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    Never ending migraine
    mymygraine posted:
    I have had had a a headache, basically every day in some form or another for the last 41 years. It has now interrupted my life so much that I am on disability, and as I have gotten older the toll it has take on my body and my will to just push through the pain and keep going has lessened. My advice is to get help early, and go to headache specialists. I have heard good things about the Diamond Clinic but my insurance would not cover any of it when I was investigating tx there and I could not afford it. I have been on all of the drugs everyone has mentioned, and am now back on a lowered dose of Topomax as it seems to lessen the frequency of attacks which was 4-5 times a week. Finding a med that will actually take away the pain is difficult. Most drugs work once or twice, and then not at all, but I find the earlier in the cycle I catch the onset, the better I am. I am now using injections of Toradol, which take about 4 hours to work, but if I take it at the onset, will get rid of the migraine early. Good luck to everyone with this malady. I too have degenration in my C-spine but not enough for surgery. My pain doc is great and we keep trying things. These posts are helpful because they keep reminding me that everyone is different, and for all of us, there is something out there that will lessen the pain and make life more bearable and allow us to lead a more normal life.
    carpetcrawler5 responded:
    The reason we get constant headaches is because the headache itself causes inflammation and hyper-sensitivity, paving the way for more of them. Some thigns you can try: 1.Coffee right when the pain starts 2. Indomethicin as an abortive if triptans don't help (take with food)3. TENS unit 4. Have you tried corticosteroid injections in your neck? 5.Ice around your head (brings down inflammation)

    Hope this helps. I had a 4 year mig at one time so I know the feeling.
    mymygraine replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
    Unfortunately, coffee causes rebound headaches so I have stopped drinking anything with caffeine in it, or taking any kind of medication that has caffeine as its main ingredient - like excedrine migraine. Tea doesn't help either, and chocolate is out as well - hated to give that one up. I was on indomethecin for 10 years when 1 neuro thought I had hemicrania continua but I was taking 2x the recommended dose and all it did was destoy my stomach lining. TENS does not work for me, and I was part of the original study for that machine, but I could give it another try, because I am sure they are better than they were in the study phase which was maybe 25 yrs. ago, so that it a good suggestion and I will look into it. I go to bed with ice more nights than not, and I have had not had corticosteriord injections in my neck, but my doc is looking into it, so when I see her this week, I'll bring it up - thanks for reminding me.

    I have had so many tx protocols over the years it is hard to get them all straight. I am adopted so I have no family history to help me with all of this - but in the end, I just have to keep trying until I find something that will work. So far, I have not found anything that lasts for more than a few weeks. Thanks for the suggestions.
    migrainegirl04 responded:
    I would love to send you some information on nerve compression. This might be something to look into since you have headaches everyday. I had headaches everyday for almost 14 years and am going to be having surgery this summer. I have had so much relief from getting treatments done to help my nerve compression of my greater, lesser and third occipital nerves. My email is . I hope this helps I know how bad they are to have.
    mymygraine replied to migrainegirl04's response:
    Thanks for the information. I don't know that anyone has looked at occipital nerve compression, but I will let my pain doc know about it and contact you for further information.

    Thanks so much. I appreciate your empathy - it takes one migraine person to understand another.

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