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    Cluster Headaches/Migraines/Tumor??? Help, please.
    tdelascasas posted:
    Hello there,

    To make this short and simple, I need some help. For years, I have experienced what doctors have considered "migraines". I was even diagnosed with cluster headaches. The reason was because my headache has never moved. I have had consistent headaches since eighth grade, maybe even before. They have never moved.

    I was told today that I am going to have to do an MRI. For a quick run down to save time, on my chart, the symptoms listed are:
    - weakness on one side of the body
    - "seizure" episodes of "drunk" feeling, arm tremors, clouded hearing, with hot flash
    - constant joint pain (it never goes away); this is in my lower back, my knees, my wrists, my elbows, etc.
    - muscle pain
    - weight loss
    - impaired short term memory
    - hearing but not "understanding" messages properly in my right ear
    - sharp, shocking pains in my right temple
    - recurrent infection
    - pallor
    - dark circles under eyes
    - major insomnia
    - inability to wake up
    - headaches that wake me up in the middle of the night
    - headaches that I wake up to
    - vomiting during headaches
    - nausea (now for almost 3 years)
    - constant fatigue
    - stumbling over words, not able to think clearly
    - carpal tunnel syndrome in right hand
    - numbness/tingling in right thumb, index finger
    - cold hands and feet
    - low temp (97.0, normal is around 98.8 for me)
    - more sensation in left than right arm

    There are a few more as well. Yes, this is a lot of symptoms. But these have all developed over years, they did not all come at once.
    I did a CT scan when I was in eighth grade after a "thunderclap headache" that left me screaming in an ER, but it was normal.
    I did an EEG test, but it also came back normal.
    I have never had a tonic-clonic seizure.

    I was never worried about anything related to tumors. I did not add all of these up, maybe because they are so rare.

    Is this worth looking into?

    Thank you so much.
    tdelascasas responded:
    In addition: My doctor prescribed an anti-convulsant to me, Topamax, and I took it for the first time yesterday. I took half of one pill, so I took 25 mg. Less than an hour after I took it, I felt my muscles starting to spasm a little. I was at work, also. I'm a carhop at Sonic. So, I walked outside to bring an order out and I couldn't read anything in correct order. I walked in and had the sudden urge to write down my medical information on a piece of paper and put in my pocket. When I finished, I had a really strange feeling in my head. I walked up to my manager and all I said was, "Something's wrong." This was it. I collapsed and started having what I can only assume was a panic attack, but followed by massive tremors throughout my body. I felt like I was having a seizure while I was wide awake. I started stuttering, which has never happened in my life. I sounded like a broken record. I started using really simple words and sentences and tripping over my own thoughts. I couldn't focus on anything for more than a few seconds. I had a lot of memory loss, also. My manager called 911 and an ambulance brought me to the hospital, but since they hadn't seen the tremors or anything, they didn't believe me. The hospital said the whole thing was because of anxiety, but just in case the medicine did anything, they gave me Benadryl as well. Neither of these changed my state of mind at all. I woke up this morning and was stuttering as bad as, if not worse, than last night. I keep having muscle spasms. If I hear a loud noise I have tremors in my right arm and head. Finally, sometime tonight, I felt a weird rushing in my right temple and the stutter went away. I tripped over words every now and then, but essentially I could talk like normal. I still had the spasms and whatnot, though. Not too long ago, something really upset me and now my stutter is back with a vengeance. My spasms have gotten worse as well.

    I'm terrified, honestly. I told my mom yesterday morning before I was even close to taking the medicine that I had a sick feeling in my stomach that something was wrong. There was a lot of pressure in my temple all day. I woke up extremely nauseated and I was fighting throwing up all day. At one point, I was walking and my vision went black for a second and I almost fell. I tried to fight whatever was going on and act like everything was okay, but now I'm just scared.

    I really want to know what's going on.
    rosielou replied to tdelascasas's response:
    Please report these symptoms and thoughts back to your doctor. If you're terrified, an Internet board isn't a great source of information, especially one without any medical professionals.

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