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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    Father son behavior.
    cam35 posted:
    I Was in a discussion with someone who was a nudist. They live with their father and both were practicing nudist. The guy was telling me that he and his father had an open door policy. He said that he often walked in on his dad masturbating and vice versa. He also said that his dad gave him massages and he often got erections, his dad would sometime help him climax. At first I found it strange, but as I thought about in the context of their relationship, it was nothing. Who am I to judge. Does anyone have any behaviors, within your family dynamic that others might find questionable? Please feel free to share.
    gymrat44 responded:
    Hey, thanks for the interesting post, Cam35. Reading it has jolted someething back into mind which happened between me and my Dad years ago. Remembering it has been warmly pleasant for me and has prompted some questions you guys might want to think about.
    It was late on a Friday night when I was in my early to mid teens and I was in my room getting ready for bed. Like my Dad I didn't wear anything to bed so I just took my clothes off and piled them in a chair. And feeling relaxed when I got my tighty-whities off my freshly-sprung dick would then usually firm up a little and start to stick out some. I had just reached that point when Dad came into my room -- apparently he had just taken his clothes off, too, for he was at half-mast as well. And that didn't seem all that strange since over the years he and I had seen each other clothed and nude, hard and soft lots of times. He had come in to see me because he wanted to remind me that the next morning we'd have to get up an hour earlier than usual because we were going to be going somewhere or doing something.
    And after that either he had poked me or I had poked him, who knows at this point, but we started to rough-house as we often did but usually we did that earlier in the day and with some clothes on. The contest became more vigorous and before long we were struggling together on the floor. Recently I had become almost as tall as he was and I was really looking forward to the day when I'd be able to pin him! I was so focused on finally overtaking him that I really hadn't given much thought to the fact that by that point each of us was fully hard with a proud erection. I was just thinking about how to get him on his back when suddenly he flipped me onto mine and pinned me by holding both my shoulders down while he spread out on top of me, face-to-face. Although I was pinned I continued to wriggle to get free while Dad struggled to keep me down and I guess my wriggling spurred him perhaps unintentionally to start thrusting his pelvis. The feeling of warmth and the sprit of play and of the sensation of his hard penis rubbing hard across my lower abdomen was amazing. But almost as soon as he had started, he stopped. A look of seriousness suddenly spread across his face and he said to me that perhaps the two of us shouldn't be having so much fun together. He clapped me on the shoulder, got up and said he'd see me in the morning. We never did that or even talked about it again.
    Afterwards as I released my load and calmed down from the excitement -- feeling his presence and bodyweight while his abdomen and chest pressed upon me with his tool thrusting against mine was something I'd never felt before -- I thought I understood what he had said. What had just happened between us was spontaneous and unplanned but as I began to step into maturity I would need to start to develop relationships outside my immediate family. While he and I shared so much there was only so much which we could share. Beyond a point I would need to be setting out on my own as we all do. But at the same time, looking backward to that evening I think that it would have been wonderful if, after he had caught himself and stopped his thrusting, he would have reached down and gently brought me off and that way welcomed me to acknowledged male maturity. I think we would both have been proud and happy with our shared achievements. And that the experience would only have strengthened our already strong relationship.
    And that's where I come back to your post, Cam35, about the guy you know whose father sometimes brings him to climax. I can see where it could be great to grow further into physcial maturity within the warmth and understanding of immediate family. And later make relationships because you like the other person and not just to get a physical release or to satisfy an inner drive. I'm happy to see that for at least one guy out there we know of, that sort of thing could be happening. I wish him and his father well.

    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    LotusHeart replied to gymrat44's response:
    Having a father massage his son and getting him to climax sounds like a really bad idea. it's not just a bad idea, it's illegal if the son is under 18. Even for above 18, it's still called incest. Parents should protect kids from this sort of thing. Sorry, but this is getting some pretty strong reaction from me. I'm open minded when it comes to two consenting adults having fun, but father and son? No way, not a healthy boundary. I think it's best if folks here didn't even suggest such a thing was even remotely ok.

