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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    Male family bonding
    Manjock posted:
    Hi Guys I am new here and live in an all male household. I am 21 and my brother is 19. We live with my father and have been naked in front of each other from a young age. We talk about erections, size, girls and almost anything. We have all seen each others erections and have all sprung each other masturbating. My father and brother are pretty straight but have no problems with me being bi sexual. I have found that you guys are very honest on here and thats why I have decided to post. Des anyone else share a bond with the men in the family. i feel very blessed
    Manjock responded:
    I get aroused more easily then the others and I appreciate the human body in all its glory. I used to see my dad naked and think his penis was huge and love to look at it. Now my brother and I are both also proud of our manhood. I did notice growing up other families were not as open and some boys at school were shy with nudity in the locker room. I think this is a great site to open up and learn more.
    john-skpt replied to Manjock's response:
    Wasn't the case in my family. The 3 kids were spaced SO far apart that my brother was in highschool before I was born, so we never really has anything to do with each other. Dad was fairly private. He was kind, and loving, but we were never 'buddies'.

    I'd really have enjoyed having a brother who was within two or three years of my age, but it just wasn't in the cards.
    justaguyalt11 responded:
    youngest of 2 children and only son. Like John my Dad was a good dad we just never really close but I knew I was loved. I think if I had had a brother I would not have been so modest around my father, eventhough he was not shy and I saw him naked many time I would never let him see me nude.
    Alexco35 responded:
    there we no males in my household other than myself but I always wanted to have an older brother like wally from leave it to beaver..
    tftobin replied to Alexco35's response:
    I had a father, and a much older brother.
    Neither was close. I felt like I was in an all girl household.
    So did my father.
    ryu2008 replied to Alexco35's response:
    same here Alexco the male was pretty much absent while I was growing up. I was surrounded with females and up to this point of time since I have 2 girls. I wish I had a Brother though but atleast I have a Bud with benefits.
    Gary0329 responded:
    Difference in ages kept us private about everything too. However, I must say that stories about brothers being sexual together is very hot for me.
    playerman responded:
    grew up in a not so typical irish catholic family. oh we had a big family...4 brothers and 2 sisters. but we were very open. my parents were openly affectionate with each other and were also affectionate with us kids. we were (and still are) close knit. because my parents had us all close together (18 months apart) my brothers and i were friends as well as siblings. this meant that we spent alot of time doing guy stuff and often saw each other naked.
    tftobin replied to playerman's response:
    I think mine a more typical Irish Catholic family.
    My father loved his sister. They lived in the same town, and saw each other once a year, if they were lucky.
    I have 5 sisters, and a brother. We were in 3 litters.
    4 of my sisters screwed my mother over in her 90s so bad, that I will never speak to them as long as I live. They literally prevented her from getting a lawyer and changing her executor, and then kidnapped her so she couldn't do anything about it, until after they had her tucked away in a rest home.
    Ah, the joys of family.
    My wife's Irish Catholic family is real family. They would gladly die for each other, and the knife is in no one's back.
    gymguygreg replied to tftobin's response:
    My dad died when I was very young so we didn't hang out and I don't recall ever seeing him nude. I wanted it to be different for my sons so I didn't hide my body from them from the time they were babies onward. I didn't flaunt erections but never hid them either. All of us view our erections as natural occurances and never hide them from each other. I know my sons have masturbated together but I have not joined them. However, two have walked in on me while I was masturbating and I have accidentally seen two of them.

    We hang out nude in the back yard hot tub, see each other in the bathroom at home or lockeroom and showers at the gym. We have skinnydipped, gone to nude beaches togather, etc.

    I have no desire to experience anything sexual with any of them but have to tell you I do enjoy the fact that we can hang nude and all be comfortable together.
    Manjock replied to gymguygreg's response:
    Hey man I think that is cool. It was nothing sexual with us either although it is very liberating. We have all talked about sex openly and I can tell them anything. My brother and I use to masturbate together watching porn when we were home alone but never touched each other. I love the freedom of an all male household even though I am sure it would be much neater if we had a girl in our household. LOL
    gymguygreg replied to Manjock's response:

    I fully agree with you about male bonding and nudity being liberating. I wish a lot of men who are embarrassed to go nude in front of other guys or view nudity with guys as sexual or gay could understand that it is just spending time together, just without clothes.
    SS1995 responded:
    I was an only child so didn't have brothers to help me get more comfortable. I was pretty shy as a kid even though I saw my dad naked many times either changing or going to the shower. I even remember a few trips we took when I was a teenage and I would still change in the bathroom even though it was just the 2 of us in the hotel room. Looking back I don't know why. All would have been fine and we probably would have had some good adult healthy conversations if my body changes were out in the open.

    Now, I'm alot more comfortable especially around other guys. If I have a son, we'll talk openly when he gets older and I'll be comfortable being naked around him and encourage him to be comfortable with his body.
    Manjock replied to SS1995's response:
    I think that is great that you are now comfortable and will pass that on to your son.
    I think it was easy for me being an all male house. When we were younger my father would always go from his bedroom to the bathroom naked and even stop for a chat. He would even sit and watch TV naked or just in underwear. I never thought anything of it and just started doing the same and so did my brother. I remember going through pubity and seeing the changes and my dad would discuss it with me and erections and masturbating were nothing to be ashamed about. We still live together and are very open.

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