his stomach. I almost passed out. He got up to take a piss and when he came back, I asked if I could see it again. And he whipped it out.

    I asked if I could touch it and wrapped my hand around the shaft. I asked him if he wanted 'to try something. I had my left hand under his balls and pulled him close before he could object and started sucking him off. OMG, it was fabulous. About five minutes in, he said, 'Okay, before I lose my nerve' and we switched places. Number 1 most erotic thing ever. Iwe switched places again and I sucked him until he came in my mouth. Still get a massive boner thinking about it and that was over 15 years ago. We did it a couple more times, each time hitter than the next, but I will NEVER forget that first time. We don't talk about it these days. We both have wives, he's for 3 kids and I've got one. I wonder, though, if he uses the memory, like I do, to jerk off every now and then.

    Guess you'll never really forget your first experience. I'd love to hear about some of yours.
    doogood responded:
    Here's my first - and sole partner with - m2m experience. I too had a fraternity brother that I played around with. I knew he was gay. He had always hoped I would be - 100% anyway. I had been dating my now wife for about two years when I gave him any indication that I would entertain the thought of having sex with him. He had just gone through the process of coming out to me, and I had already known -first through verbal clues he had given me and second through another guy telling me out right that they had had oral sex. We hugged - probably a little closer than we had before and he said "we better stop before I get a hard-on". I quickly said "yeah - me too" and then laughed like I was joking with him and trying to make him more at ease. I had no idea that he would take this seriously. And yeah I suppose I was half serious at that time. I had enjoyed seeing men in porn, but had never seriously thought I would have a physical encounter. Sometime later (sorry the late 80's are a blur to me now) at a party at his and his boyfriend's apartment I wound up in a spare bedroom with him while there's a party going on in the living room - including my now fiance. we had a heart to heart talk about who knows what, ended up hugging again - this time our crotches touching. I don't know who started shifting back and forth first but man it felt good having his cock rub against mine even trhough denim. I think he asked me if he could kiss me. At this point I was lost in a dream. I grunted or nodded yes. There we were arms wrapped around each other, toungue to toungue, dick to dick. All I could feel was heat, strength and a rush of testosterone I had never felt before. At some point he told me to lie down on the floor. Our jeans were around our ankles and we were in a 69, cocks in each others mouths. I had never felt more masculine or had such a strong connection to another man in my life. Even though I had never sucked cock before I transferred all the ideas and thoughts about what I liked and thought felt good from my brain to my mouth. I kept this going until he told me that I needed to come up for air. I didn't stop I didn't want the feeling, taste and scent of his manhood to leave my body. I pulled on his sac and heard him moan and felt his cock expand in my mouth. I went nose deep into his pubes fought my gag reflex and held on for dear life. I knew he was going to cum soon. I had been through the same sensations many times myself and knew how a man reacted when he reached the point of no return. I pushed his cock as far as I could into my mouth and let him shoot rope after rope down my throat. I told him afterward thanks for letting me experience one of my ultimate fantasies. We got together a bout a dozen times after that. I loved sucking his cock and he mine. But I have to agree that first time was more memorable than any of the others combined! And I still have a j/o session every now and then reliving that first time.
    uniquescreename replied to doogood's response:
    Outstanding retelling of your first experience, Doogood. Thanks for sharing that with us!
    doogood replied to uniquescreename's response:
    Most welcome Unique! I'm glad you started this post. It was great reading your recollection and reminded me so much of my own. Guess we gave a spin on the meaning of "brotherly love"!
    boyfriendwantedinla responded:
    uniquescreenname and Doogood:

    Both of your stories are so incredibly hot.Thanks! I'll bet both of you will treasure those experiences forever.
    doogood replied to boyfriendwantedinla's response:
    thanks boyfriendwantedinla! I most definately treasure my first and subsequent times with him. And yeah - it was pretty hot if I do say so myself! Here's another notch on the 'hot' meter - a few of those times were in our fraternity house in his room - he moved back in after he broke up with the boyfriend. We almost got caught one time. That would have been interesting to try and explain! Soooo - would you care and share your first with the class? I'm sure it's equally hot. And if I'm making an assumption - forgive me. Maybe you can share how you'd like that first time to go with that someone special?
    boyfriendwantedinla replied to doogood's response:
    Well, I hate to say it but MY first man on man experience was one of the WORST sexual experiences I've ever had! >gulp<

