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    Head pressure, eye floaters, light sensitivity. (I need some insight.)
    eraphim posted:
    Hello everyone,

    I have an undiagnosed condition which started three years ago, in December 2009. My family doctor doesn't take me seriously, so I am switching to another doctor soon. I'm male, 26 years old, non-smoker & non-drinker. Blood pressure on average 130/80, pulse rate around 70. I am 6 foot 1 tall, and weigh around 214 pounds (97 kg).

    My symptoms:

    - Head pressure (especially around the temples)
    - Feeling my heartbeat pounding in my head (i don't hear it, but i definitely feel it)
    - Massive eye floaters in both eyes (always present)
    - Light sensitivity (always present)
    - Slight blurry vision from time to time (depending on the severity of the "head pressure")
    - Eye pain (also depending on the severity of the "head pressure")

    What makes it worse:

    - When I eat something very salty
    - When I am very nervous, or very angry

    What makes it better:

    - When I press on my temples
    - When I tie a piece of cloth around my head
    - Diazepam 5mg

    Worth mentioning:

    - No fatigue (i have a lot of strength & energy)
    - No appetite loss
    - No sleep problems

    A detailed history of my condition:

    My problem began in December 2009 as just a strange feeling in my head. I started to literally feel my pulse pounding inside my head. This was accompanied by a feeling of pressure in the head, especially around the temples and around the eyes. It felt like extremely high blood pressure, but only in the head. I ignored all of this, thinking it's something that will go away quickly, but I was wrong.

    After a couple of months, in the spring of 2010, the head pressure decreased somewhat, but then I began to have eye problems. There was a dull tension-type pain, first in my right eye, then in my left eye. This type of eye pain is very difficult to describe: A strong tension/pressure type of pain, which feels exactly like the pressure in the entire head. This lasted for several days, and then comes the worst part: massive eye floaters in both eyes, accompanied with light sensitivity. The eye pain went away, but the floaters & light sensitivity remained, as well as the head pressure. The floaters & light sensitivity are always present, 24/7, so it's definitely not a migraine.

    The problem "stablized" in the summer of 2010, and remained very stable or "tolerable" I should say. Head pressure reduced by more than 50%, no eye pain, and only 5 or 6 floaters. Then in October 2012, for unexplained reasons, the whole thing came back with a punch. The pulse pounding in the head, the head pressure, and the eye pain all increased about threefold. Then a few days later, new eye floaters came along (more than 10 new floaters!). Now the whole thing is somewhat stable, but definitely not as good as it was before.

    Why was it "ok" for more than two years, and then came back like this? The only thing I can think of is bodybuilding. In October 2012 I began to lift weights, mostly benchpress, and about a week after that, the problems began to intensify. This is the only thing I can think of that might have played a role.

    Here are the exams I have had done in the past few months:

    - Extensive blood work, including TSH test (thyroid function):
    all clear, except for somewhat high cholesterol (255)
    - Abdominal ultrasound: completely normal
    - Ophthalmoscopy with dilated pupils: no retinal tears, no holes, no damaged blood vessels
    - VEP (Visual Evoked Potential) test: completely normal
    - Carotid doppler ultrasound: completely normal (I really insisted on the carotid doppler ultrasound, because of the feeling of high blood pressure in the head.)

    Second part coming up...
    eraphim responded:
    Part 2...

    I didn't have health insurance for a long time, which is why I started to see doctors only a few months ago. Now, I have learned to control this condition by avoiding salty foods, avoiding stress, and avoiding weightlifting. By "controlling" the condition I mean preventing it from getting worse. But nonetheless I want to know, and absolutely have to know, what is causing this problem, and how to treat it.

