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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    Cut/Uncut -How do you feel about your penis?
    jrocker85 posted:
    I often wonder what it would be like if my foreskin was never removed. I didn't give it much though until reading the post about type and size and see there are many intact men on these boards. I know there are the benefits of keeping your glad protected as it is more sensative than a cut penis so it must be very sensative to oral and penatration during sex. I have tried to mimmick what I would think it would be like having foreskin by using my hand to hold my shaft back to penatrate my wife when we start to have sex to get the juices flowing by popping the head in only and she responds well and it feels great. So I can only imagine that this is what it is like for an uncut man. I don't know how you feel about your foreskin but I wish I was able to have a say way back when. Do cut men feel this way.
    jmgg5000 responded:
    well i am cut as well as my dad and grandpa i have 1 cousin that is uncut other 2 are cut like me. when we are all in the showers together like at my grandpa farm it is like his top of his oenis is hiding like he pulls it back when he cleans it of course
    cam35 replied to jmgg5000's response:
    I am an uncut man, when I was younger I didn't like it because I was different looking. I must say, I like it now. I have tons of precum and I am super sensitive to most everything.
    Polfsky responded:
    I'm uncut but now my penis looks just like a cut one. When I was younger, my foreskin covered the glans completely. But after puberty, my penis outgrew my foreskin so much so that it looks just like a cut penis.

    I prefer uncut. I remember when I was younger, my glans was extremely sensitive to touch. Now my glans is always exposed and through constantly rubbing with my underwear, it's lost the sensitivity.
    gymrat44 replied to cam35's response:
    I'm uncut and wouldn't have it any other way. And I've always been proud to have all of my 'factory equipment.'

    Yes, I do believe that my glans is more sensitive because it is usually covered. However, when I get into having sex I am so involved with the whole process that I rarely think about or appreciate the extra sensitivity. So you cut guys probably aren't losing much there.

    Two times I'm especially glad to have a foreskin: one is while jelqing, doing slow massage to a semi-hard penis for a period of 15 minutes or so. The first five to eight minutes I do it with my foreskin fully covering the glans. Then I'll slowly retract the foreskin to expose the glistening glans to the fresh air and that can be a bit of a rush. The other time was once when I caught my dick in my zipper -- the foreskin got nicked but the penis itself was unscathed!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    Polfsky replied to Polfsky's response:
    Oh, and also being uncut makes it so much easier to jerk off. No lube necessary.
    kahnjoe responded:
    I'm cut and don't know any better? I precum quite a bit so not sure it would make any difference in that regard? On a separate note, does your dick shrink w age? I'm not proud to go to gym because it's so small unless erect. And i frequently have to adjust to be comfortable, even in boxers. I suspect even erect I've shrunk a little. These days I only feel as big as it once was when I take a Viagra!
    vinig responded:
    I'm uncut and there is nothing like my wife pulling the foreskin back really slowly when we make love. It drives me crazy and makes me jump with pre-cum contractions like you wouldn't believe!
    jmgg5000 replied to vinig's response:
    yea i am cut and my brother is and so is my dad and grandpa 1 cousin is cut and one is not cut. my aunt and uncle said they choose to leave there youngest uncut just to give one of us an uncut penis.we are all grown up and we all like the way our penis looks. the uncut cousin he is married and his wife likes how it handles during sex and all. my wife likes mine cut and etc.
    exprzzionz replied to vinig's response:
    I'm cut and haven't ever really thought much about being uncut . I've heard other guys say there is a lot more sensitivity if you have a foreskin. One time a friend of mine told me they were gonna have their new son's forreskin removed and said they thought it would keep him from masturbating.Well I busted out laughing on that one and said "it never stopped me". I think that's true for all guys. It's strange that anyone would believe you wouldn't like jacking off if you were cut.! There's more than one issue in a statement like that.

    I'm very happy with my penis as is though.
    Stefcd responded:
    I`m cut and although I`m happy with my penis I often wondered what it would be like to have an uncut penis.Even during childhood I would stare at some of my friends penis`s and get somewhat envious. I guess some guys felt uncomfortable when I`d stare at their penis and some would invite meet to feel theirs and even play with them and I did take advantage of that quite often.I can still remember giving a friend of mine who was uncut a blowjob and how different his penis felt in my mouth compared to a cut penis.With the uncut penis I could taste the precum a lot more than with a cut penis and it may have been coincidence but it just seems that an uncut penis has a lot more sperm too. But overall I think both cut and uncut penis`s are relly a turn on for me.
    jd1000 replied to Stefcd's response:
    am cut too i am 33. in my family my grandpa is cut and dad is cut as well. my cousins are all cut. i have 2 friends that are uncut when we guys all get together we sometimes will all go skinny dipping together so we see everyones penis and it is fun seeing everyones and what they all look like. some cut some uncut
    hairyd replied to Stefcd's response:
    Stefcd; you know that the amount of pre cum and sperm is produced in the testcle and prostate gland. Therefore no connection if a male is cut or uncut. The amount and the tastes is because of the male's diet.
    jd1000 replied to hairyd's response:
    what kind of diet makes it shoot more and taste better
    hairyd replied to jd1000's response:
    JD, this has been discussed on other threads.
    Fruits, sweets, sweet wines,etc. within twenty four hours. Improves the taste of cum. Limit proteins and some vegetables.
    Push water to shoot more cum.

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