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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    An_253755 posted:
    so this is kind of awkward but im wondering if anyone might have any advice. So when i was a teenager i had surgery and had one of my testicles removed. They put an implant in and it looks great and if anything hangs a little lower then the other one but even before the surgery i had a very tight sack, after its extremely tight, well what ive found is that if i get an erection it tightens even more and my "real" testicle i dunno how to say it other then it like goes up. i guess my question is if anyone might have and suggestions on maybe stretching a ball sack or maybe something that might make it larger and give more availability for my balls to hang down.(this is my first post and it feels really weird to talk about this)
    An_251837 responded:
    This is really something you need to discuss with your doctor. If there is a problem, you may need to see a urologist.

    Trust me, though, usually as you age they will loosen and sag more.
    hairyd responded:
    Unless your making a video; who is looking. Enjoy your cock and the sex. Why would you need a large sac?
    Sex is the prime motivating factor in any male's life. Like oxygen, it's only important if you're not getting any.
    joeawilliams replied to hairyd's response:
    Well because more often then not my testicle rises up inside of me because the sack is so tight
    frotman responded:
    I have always dealt with this problem myself, except haven't had any surgery or implants. Both of mine are definitely on the larger side and almost always uncomfortably tight, every once and awhile things loosen up enough to hang a bit but not often. And an erection (also on the larger side) always pulls at least one if not both up inside me. Unfortunately age hasn't yet loosened or sagged anything, at least not in that area!
    One thing I find that helps quite a bit is keeping my sack hairless. Not sure why, but when their smooth things stay much more relaxed, a least when I'm not erect. Never been comfortable with the shaving method down there, and the stubble that returns shortly after is very irritating. What works best for me is a hair removal lotion, or even better one of the foam ones. You have to make sure it's not old and to shake it up really well before using or it will take a lot longer to work and cause skin irritation. If it's working right, 5-8 minutes should do it. Leaves you hairfree smooth and slick for a few weeks, and the regrowth isn't stubbly like it is when done with a razor. Be sure not to get it anywhere you still want hair though, and don't use on any irritated or broken skin areas. I've never had a problem using it unless it's expired or not mixed up well first and have to leave it on too long, anything over 10 min will cause dryness and means it isn't working like it should.
    Another big help is to wear a penis ring, it goes around everything, balls and all, and keeps things in place. The most comfortable one I've found is made of soft rubber tubing and when you get it cut to the right length it has a plug that connects both ends and makes it easy to put on without any discomfort. Might want to get rid of any hair from that area down so there's no pulling or chaffing. I find it comfortable enough to wear most of the time even when not using for a sexual purpose.
    I'm still always on the lookout for info on loosening things up more down there and hope to see if anyone else has ideas or advice they might wanna post. Good luck, and hope this might help you out some.

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