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    The never-ending migraine
    lwilso36 posted:
    Hello...I am curious to know how other people (particularly women) are dealing with continuous migraine pain. I am very rarely without a headache any longer. I have Rx's for Relpax (very expensive) and Maxalt that I can take when I feel a headache coming on. The problem now is that I am experiencing rebound basically, the headaches never go away except when I am on the medication. A couple days ago, my neurologist, whom I have just started seeing due to a referral from my PCP, prescribed an 8-day course of prednisone to 'break the cycle'. Has anyone tried this, and if so, any success?

    I have recently returned to school and my course-load is stressful so I'm sure that doesn't help. But honestly, I am just so sick of living with a headache. Every day the headache. Every single day. It has now just become an issue of how bad the headache will become.

    Any insight, suggestions, humor would be much appreciated!
    happyforgooddays responded:
    Maybe your to the point of a preventative med. taken everyday? I finally had luck, after floundering for 30 years going to a headache clinic. They are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I am the best I have been in years. I found even neurologists who didn't specialize in headaches, not as helpful.

    Of course, first dehydration, relaxation, exercise, and getting the teenagers out of the house - Ha. Yes, prednisone has helped me a few times. Take Care
    edforcure responded:
    I had a migraine for 3 months straight. Finally my pain doctor decided to do MRI on cervial and thoracic. I found out all of my vertebrae in neck are fractured and that what was causing headaches. He did an epideral at C7 and I got instant relief. It didn't last very long but is better. It will take some more treatments, due to all the fractures & inflamation in cervical and thoracic area but at least I know why I am having migraines. I also take a drug called midrin which has helped more than Maxalt. i also use Replax at the onset of any headache and another low dose bloodpressure pill daily. I have super low blood pressure , but has been elevated since headaches started. ER is no help if certain doctors are there. They have no clue about chronic pain or when meds break through.
    sophiespike responded:
    The problem is, when you start getting the rebound headaches, you really need to stop taking all pain meds for a good length of time, some drs say as long as a month, to stop the swelling, which is the rebound reaction.

    Prednisone is a good idea as the steroid will shrink the swollen vessels, hopefully, down to normal size. As the other poster said, a daily preventive is a good idea if you're having that many headaches a month. Topamax is almost a wonder drug in migraine control, but there are others. Your doctor would be able to review the options with you and decide which is best for you. It's important to keep in mind, however, that it can take up to 6 weeks to get the full effect of the preventive, so don't dismiss it if doesn't seem to work in the first week.

    Best of luck to you.
    lolagrace responded:
    I was given a medrol dose pack. it did seem to help. though i have continued to have headaches since May, they are decreasing in intensity and frequency. My neurologists said it could take up to a year and a half for the cycle to break. I am on Treximet and Maxalt ( i use whatever i have on hand at the time) and was also given Flexeril (to help relax the muscles in my neck that may becausing tension). The Treximet and Flexeril have worked better. I have also been stretching my muscles twice a day. Be patient and relax.
    worty responded:
    Have you ever tried Chiropractic care? Could be that you have a pinched nerve and can be corrected and your headaches will disappear.
    fdavis75 responded:
    You know I was just diagnosed with Migraines and I wasn't sure what was happening. All I know is that it felt like a bolt of lightening was going through my eyes sometimes or a vice grip would squeeze my head or I just had a constant dull pain. I was prescribed Fiorinal but that just made me drowsy and a little loopy all day. Co-workers became concerned about me on the job, so I stopped taking prescribed drugs and being a "lab-rat" and went back to a product that I have been drinking for a couple of years. A friend reminded me that MonaVie is great as an anti-inflammatory. Not sure if you've heard of it, but it's great. Drinking 4 ozs a day has made a remarkable difference in the last month because it helps me sleep and wake up more refreshed and helps me concentrate which seems to reduce the headaches. Sometimes I'm at my desk and realize that I haven't even had a headache. Hope this helps. It has changed my life. Headache and drug free for a while now.
    gelyon responded:
    Sorry to hear about your headaches, I know how terrible they can be. I had bad migraines (with aura) for several years. I finally found something that worked for prevention, it was Topamax. The problem was I couldn't stand the side effects. My physician then tried Lyrica instead, and it worked! I have been migraine free for a few years now, and I don't get any bad side effects from the Lyrica. Just wanted to pass that along, it is possible to to be migraine free, so don't give up, keep trying different things.

    As far as the triptans, I couldn't stand the side effects. I took Tylenol #3 for the headache pain which worked well for me.