    My family doctor does not want to do an MRI or a CT scan. He thinks this is all stress related without any physiological causes whatsoever, which I think is completely absurd, and this is the reason why I'm switching to another doctor very soon. In any case, my questions are as follows:

    1.) Is it possible that these symptoms could be caused by a deformity of the neck and/or the spine? I have had a really terrible posture since I was a little kid, but my family doctor (as well as my neurologist) dismisses this idea, saying there's no chance it could cause these problems.

    2.) Is it worth doing a contrast-enhanced thyroid ultrasound?

    3.) Should I do an electrocardiogram & treadmill stress test?

    4.) What medical exams would you recommend me? MRI? CT? If so, exactly what kind of MRI? Cervical? Head only? Whole body? I really don't know much about this subject.

    5.) Is it possible for the eyes to really be healthy, but for a person still to experience floaters & light sensitivity, for example because of something neurological?

    If there is anything at all you could say about this topic, I would really appreciate it. To this day I am not able to find on the internet one disease that has all of these symptoms. The whole thing really feels as if the blood pressure in my head is extremely high, but obviously that's not it. I would very much like to know if you were in my shoes, what exams you would like to have done.

    Thank you very much!
    eraphim replied to eraphim's response:
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    nailah123 responded:
    Head pressure is caused by a high amount of sodium in the body and you have a chemical imbalance! you may have vitamin Defiiencys. i would suggest you see a holistic doctor. The doctor will ask you what kinds of food do you eat? Are you drinking enough water? conventional medicine only addresses the symptoms and not the problem.
    eraphim replied to nailah123's response:
    Thanks for your reply. I don't think I have a vitamin deficiency. I eat fruits, vegetables, and also take some vitamin supplements. I don't think a vitamin deficiency would cause these kinds of problems. As far as water is concerned, I drink tons of water.

    I would really appreciate a reply from a WebMD Expert.
    eraphim replied to eraphim's response:
    Bump. If a WebMD expert has any suggestions, please post.
    eraphim replied to eraphim's response:
    This was three months ago, and I didn't receive any reply from a WebMD expert. I would really appreciate it if someone could take the time to shed some insight. Thank you very much.
    suz1catz replied to eraphim's response:
    Have you seen a nuerologiest? I know anxiety can cause these symptoms as well. Hope you feel better..
    eraphim replied to ellsworth52's response:
    Huh? This post doesn't have anything to do with this topic. It seems like spam.
    eraphim replied to suz1catz's response:
    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I've seen a Neurologist. Everything is OK according to him.

    I'd really love an answer from a WebMD expert.
    e_natural replied to eraphim's response:
    I hope you are doing better and found a good doctor.

    When you took the carotid doppler, were you currently having symptoms? You mentioned diazepam made it better, it could be that it is relaxing the blood vessels and decreasing blood pressure? If you were taking it at the time of the doppler and had no symptoms, this will give a normal result since it would lower arterial blood pressure.
    How is your diet? You mentioned that sodium is a trigger, do you eat raw fruits/veggies every day? Potassium helps the body remove excess sodium, and raw fruits/veggies (emphasis on Veggies) have a significant amount. (I would not recommend supplementing potassium in pill form, it's too concentrated and I'm not sure that would be safe in terms of electrolyte balance).

    You mentioned a high cholesterol. Maybe you have some deposits in the arteries in the head, which can increase blood pressure in that area? (Imagine water flowing though a hose. What would happen if you put your pinky finger inside? It would shoot out water with more pressure... Now imagine having a piece of fat/build-up in your artery...) Getting angry also increases pressure in the head, which is why it would be a trigger.