    Gymrat, at least your dad caught on to what was happening and set an appropriate boundary. People can have sexual thoughts about all sorts of things, but when it comes to actions, healthy sexuality always includes keeping healthy boundaries. Acting on incest impulses, IMHO, falls outside of what is acceptable, and there is no wiggle room here.
    hairyd replied to LotusHeart's response:
    I agree LotusHeart. Father and sons should have a male bonding. But the information give was Incest. Hope he does not continue the practice with his son.
    gq12 replied to LotusHeart's response:
    I agree Lotus. Bonding is one thing, but masturbation together in any way is beyond the line for me.
    chuck13 replied to gq12's response:
    I've been naked in front of my dad and my dad in front of me. He has seen me hard and him hard. I've never grabbed my dad's dick or him mine. Now my dad has walked in on me masturbating at the time I climaxed. He was more embarrassed about then I was but he didn't say anything.
    rob15lov responded:
    Great post, thank you for sharing so open & honestly. Your point about not judging each other so much, especially a friend is important, refreshing, and valuable for more to keep in mind more often. So many people think they should rule over another family even if the family is very happy & it works for all of them. I know many families that each do things differently and if it works for all of them that's great. Far too many are upset about even nudity amongst the same gender in families sometimes now, which goes against all of most of the world's previous history. Healthy open attitudes about nudity, normal body functions (which for males includes very frequent erections and sometimes masturbation etc.), and even touch/contact, love, sex, sexuality, etc. All of it is part of life and different people and different families allow for exploration of it differently while other horrifically repress it to varying degrees. Making human sexuality the greatest taboo in modern times is kind of crazy compared to so many other things in this world, IMHO.
    rob15lov replied to chuck13's response:
    Chuck13 now that your a Dad has seen you climax I'm wondering have you seen Dad climax yet too?
    sun44 replied to chuck13's response:
    You have no reason to be embarrassed about being naked in front of each other and certainly no reason feel the same way with him seeing you climaxing. I have had many similar experiences, they are all part of life. Did you talk to him later about him seeing you masturbating? It is a great opportunity to open up and talk about every thing, for both of you. Well I just looked and discovered that this post is 2years old. Any one else have any experiences or comments for me?
    rob15lov replied to sun44's response:
    So many good comments here in this thread hope to read many more from Dads and Sons here and updates from those that have already posted or new information on their experiences in greater detail and of course new posters as well here.
    An_262300 responded:
    I think this is beautiful and how it should always be/ thanks for sharing

    [email protected]
    exprzzionz replied to An_262300's response:
    I can't see ever masturbating a child of mine but I do think masturbation should be encouraged. Children should be taught that it's OK and masturbating with friends is fine. Boys and girls should have no hang -ups whatsoever about anything as natural as masturbation.
    nohard responded:
    I do remember reading in the old Forum mag, about guys who mothers insisted that they was washed by the mothers sometimes up to the age of 15, and being masturbated by them, now that I always thought was very odd, but this was not just one letter there was a few covering the same thing, some never sore any from women having the same thing done to them as girls or teenagers.
    I must be just a guy thing then.


    PS Never happened to me either way, sorry, but very odd way of life.
    Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
    An_262903 replied to nohard's response:
    nohard, I have known a few mothers that would bath their sons. Up till their senior year of high school after football games. They lived in a home with all males. Husband was full time army. Male nudity in the home was open. When I stay over. I was encourage to join the family at the breakfast table; naked. Of course their was open masturbation and open erections. These were young males. But never was told the mother was hands on, But only with the washing of the cock.
    No she never washed mine. But she would come in the bath to bring warm towels, ect. There were many a nights we would hear her and her husband's sound of making love. Or her giving him instructions. Where or where not she wanted his penis.
    robertchicagoyoga replied to gymrat44's response:
    want a beautiful story gymrat44 and I agree with you 110%/

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