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    Includes Expert Content
    Headache tingling feeling back of head
    JessicaH777 posted:
    I have had a headache constantly since 11/11/08. It has never gone away at all during that time. I have seen my PCP and a neurologist. I have tried many migraine medications and preventatives and nothing has worked. Basically the last time I saw the neurologist he was out of suggestions.

    I have had a migraine for 3 days now (not that uncommon for me). But this time I am having a new symptom. The back of my head feels tingly. That feeling has been constant for about 3 days now. I also have the feeling in my head like you do when you are falling. That feeling comes and goes. I am not sure what to think of this. Is it important enough to go to the Dr right away? Or just wait and see if it goes away? It is the weekend so the Drs office is closed so I can't call and ask them.

    Thanks for your help. Jessica
    cjl0510 responded:
    Have you had any imaging studies done on your head? - such as an MRI or a CT scan?
    JessicaH777 replied to cjl0510's response:
    Yes I had a MRI done about 1 1/2 years ago. It was fine.
    carpetcrawler5 responded:
    Try wrapping ice around your head. Get Techni-ice and cut it into strips. Then soak it and it will puff up. Freeze the strips and wrap them in handkerchefs. You can wrap some around your head and one around your neck.

    Any time your headache changes you should see your gp or neuro.

    It sounds sort of like you're having "transformed migraine" or "cdh, chronic daily headache" . Transformed migriane is when you have had so many migs that it causes your nerves and tissues to become constantly inflammed and you are more sensitive to triggers, and you have a dull headache all the time, and a mig every couple of days. Some drs give thier patients steroid packs to try and stop the cycle.
    Timothy Collins, MD responded:
    This does sound like a transformed migraine, but could also be new onset daily persistent headache. Tingling in the back of the head can be from migraine, but another headache condition called "occipital neuralgia" can cause tingling too. (this is not a serious problem though).

    Along with steroid tapers to break the headache cycle, there are nerve blocks that a pain management physician can do that may help.

    You might want to see a headache specialist connected with a pain clinic and ask about nerve blocks in the neck and back of the head.
    JessicaH777 replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
    Where do you get the Techni-ice? I have never seen it around here.
    carpetcrawler5 replied to JessicaH777's response:
    If you don't see it for sale at a fair or festival, you probably have to get it from their website. I can't put it up because the rules of this exchange are that you don't try to sell things here.
    JessicaH777 replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
    Thanks I will check that out.
    An_249456 replied to Timothy Collins, MD's response:
    Hi, So, i have been googling the same or similar feeling with my head instead, i have not had any headaches before hand or and medical intake. I had a surgery a few months ago but i do believe any of the drugs used had any affect. This feeling started a few months ago its a tingling and then and numbing feeling in the top right of my head. I tub or itch it thinking thats what it is but it still comes. It distracting and becoming more consistent, i notice I'm itching a lot more lately...

    It spreads across my head sometimes, can you help with and advice C0di

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