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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    Looking at speedos
    An_247068 posted:
    I have an issue I have been dealing with since high school. I liked to look at speedos on guys, whether in public or online. I cant help it. I liked tightness on my crotch so when I look at a guy's bulge in a speedo, I get an erection. I dont want to have sex with a guy but I like the bulge he has. Is this wierd or gay? My favorite website is where the guys wear skimpy speedos and underwear. How do I stop looking at this? Is it gay?
    collegeboy29 responded:
    I also like reading stories about speedos along with looking at pictures. HELP
    gymrat44 responded:
    Hi - you're hardly the only guy whose head is turned by a good looking bulge in a speedo. That's just part of who you are -- part of who I am -- and part of how many of us are.

    There's not really much point in either trying to stop doing it or being concerned whether your feelings are gay or not. What I do think you need to do is come to a better understanding of your own sexuality, take owneship of it and become comfortable with it. Once you do that you may come to the point where you realize that you appreciate masculinity whether it is perceived in someone else or within yourself, that it is a special part of who you are which you value. And naturally it can get you physically and emotionally excited.

    Getting an erection is an enjoyable experience, even though our social conditioning leads us to supress a lot of them. If there are times when they come and they aren't convenient for you, rest assured that such times will start to happen less frequently.

    We're all somewhere on a continuum going from male-female to male-male attraction. As I've said in my Member Story on this website I consider myself to be straight but know that's not all of who I am. Go find out who you are and develop that person responsibly with care and and concern for yourself and others and enjoy what you find along the way.

    And come back and let us know how things go for you. Life is too short and too full of good things for you to be worried about liking to look at guys in speedos!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    mintjulip3 replied to gymrat44's response:
    I heard one of my in' laws make a true staement of wisdom that I will be happy to pass on. Have sex everytime you can,
    whereever you can as much as you can, because you never know when it will be you last time. I am 59 years old with so health problems and have had many times I could not have sex with my spousre. It really makes that breath of wisdom
    really sink in. I don't feel guilty about sex in anyway shape, form or fashion. Get it while you can and be thankful when
    you can and go the extra mile and give thanks everytime
    you can. There will be a time in you life that you can't have
    sex period. Now that's sad!
    Jagmen replied to gymrat44's response:
    masculineguy replied to gymrat44's response:
    great did not answer my last email...
    gymrat44 replied to masculineguy's response:
    Hey, I'm sorry I haven't responded as I have been rather busy when I have e-mail access. Please send me short new e-mail and identify yourself as 'masculineguy' so I'll know it's you -- and I'll get a response back to you in a day or so, for sure.

    And thanks for appreciating my reply above. The ideas there are things I strongly believe and have brought me a lot of peace and happiness and am glad if they've been any help!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    21finish responded:
    I grew up in a time (many years ago) when guys were supposed to gaze wantonly at women (chastely) and never even THINK of looking at a guy with an obvious bulge or heaven forbid a nude guy. That was just not done and to do so would invite all manor of teasing, bullying, and worse. Thankfully, times have changed and now we (men and women) can admire the shape of their fellow humans regardless of gender. I don't mean to say that hateful words aren't still voiced but not as much. You can be straight and still enjoy seeing a nicely shaped guy. And guys in speedos or in skimpy underwear CAN be sexy, even erotic. So although the OP asked his question months ago, the question and reply (gymrat44 said it very well) are still pertinent. No, it is not weird or "gay" and no you don't need to stop looking. If you sense you're getting attention that might lead to unwanted physical contact, then politely say thanks but no thanks and most guys will honor that.

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