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    10 week migraine... i'm desperate
    desperatelyseekingpainrelief posted:
    I am new to this group and thought I would give it a try. I've had a migraine for the past 10 weeks. I've been on steroids, taken rescue medication for the headache, had botox injections and nothing seems to help. My neurologist is scratching his head... In the meantime I'm about to lose my sanity. Help!!!!
    robertl1957 responded:
    I know how you feel about feeling like your going to lose your sanity. I've been suffering with migraines since 2002. I have them everyday non stop.Been to so many neurologists and nothing helps. Right now I'm on Norco 10-325 and Zohydro 10mg capsules. The Zohydro didn't work(not strong enough). Just saw my doctor yesterday and he finally gave me Fentanyl Transdermal Patches to be used along with the vicodin in case the patches aren't strong enough. So far it seems to help some but not completely. Might have to increase dosage of patch. But this is some thing you might talk to your doctor about. Good luck and God Bless.
    desperatelyseekingpainrelief replied to robertl1957's response:
    Thank you for the reply. I'm so sorry to hear about your migraines. I've had them since the birth of my first child 26 years ago. Its like the whole make up of my body changed after he was born. And then the migraines started. At first they were here and there. Then they begin to get closer together slowly. But I could live a normal life as long as I had Imitrex or another migraine med on hand. But over the past year they have gotten so much worse. I've seen so many neurologists and had so many tests and they cannot find what's causing them. I've had 15 botox injections and the migraines got worse. Narcotics only make make them worse. I've been on the fentanyl patches before, but for fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis. I took myself off of all narcotic pain meds because of the effect they were having on my migraines and my life. A friend of mine had them like I do now and she saw a specialist that went in and clipped a nerve in her forehead and her headaches disappeared completely. Since I posted my first post, I discussed this with my neurologist who stated that they didn't do it in the area in which I live and that botox was all they had to offer me. So I am going to another state on Thursday to see a migraine specialist to hopefully get more treatment. I am praying they have something to offer me... I can't live like this...Because I'm not living. Its affecting my relationship with my children because they can't bear to see me this way. I live in the darkness and can't go out into the sunshine. Its depressing. I apologize for the lengthy response. I appreciate you taking the time to send me a message and telling me what you are doing for your headaches. The more information I have the more I can discuss with my doctors. And I really appreciate it. Please keep the lines of communication open as I am very interested in how your headaches are going. I pray you get real relief soon. God bless.
    manda266 responded:
    I have been getting this procedure done called SPG. Its been helping mine out a lot. I was having them 5-7 days a week for a couple of months. Not very many places do them but I would start doing some research.
    manda266 responded:
    Also I have heard amazing results by essential oils. There is one by young living called m-graine. Let me know if you want additional info.
    robertl1957 replied to desperatelyseekingpainrelief's response:
    I also have stopped taking all meds because they were not helping anymore or maybe I have gotten used to them. So I stopped and dealt with the pain for 4 months then I had to go back on the Vicodine 10-325. This doesn't work either. After 13 years of this and losing my job(forced to retire on Disability)after 34 years of service with Union Pacific, my doctor finally gav e me Fentanyl patch 25mcg/HR. This along with the vicoden I listed above seems to help more than any other meds I've been given. Too many doctors and empty promises.
    motiv8r replied to robertl1957's response:
    May I offer another an alternative option since medicinal treatments are not helping, you may want to try an all natural approach, recently helping several that I know with migraines. I'm not a doctor, just an individual who has witnessed it first hand. A medical device listed by the FDA as a Class 1 device and dual classification of it OTC, it's called a PowerStrip and has no side effects, just pain relief and other health benefits. Please feel free to check this site out to learn more. If you would like to try a FREE Sample of the Strip just to eliminate all options, I would be more than happy to provide. Feel free to connect with me. Thank you!

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