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    Gym Shower- Am I being or checked out or not
    jrocker85 posted:
    I'm not the most experienced person out there when it comes to reading people and I would like to see if I could get some input from the group of open minded
    guys. I go to a gym that has a mixed group of people who are basically there to get the morning workout in and get to work. I have been going there since April and know most people enough to say hello and keep working out. The locker room has an L shaped open shower plus another room with more showers Most guys go to the opposite shower away from you when there is no one there to be alone. Today I hit the shower and was the only one in there for couple of minutes when a guy comes in who I know and then leaves, I though he went to the other room to be alone but a couple of minutes later he comes back and take the shower right next to me while he could have had six available showers to choose from. So we are there almost 2 ft apart where I felt was a little too close if I did that to someone I think they would have gotten a little put out by this. Since I was almost done my shower I finished up but at the same time I didn't want to rush out of there to see what had happened. It could be me just reading too much into nothing but at the same time I got that feeling it wasn't. What do you think and has this happened to you too?
    kahnjoe responded:
    If the showers are across from one another and a guy takes the one directly across I'd say that is a sign that he's checking things out ? Right next to you was odd and maybe I'm wrong but seems like the view is better from across than next to . At my gym there are open showers (no curtains) with about 10 showers, 5 across from 5; then they have another room of about 10'showers same set up but these have curtains. I'd guess the guys checking out others go only to the open ones?
    hairyd replied to kahnjoe's response:
    I agree he was there for the view. If he did not make a move. Why sweat it. I prefer the open showers. Why hide behind a curtain? Unless you have a lady in the shower with you.
    Polfsky responded:
    So there are no curtains or dividers, correct? If so being next to will provide him closer view of you than being opposite from.

    That does seem strange that he would pick a shower right next to you 2 feet away when there are 6 others to choose from. It's like one of those unspoken urinal rules that most guys know and abide by.

    But again maybe there are other reasons. Other showers ran out of soap? Or he knows that that shower head is the best (like at my gym, some shower heads are really weak or spray out mist, etc, so I have my favorite spot too). Or maybe it's his favorite, usual spot.

    You said you wanted to see what would happen. What would you have wanted to happen though?
    jrocker85 replied to Polfsky's response:
    I know I try to use the showers with the full pressure but always try to give a guy his space and it does fill up sometimes. I was a little curious to know why so close and if I stayed a little longer see if he started to talk but I hurried up and finished . I know the guy to say hello to but that's about it. There are no curtains or dividers it's an open shower.
    Polfsky replied to jrocker85's response:
    After writing the previous post, I headed out to the gym and encountered the other extreme. Many shower stalls were taken (no curtain on any stall). So I went into one that's available and it was almost opposite from another guy, so he could see me and vice versa.

    He probably felt uncomfortable because the moment another stall on my side freed up, he moved into that one right away so we wouldn't be able see each other.

    To me, I understand privacy and personal space. It's not like I deliberately chose that stall so I could see him (I didn't care to see him), but he didn't have to go out of his way to avoid being seen like that. He could just finish doing his thing and leave.

    I think that's the other extreme from that guy you encountered.
    doogood responded:
    Maybe there's nothing more to it than this guy wanted to build on the fact that you knew each other, realized that he was being a little standoff-ish by going into the other room, and decided to join you in the gorup shower and over did it by standing next to you. If he isn't comfortable with other guys socially or knowledge of male comraderie maybe he was over compensating at that point. I say don't make a big deal about it at this point and see where it goes.
    Jagmen replied to Polfsky's response:
    I agree with you.
    Perhaps, that was his favorite one.
    I think that jrocker85 wanted something to happen.

    Admit it.
    jrocker85 replied to Jagmen's response:
    I wouldn't have a problem if something did Jagmen.. It could have been that this was the placed he liked but I have been there again and he took another shower head we are on the similar schedule it seems so it could be coincidence and I looked at the layout and the 2 shower heads are very close if you stand back you can walk into each other. He is a nice guy as far as I can tell so I'll leave it at that

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