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    Constant headache for past 10 years
    An_246131 posted:
    Hello All,

    I am 40 years female suffering from constant headache for the past 10 years. My neuro did all kinds of tests thrice(including MRI) and all are normal. Cannot sleep unless i take 1 mg lazaropam every night.Since 1 year getting mild fever in the afternnons in the range of 99-100. Having severe muscle and joint pains too all over the body. My heamo level is at 9.2. Constant suffering is impacting my life a lot and not sure what way to go to reach a solution. Any help is appreciated.
    itmatsb responded:
    Sorry to hear about your headaches and pain. You don't say anything about trying daily preventative migraine medication which you definately have tried after having constant headaches. If not, find a different neurologist or better yet, headache specialist or even a pain management doctor. There is a lot that can be done to treat you.

    And you should know that taking any pain medication, including OTC ones at least 3 times a week or more, just causes rebound headaches which perpetuate the headaches forever. Nothing came up when I searched for lazaropam on the internet, so I don't know what it is. If the preventative medicines don't help you, there are a lot of other treatments available, which is the route that I've taken.

    Couldn't find "heamo" on-line either, so don't know what that is. The severe muscle and joint pains could be fibromyalgia if nothing else is diagnosed. There are medications for that, but pain killers do not work for it.

    So I think there is a whole lot of help available to you. Find better doctors!!!

    An_246131 replied to itmatsb's response:
    Thx for the reply.

    I meant to say that my heamoblobin level is around 9.2 since last few months. Taking iron and vitamin supplements now. For headaches my neuro changed medicines lot of times and nothing worked. To top my problems, I got acidity because of all those medicines..So i got vexed and stopped all medicines since 2 years. I will have headache 24/7, anytime or any day in my case any year. Only thing that change is pain level. Constantly I will have a headache level at around 5 (in a scale of 1-10)..those times i ignore it and move on with my chores. Some times pain becomes very severe (moving to a level of 8 or 9) then I take Saridon (pain killer used in India) and it comes down to level 5 after couple of hours. That is my regular pain status. What is annoying is that all my reports are perfectly normal and this makes me guilty to say openly that I am suffering.
    An_246131 replied to An_246131's response:
    Lazaropam is chemical name of Ativan 2 mg which I am taking for my insomnia. Neuro suggested it couple of years back and now i am kinda addicted to it..cannot sleep even for a minute if dont pop that pill.
    itmatsb replied to An_246131's response:
    I know how much pain can impact your life. It completely changed mine.

    I think that you have been led to an erroneous conclusion that if your reports come out normal, there shouldn't be anything wrong with you. The purpose of the MRI is to rule out more serious problems such as multiple schlerosis or a brain tumor or aneuysm, etc. The normal results don't mean that you don't suffer from a bad migraine.

    Now, I think that you probably took several different kinds of preventative migraine meds. If not, that doctor is unforgivable. I too tried all those meds with either bad side effects or no help. Except that an herbal one, Petadolex, did help me as the studies show that it has reduced migraines a lot.

    People that have headaches at least 15 days a month, which you do, and people who have not responded to the daily preventative migraine medications (which I assume applies to you), then you are not only eligible for it, but likely to benefit from Botox injections. Why have you not tried that? Or why not have you tried nerve block and trigger point injections? Or what about physical therapy--mostly works for those with stiffness in the neck area. All of these treatments have GREATLY helped me. Or have you tried accupuncture, which did not help me.

    I know that you don't like any medications, but there is a new Butran patch on the market, which gives me such a low dose of an opiate 24/7 that I can't perceive any side effects. It has kept me out of the ER ever since going on the 10 mcg dose. It might be worth a try for you.

    Let me know if you have already tried the above. I really hope that you can feel better. Migraines are not fair to have to live with.

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