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    Migraines and the Full Moon
    An_239753 posted:
    I am a physical therapist who has a rather challenging patient. She states that she gets daily headaches that start at about 11 a.m. and that these headaches get worse during the week of the full moon. Ironically, she can tell me when the full moon is going to occur. Has anyone ever experienced this pattern of headaches?
    carpetcrawler5 responded:
    Never heard of it, but I can say that it could be because of her period, maybe. Does she have a stressful situation every day about that time? Like on her job? Tell her to drink coffee right away when the pain comes, and every day around that time when she's off.
    PamelaPT replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
    This patient is elderly and resides in a personal care home. She had a stroke and has had a chronic headache.
    carpetcrawler5 replied to PamelaPT's response:
    Wondering how you knew that.....are you the same person as An_239753?
    PamelaPT replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
    No . . . I just signed on looking for plausible answer to her problem. I have never heard of daily migraines which increase in intensity w/ the full moon.
    carpetcrawler5 replied to PamelaPT's response:
    That still doesn't explain how you knew that-she never stated that her patient was in a personal care home or is elderly.
    Wasabibaby responded:
    I used to suffer really bad migraines and I would suffer more around the week of a full moon. I can still tell when the full moon is going to happen because about a day or two before full moon, I often get the throbbing sensation behind one eye and my vision is blurry. There are times when the pain is excruciating especially the day before. I have experienced this pattern of migraines since I was 14. It has nothing to do with my hormones or my period, since I have never had a fixed period cycle.
    sugarplu replied to Wasabibaby's response:
    I am 38 years old and I have had this happen to me for years and all of a sudden it has stopped but my daughter is 20 and has the same problem so I do understand it and yes this happens and I have no idea why, that is the reason I got on here to see if I could find a answer for this, and I am to telling you it is a hell of a migraine.
    Skulterfly replied to sugarplu's response:
    am so relieved and amazed t find this discussion. i have suffered terrible migraines and all types of headaches for over twenty years since i was about fourteen as well, and ive never been able to pin point a real pattern. its been so spurratic, coming and going sometimes staying for a few months having them weekly or daily then not having any for a couple months. but in the last few years it has gotten where its just letting up only for a couple weeks at most if im lucky. tonight is a super moon, i have been having a headache that has been worsening steadily over the last four days, and i have not been able to make it stop no matter what i do. quite honestly ive been concerned about the amount and combination of meds ive taken today in my attempy to keep my head from exploding.... at any rate it finally dawned on me that the full moon is most likely the culprit here and i can almost guarantee every full moon im getting these ive just never noticed the connection until today. so anyone have any suggestions to help ease this problem?
    hardkor replied to Skulterfly's response:
    I have suffered migraines for more than 30 years. About 12 years ago, the doc game me Imitrex. Worked great (30 minutes to relief). What that allowed me to do is think about what happened just before the migraine set in (whereas before, after 3-4 days in bed, I had to catch up on my life). Almost always, I remembered being thirsty. I decided to drink water everyday, about 32 oz more than I normally did. When I did this with discipline, no migraines. When I stopped taking that bottle with me for a few days, migraine. I couldn't believe it. This week, I wasn't drinking the way I should, and there was a full moon this weekend. I was in bed with a migraine. I have few migraines these days, almost always because I didn't hydrate, but now I'll also pay attention to the moon. This weekend I craved dairy, calcium I suppose.
    jodayos replied to hardkor's response:
    So glad to have found this gem of a discussion. I am currently 47 . Around 6 and half years ago I was in a horrendous accident in a train , quite a lot of death and horror , im sure you get the picture, I was diagnosed with PTSD and so forth.
    But something weird started happening on a full moon and or wwhen my period arrived i would get these bloody aweful headaches nothing worked except imigran, If i didnt /dont take the imigrain I vomit and the pain in my head is excrutiating , They say this month was a super full moon but i spent two out of three days lying in a dark room taking imigran and sleeping. Before the accident I can recall getting the occassional what could be called migraine but only once maybe twice a year now its monthly I had a shake diet for a couple of months which was nearly all fluid and no migraines, So I think hardkor is onto something . I am wondering if anyone else has had a trigger like PTSD to bring them on. I am like other posters here I know when i full moon is coming i dont have to look outside or check on the internet i start getting pain behind my eyes thats the onset sign,,,sooo over them but glad I am not the only one I really have to drink water endlessly to stop them over 3 litres a day stops them ,, sorry bit all over the place just very relieved to find this spot
    aprilk467 replied to jodayos's response:
    i, like JODAYOS, had a life altering experience 5 years ago and had to have a raidcal emergency hysterectomy--i m 46 years old. and since then i get the headaches--seems to be centered not just around the full moon, but any large fluxuation in barometric pressure as well--anything more than .02 (standard barometric pressure is 29.92). water does have a bit to do with it, but the pressure is the largest factor for me. going to ask my dr (cuz i finally am going to remember!!) on Friday for Imitrex or something as the excedrin isn't doing it anymore.
    brightlight0000 replied to aprilk467's response:
    I'm 22, stumbled onto this post. I just have to say I have, since I can remember, always gotten migraines when a full moon is coming. Do you notice a sensitivity to energy around you? I also have ptsd but I know that the migraines have no connection to stress nor the ptsd. They only come when a full moon is near and was particularly bad with this last full moon we had June 12/13 , the blood moon. The migraines stop the night the moon is full. My understanding of it, I'm sure, is far different than the average would take this but I also have friends who have the same problem, and an understanding of something bigger.
    magicsparks replied to brightlight0000's response:
    I was just looking up moon phases to see if it explained my occasional migraines that differ from my intracranial hypertension headaches and noticed some of the above posts sound very much like symptoms of IH I have had headaches since age 6 was ignored until 16 and finally diagnosed. I was in a car accident age 4 which I suspect triggered this. But I also get a migraine once in a while over and above the IH pain and very different pain. I was able to match tonight's migraine to nearing the full moon and I had a bad one last month nearing the full also but one in April was on the new... It would take me more time to establish if I get them on both new and full moon. I do hope none of you have IH tho.
    prinzeza responded:
    Yes, I've notice a pattern for a few months I'm always getting my strongest migraines when there is a full moon, together with mood swings and depression.

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