    Makes me a little a lot jealous to hear about these hot first times!
    doogood replied to boyfriendwantedinla's response:
    I'm sorry to hear that it didn't go as well as it could have. Hopefully you've recovered from it and had some better times since that first one!
    hairyd replied to boyfriendwantedinla's response:
    M2M experiences is not for the normal male. The thought or a short look on a film.
    Makes me ***** , gulp, and more. Why be jealous. You try it. It was not for you.
    Enjoy the sexual experience for a normal male and female they you love..
    gymrat44 replied to hairyd's response:
    About the naturalness of M2M experience: I'd recommend the 1999 book 'Biological Exuberance' by Bruce Bagemihl, a study of same sex behavior documented in over 450 species of animals. And there are a bunch of pictures. The fact that animals of the same sex frequently get it on with each other hasn't become general knowledge lies mainly with the discomfort which researchers and publishers have had over the years in making such information known. But it's there, guys. M2M is part of our natural make-up, to be understood, explored, accepted and enjoyed as appropriate.

    And how can we claim to have fully experienced our masculinty without having explored this side of our natures? It may not be a particularly large or significant part -- but it is there, I do believe! It's not something to be frightened of or embarassed about, it's just there, just another part of our make-up and of our lives.
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    hairyd replied to gymrat44's response:
    I agree with the study of over 450 species of animals.. I would also think you would agree some males do act like dogs. Also dogs and other animals will have sexual intercourse. Mating their mother, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. Which I personal do consider normal sex for a human male. But it's each person's life. I am against encouragement of someone to endanger their lives and their marriage. This is based on friend's death and marriage / family ruined. Because of M2M.
    If you have not walked in these shoes. Your only enjoying the few seconds of forbidden sex.
    G Rat, other than this issue,
    you provide some Great information. About being a MAN>
    Thanks, for your post.
    gymrat44 replied to hairyd's response:
    Thanks for the good words, HairyD. I have enjoyed your postings and the insights in them as well. We can't expect to agree on every point.

    But I'm sure that we both agree that people should act responsibily, with integrity and compassion. Whatever I have said would need to have that condition included.

    Looking forward to your future posts and to continued good exchange of ideas!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    doogood replied to gymrat44's response:
    great response gymrat. As always you have a thoughtful and tactful response. I'd like to add that as human beings we have developed a moral code in addition to our more animalistic base needs. Science and history is/has shown that these base sex drives include attraction and desires that are not exclusively hetro-sexual. Much like our base sex drives do not automatically make us prefer just one person to mate and bond with throughout our lives - regardless of genders. I fthis were the case we would be able to find that one person, not have sexual attraction to anyone else, and be completely satisfied with them until death.

    The drive to be sexually exclusive is a human moral drive/societal norm. And I'd like to also point out that there are other cultures today and throughout history that have had different views from our christian-judeo derived ideals. I think I need to stop here and thank you for letting me vent a little on your posting. Not trying to rile anyone up, but wanted to add to the conversation and the concept that we as humans have so many layers of complexity that there is no simple black and white answer. And sorry for sounding like I'm jumping on your comment because that's not my intent!
    hairyd replied to doogood's response:
    Boys, that explains why M2M can onlycopulate in one position. Boring, doggie / animal style. Also like a ass / mule, M2M is not able to get pregant .Some animals more "civilized" than people because they mate for life. Its in their dna to do what they do. The majority of mankind are in a monogamous relationships once they commit to a marriage. Why would you want to compare us to animals humans are the only species that enjoys sex for PLEASURE. Of course a male will still appreciate looking at another beautiful female. Each time you look in the mirror . You may want to think babies or having babies. Kids are killing each other in the streets (then cutting off the head, legs and arms). We are put bars on our windows, locks on the doors, doorman or security are at the gated communities. Are you part of us returning to the animals????
    cam35 replied to hairyd's response:
    My first M2M experience was with my best friend and another guy. I was 22 it was my first sexual experience and it was the hottest most memorable. I will never regret it, I learned a lot about myself that night.

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