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    Migraines w/ puking
    An_205128 posted:
    Hello, I am a 33 year old female and for about the last 6 months, i have been getting migraines so bad that I will throw up for 6-7 hours straight, I also have to put a wet rag over my head/eyes area and stay in the dark until it eventually goes away. I have had an MRI, CT Scan and the usual blood work, my doctor gave me the shot and there was not much change. I was experiencing these more after I drank alcohol and I never had this problem before when I drank so I have recently stayed away from drinking. Then this pat Mon I was woken up by the migraine and started vomiting immediately after I woke up and continued with the pain and vomiting until around 6 in the morning. Im getting very frustrated that I have had all these tests and nothing can be found, I have vomited more in the last 6 months then I have in my whole life and this is really starting to effect my job, that I have to apply for FMLA just to insure my job security because I never now when they are going to come on . I am interested in anyone that has experienced what all I have experienced and maybe came up with better results any information that anyone can provide would be very helpful I am at my wits end and this starting to take over my life.Thank you anyone for your feedback.
    gll2010 responded:
    I have been getting migraines since i was 18 yrs old and i am now 47 yrs old. Have you ever consulted with a Neurologist? He may prescribe Topamax and tell you what foods to avoid and any other triggers.
    allie_bf responded:
    Sorry you're having such a terrible time with your migraines now. Unfortunately, the nature of migraines is such that they won't show anything on the imaging studies; those are done so that the doctor can detect brain tumors, or other emergency conditions that might exist. Once those are ruled out, you get to work with finding out how to cope with the headaches, which boils down to how to minimize how often they happen, and how to survive when one hits. After 6 months, if your primary care doctor hasn't gotten far in selecting both a preventative treatment and an active headache treatment, it's time to consider seeing a neurologist.

    Even with a neurologist, however, it can take a lot of trial and error in picking out drugs and having them either work (or not.) Keep a headache diary so that you can better identify your triggers (like the alcohol, but there are bound to be more.) The FMLA paperwork is a nuisance, but it's necessary to protect your job while you get things under control. Fortunately, most managers are pretty understanding, as long as you keep them informed of how you're doing, and conspicuously make a effort to minimize your headache-related absences on the team (making that effort can help you, too, so that you feel in control at work, and are less prone to stress-related headaches.) Sadly, there are some bad bosses out there, too...but that's what employment attorneys are there for.
    xxangi1979xx replied to allie_bf's response:
    I am 31 and have been having migraines since I was 12. Some migraines are just an annoying pounding and others are the ones with light sensitivity, vomiting, auras, and others. I take 300mg Topamax, Inderal LA and Nortriptylene and still get 1-2 a week. What I end up doing is taking fiorinal, imitrex, dilaudid, and zofran for it. That combination puts me to sleep and usually clears it up, but not always.

    Do your FMLA. It is a hassle but people who odo not have migraines do not understand what we go through. My old boss tried to fire me and said "I can't have my employees miss work over a headache. Take a Tylenol and get over it."
    So, I got my FMLA and then transferred departments.

    Stress, certain foods, weather changes, and hormones all add to my migraine sensitivity. I try to keep a journal of when I get them abotu what may haev triggered them. I show that to my doctor when I go in for followups. I can't eat chinese food because it always triggers a migraine. So does red wine.

    Good luck and feel better soon!
    carpetcrawler5 responded:
    What was the "shot" your dr gave you?

    One thing you can try is drinking coffee right when your headache comes back. Also try to get some easy excercise such as walking or swimming, nothing strenous, because it will help get your blood circulating. Swimming isn't as bad because you're in water and you won't get overheated.

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