    Raw veggies/fruits may also help with cholesterol, because the fiber binds to excess cholesterol in the intestines and helps your body get rid of it. If you have digestive problems, eat more with soluble fiber, since insoluble fiber is harsher on the intestines (so carrots instead of celery). I would also recommend this over statins, because fiber is more selective. It binds to only what your body is trying to get rid of. Statins get rid of cholesterol, but once your cholesterol is normalized it will keep getting rid of cholesterol for as long as you are taking them. You NEED cholesterol for proper hormone production and other body functions, so you just want to get rid of the cholesterol that your body isn't using. Someone once told me that this is why statins can cause memory loss in some people, because your brain needs fat for proper functioning (I haven't looked this up myself, but it does make sense).
    Also, avoid trans fats/hydrogenated oils. They are foreign to the body and your body can't use them like other fats. Hydrogenated oils are chemically-altered fats to increase the shelf-life of foods. They are in peanut butter, baked goods, cake mixes, frostings, etc. Vegetable oils are also not good for you, and many times are rancid but have been chemically treated and deodorized so that your body cannot taste that the oils have gone bad. Strive to eat cold-pressed fats like olive oil, etc. which have not been heat/chemically treated, so they have retained nutrients.

    For your posture, if there are muscle-strengthening exercises that can help you, I would work on it. Bad posture can lead to pinched nerves. I can't say if your posture is contributing to your problem because I am not an expert, but even if it isn't I would still try to correct it (if possible), and use mild interventions like stretching and safe exercise unless otherwise recommended something else by a doctor.

    I'm not a medical expert, but am pursing an RN degree and have completed a certificate in nutrition. My experience and medical knowledge is limited, so I can only help so much. If you need clarification on anything that I said, or have any questions I will answer to the best of my ability. I'm still not a doctor, though, so i can only guess at what is going wrong in your body. I hope you find a good doctor who can help you, wish you the best.
    eraphim replied to e_natural's response:
    Dear e_natural, thank you for your response. It was very insightful. Here is an update on my situation. In the meantime I've had the following exams done:

    - MRI Head / MRA Head
    - MRA Neck (Carotid-MRA)
    - More blood work & urine tests
    - Cervical X-Ray
    - 24 hour blood-pressure monitoring
    - Electroencephalogram (EEG)

    Every exam was completely normal. No abnormalities whatsoever. The cervical x-ray showed a slight curvature, but according to the doctors this is common in many people, and it is not something that could cause the symptoms I have.

    Yet the problem persists. My head is "beating" 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is not a strong pounding feeling as it was many years ago, but it is still very noticable, especially when laying in bed. The painful pressure in the head has somewhat decreased, as well as the eye pain. The problem is stable, not getting any worse, which is at least some good sign.

    I still have massive floaters in both eyes as well as light sensitivity. If the beating in my head is very strong, then my vision will be somewhat blurry for a few days, but after that it gets back to normal. Usually I have great vision, aside from the floaters.

    Looking back at what I wrote, I have to say eating salty foods doesn't seem to worsen it anymore. However stress does make it worse, and valium still makes it better. I don't take valium much at all, maybe one 5mg pill within a two-month period.

    I don't know what this could be, and I don't know what more exams I can do. The only exam I haven't done was measuring my intraocular pressure. I also don't know if this would do me any good. The problem with my symptoms is that there is really no known disorder that causes all of these problems. It just seems disconnected, all over the place.

    If anyone has any advice, I'd be glad to hear it. I'm also surprised that no WebMD expert has responded to this thread.

    Thank you,
    astartes321 replied to eraphim's response:
    Hello Friend,

    I have been experiencing a sensation similar to yours on and off for about 7 months. I do not have the throbbing but I have the light sensitivity head tension/ tightness and floaters.

    I am a healthy 28 year old white male. I work out regularly. I am not on any medications. I eat no processed foods, I eat lots of raw veggies, fruits, and clean fish and chicken. I did have an MRI done which found nothing about a year ago.

    I do drink and notice that after drinking my anxiety increases and I will feel these above listed problems more.

    I am not a doctor or any type of health practitioner. I am merely giving you my 2 cents.

    I think what you are experiencing is a form of anxiety. I have been dealing with anxiety for sometime now and I it seems to come in many bodily forms for me.

    I wish I had some kind of solution for you and myself. But at this time there is nothing I could recommend.

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