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    csymarie posted:
    Hi Guys,
    This is my first posting and I'm experiencing pain in my right hand (on top of the migraine) so please bare with me if there are typos or grammar errors. I have had chronic migraine since I was a small child, about 4 is when my mother supposes they began. I am now 41. Two years ago, they went from chronic (more than 14 headache days a month) to continuous. I have not had a headache free day in two years and one month. I am not sure why they have changed, but it has been a nightmare.
    My gp has done everything he could, and I have an appointment for my first botox injections with a great neurologist in two weeks. Here is my issue, my neuro says that due to the length and severity of my pain he doesn't expect the botox to truely work until the 3rd procedure, he gives the injections 3 months apart so I am looking at another 9 months of pain control.
    Over the passed two years I have been prescribed several different medications. I had horrible experiences with Fiorecet and Klonopin. Both are highly addictive and the withdrawal from them was terrible.

    Particularly the klonopin, I was given those to help me sleep through a migraine, when I needed to up my dose from 1 mg to 1.5 I wanted to stop taking it. The results were catastrophic. I had horrible anxiety and panic attacks (never had a panic attack before) for 3 months. There is nothing like a true panic attack while suffering from severe pain, it's been one of the only times in my life I've seriously considered suicide.
    Stopping the fiorecet wasn't as bad, but it was still signficant. The fiorecet did control my pain, but I was told it was causing rebound headaches. I was led to believe that if I could just get through the withdrawal of the fiorecet my headaches would go back to what they were before. 4 days into the withdrawal I was hallucinating, unable to eat, and the pain in my head was... magnificent. Needless to say, going thru the withdrawal and toughing it out did not stop the headaches.
    So my gp started me on 7.5/300 of hydrocodone 3 times a day. This worked very well for several a months, but gradually the dose needed to be increased. I started the hydrocodone back in March, it's now November and I require twice that to control the pain. My gp was not comfortable giving me a stronger pain medication, so he sent me to a pain management dr. I went yesterday he has prescribed Nucynta, 100 mg, twice a day. I haven't started taking it yet. After my experiences with Fiorecet and Klonopin, I look up a medication before I start taking it.
    From what I can tell, Nucynta is exactly what I don't want. It's not a true narcotic, it's all 'designed' in a lab. It's highly addictive and the withdrawals have a severe psychological symptoms, like panic, paranoia. I have been given all these medications while being told they are not as 'bad', 'addictive', 'dangerous' as the narcotic medications. My experience has been the exact opposite. I feel a little on edge and my headaches return full force if I stop taking the hydrocodone, but I don't completely lose my appetite, vomit, have panic attacks, become paranoid or have hallucinations.
    I have also read that Nucynta is a medication that they give to people who they suspect are drug seekers and if I tell the pain doctor I don't want it, I will be 'fired' and put on a list. That terrifies me. I don't require pain management indefinately, but for (at most) 9 more months. Does anyone have any suggestions, experience with nucynta, or advice for me to follow when talking to my doctor about this new medication?

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