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    24/7 head and eye pressure
    khough27 posted:
    Four years ago I went on vacation to Florida. I went to a wedding and drank a moderate amount but woke up fine the next day. Went swimming and sat by the pool for most of the day till we went out for dinner. As I just got my food I started to notice I was feeling what I thought was queezy. I ended up going to the restroom thinking I was going to commit but never did. I stood outside will everyone finished dinner and we drove back to the hotel. By this time I had got a significant fever and still felt like vomiting but never could. Throughout the entire night I had cold sweats and was either freezing with covers off or sweating with them on. Never thought it was nothing more than a bad fever and thought it would pass if I could just fall asleep. Finally I did and when I awoke the next day I new something was wrong right away. I had a feeling in my head I had never felt before. It was tingling and had slight pressure just above my eyes. Over the past 4 years this pressure has never once lifted. The pressure above my eyes has gradually progressed to be all around them especially above and behind. The pressure is always dull and always there. When I say 24/7 I mean it. I have never once had even one second where it has lifted. I can no longer play basketball or be overly active with it seriously making me feel like I am dying. I used to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol but no longer can because the effects intensify my pressure. Even pain medicine like Advil or Tylenol make it feel worse. My sex life is all but nonexistent. My whole life is a shell of what it once was and I am only a 27 year old male who used to be in great shape. I have seen multiple doctors including a neurologist and a optometrist. I have had an EKG, Catscan, and MRI all of which coming back negative. At this point doctors think I am lying or making it up and none of them care enough to help. My eyesight, concentration, and energy have gotten terribly bad. I am recently engaged and afraid to get married or have kids because the fact I have the feeling I am going to go brain dead at any point or at least not be able to work anymore or be a productive member of society. Even if I can't be fixed a diagnosis would mean the world if it meant I at least new what it was. Please if anyone has any advice or knowledge let me know.
    pinkpants78 responded:
    Whatever symptoms you have right now you have to have it checked by a doctor since he is the only one who can give you a valid diagnosis.
    khough27 replied to pinkpants78's response:
    I've been to 3 different general practitioners, a ears nose and throat, a neurologist, an optometrist, and a chiropractor. I've had blood work done, an EKG, MRI, and CAT scan all with no results. I am hoping someone has had the same thing happen and has a solution for me.
    litajay replied to khough27's response:
    Did u get any relief?
    khough27 replied to litajay's response:
    No. I went to the doctor again 2 months ago. More blood work and yet again no answers. They scheduled me to see a otoneurologist but August is the earliest they can take me. I'm getting married in April and I am scared I won't be able to enjoy it.
    litajay replied to khough27's response:
    Ok do let me know if you find any diagnosis and relief...and I hope you feel much better by that time..

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