    BTW, I am male.

    Good luck,

    Greg L.
    Cammie3224 responded:
    After 18 months of visiting 9-10 specialists and taking many medications, I visited the Diamond Headache Clinic. They recognized immediately that I had rebound headaches from Maxalt that were masking the underlying sources of my headaches. Because they focus on only the most complex cases, they are very good at diagnosis and treatment. At some point, you may be ready to visit them. -- Cam
    Lilinoe responded:
    My never ending migraine was resolved when I went in to see my Chiropractor who found I had a pinched nerve and after several adjustments got me back on tract. The best to you!
    usuallysewing responded:
    Yes-I have tried this and it worked. It also made me much more aware of times when I was taking medication on too many days. I now just tough it out after medicine for 3-4 day headache, so that I don't get rebound headaches.
    cloverleaf44 responded:
    I feel so terrible for you! I used to have a very similar problem- had migraines at least 3 times a week (I'm in my early 20s) and it was really taking over my life, so I tried everything I could. Imitrex made my limbs feel numb (scary!) and Maxalt made my head hurt even worse. The doctor then prescribed Amitryptalene to take every day, but I didn't like that either. I was so sick of taking meds that I took a suggestion from a friend and went to the chiropractor. After all, what did I have to lose?!

    The chiropractor changed my life. She said I may have had some neurological problems, but the brunt of my pain was coming from misplaced bones in my neck. After 2 months of going (whenever I felt I needed an adjustment) I stopped having migraines COMPLETELY. After years of the migraine torture I felt like it was a miracle. 3 years later I'm still migraine free. I like to still go to the chiropractor to adjust when I feel a little tense, but my case did not require an insane amount of visits. The key is finding a good chiropractor (referrals are the best way!).

    If you are on birth control pills, you may also try taking 3 months at a time (instead of having your period on the sugar pill week, start a new pack). My gynecologist suggested this and it did help, but that is obviously something to speak to your own doctor about.

    As you probably already know, stress is going to bring on these headaches, often when the stress ceases (like the weekend when there is no school). All I use now is Excedrin Tension Headache whenever I feel it's needed, but I feel so free from the pain of migraines! I now suggest chiropractic care to everyone with migraines. It's worth a try...and if it's not for you, then at least you know you're trying everything.

    I hope this helps and I hope you find relief soon. Good luck!
    katjac05 responded:
    I am experiencing the never-ending migraine you speak of. I've tried numerous migraine medications but haven't found the answer yet. Some swear by Topamax as a preventive but it didn't do anything for me. I've finally gone off all migraine medications, lost the 30-40 pounds I gained as weight gain was a side effect of just about everything I tried, and I take Tramadol almost daily for the pain. It does help -- the only side effects I have noticed are that it tends to make me talkative and sometimes I have trouble sleeping but at least there is less to no pain. After 5+ years of almost never-ending pain, I just can't deal with it any more. The changing weather is my trigger but I have found a dull pain may get pushed over the edge by another trigger (stress, missing a meal, fluorescent lighting, etc.) and out comes the Tramadol. Prednisone didn't really break the cycle for me, although I've tried it several times. The headaches always came back. Along with all of the different medications, I've also tried nerve blocks, botox, acupuncture, chiropractor, etc. A recent MRI has revealed 3 three bone spurs in my neck which have recently become very painful (any relation to the migraine, I don't know). Hope you have more luck than me. I would be interested to hear more from you.
    clarafox responded:
    I have migraines and have found that an ice pack (and an anti-nausea pill) works better than a pain pill. Sometimes.
    boo1031 responded:
    My entire family suffers from migraines-my sister & I seem to get it more hormonal related. I don't care for the group of pills they give for prevention. I dont like to mess with the chemistry of my brain. I take Celebrex for it. (You know the commercial " Celebrate, Celebrex) My mom works with orthopedics and the doctors she works with all tell her it is not only used for pain reduction for arthritis and inflamation, but it is being used for migranes too. So many people I know are happy with the results of Celebrex. My migranes are unbearable too, cant function at work or home. I find when I take Celebrex the pain goes away 80-90% , I can function-read and use computer, watch TV, although I sometimes feel it is in the background, ready to surface at any moment. I just dont jump around, dance, move my head suddenly-you know go easy. And although it is slightly lingering a bit in the background of my head, I feel so much better to deal with the day. Please try it- I promise it will work for you. * Also watch your salt intake, check your blood pressure, and watch the nitrates & MSG----hot dogs, cured meat, cold cuts, chinese food!

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