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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    sexual urges
    An_247068 posted:
    How does a single boy who doesnt masturbate and is a virgin control his sexual urges and tensions?
    An_247002 responded:
    Wow, I must admit it's not impossible but very difficult. As a Christian man, I would say he needs other men to help keep him accountable. He also needs the discipline to redirect his passion and energy when it arises.

    I also wanted that type of conviction but failed miserably again and again.
    gymrat44 responded:
    It would seem reasonable to suggest regular masturbation as the best way to handle your sexual urges and tensions. And it would also help you get to know and understand how that part of your body works.

    Do you have some particular beliefs which stand in the way of your stroking your penis to relief? That's one of the things which I believe it was made for and like with anything else, it takes a lot of practice to become familiar and fully comfortable with it.

    Apart from making regular masturbation a part of your life I really don't know what to suggest. Any of you guys have any thoughts which could be of help?
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    jmgg5000 responded:
    when i was a teen i would play with myself every day lot of times in bed at night or in the shower it felt good for sure and help my sexual urges
    exprzzionz responded:
    My suggestion is that you first start masturbating. It relieves your tension and it feels really good. So get to it. Pay it all the attention you can you'll be glad you did.
    exprzzionz replied to jmgg5000's response:
    I want to also say there is nothing wrong with masturbation as it's healthy and normal. So grab a hold of it and get started right away it reall will help. I do it alot amd I like it.
    jmgg5000 replied to exprzzionz's response:
    sleep nude at night so easy access for sure to reach under covers and start to play with it
    hairyd responded:
    An-----068, I agree masturbation is heathy and normal. I can understand you may not consider it a sexual learning experience for you and your future sexual partners. You should talk with your pastor or spirtual leader. I know I had friends that each time they vist the priest. They had to say " I have sin Again" Then the would have to give the Fully details of the sex acts. They had enjoyed.
    You will not be single for long. She will enjoy your release all of your sexual urges into her body's cativity.
    jmgg5000 replied to hairyd's response:
    lot of times before making love with my wife she will watch me play with myself

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