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    Generic TopAMAX
    firestorm20034 posted:
    Has anyone else had problems with the generic TopAMAX? I have used TopAMAX for the past few years with tremendous success and since switching over to the generic brand it doesn't work at all. Headaches back as frequently and terrible as ever. Has this happened to anyone else? I want to go to my doctor and discuss this with him to get him to write another prescription for "no substitution allowed" but I would like to be able to tell him it's not only me having this problem. Thanks.
    mosthelpfulgirl responded:
    Yes, many of us have. Feel free to read some other posts to help you.
    firestorm20034 responded:
    Thanks so much for answering. I did read through posts but some how I missed the ones about the generic TopAMAX. I just re-read through them and still can't find them. I'm either looking in the wrong places or it has already been removed. I know the generic didn't come out until around April of this year and everything I have been reading about has been about migraines. Anyway, I do appreciate the time you took to answer my question.
    mosthelpfulgirl responded:
    Sorry. Several of us have posted about problems with generic Topamax. I was in a hurry when I responded before. I am personally having problems with the generic topiramate. I think one of the posts is labeled "effectiveness of generic" or something like that. It would probably be the most helpful. The other one has "topamax" in the title. I hope these are helpful to you. Again, sorry if my answer seemed abrupt at all. I was in a hurry and wanted to answer you, since I am also having a little trouble and know what you are going through to an extent. Best wishes, and I hope your insurance will cover brand name still. Mine won't. I'm working to get it approved again. Some seizure patients are having trouble with generic topiramate as well, all over the country. Good luck to you.
    pdoogs responded:
    I thought it was just me! I spoke to my private MD cause I couldn't wait to see my neuro. It's not the same. I get mine from the VA and I don't even know if once they make the switch they will even give the TOPAMAX. I guess I'll find out!
    pvvillemar responded:
    I was given Topamax for severe migraines about a year and a half ago with great success. I have a shunt for hydrocephalus and had been doing very well. For the last six to seven weeks I have been on the generic Topamax and now have been experiencing severe migraines again. A friend just told me this evening about problems she heard about the generic Topamax. I plan to discuss this issue with my neurosurgeon if there is nothing wrong with the shunt.
    gypsyfive68 responded:
    hi, I have used topamax(non generic) for 3 yrs. now. I have had to adjust the dosage quite often but it has been a miracle drug for me. most of my family is also on it as we have that lovely hereditary crap. I was so happy to have generic as the price was killing me and we have horrible coverage(we pay 1st). it was a quarter of the price. I wanted to start dancing. now the answer to your question. sry got off track. lol i have noticed no difference at all. that doesnt mean tho. that some ppl are just more sensitive to certain things. if u can afford and u felt better, go with what works for u. having this migraines as we all know is bad enough. i wish u all the luck and plz let me know if u do notice a difference if u go back on non-generic. by the way if i can get generic i get it for everything and have had no problems with any of them. have a good 1 and be migraine free.!!!!
    southernbelle62 responded:
    One weeek on Generic Topamax I thought I was going to die. Ended up having to pay out of pocket since Insurance wouldn't repay for the perscription, so 24 days ran me $300 dollars. Also now that I refuse Generic instead of $35 copay I have to pay $70 copay, don't that suck, The generic don't work!
    Patienthelper responded:
    I've had the same problem with the generic brand. Thought it was just me for the past month. I've been meaning to google and see if anyone else was having issues but haven't felt good enough too. I called my doctor today and he said to up my dose from 100mg to 200mg. Just what I wanted to take more drugs! I feel like I'm going backwards. Can't work with a migraine and you have to work to have insurance to pay for the Topamax. They can say all they want that the generic and brand are identical but how do they know if they aren't the ones taking the generic and having the symptoms. I wonder how many trials were run on it if any?
    gratefullyyours responded:
    I have i didn't even think about the switch to generic. I went to my doctor with and sharp increase in the frequency in my headaches. My doctor doubled my dose and i was headache free for a week and they r back. Topamax 25mg at hs has worked for about a year with only a mild headache every once in a while.
    tresa97 responded:
    Generic topamax is a nightmare! I take it completely off label for fibro and psoriasis and on label for migraines and my psoriasis was completely gone until I took the generic for one week! After one week of the generic my psoriasis started appearing on my neck, my hands in places I never had it before. I went into my primary care and she called in a script for the brand name immediately. The insurance tried to deny but my dr explained that paying for one drug for three issues was much less expensive than three drugs for three issues and they paid. The fiers in the generic definitely make it far less effective.....Please do not let public health insurance go through or we are all in big trouble.
    WadsworthLongfellow responded:
    Generic Topamax is what my insurance will pay for, my co-pay is $35.

    I started acupuncture treatments in early June; the pain level & duration of my migraines & other headaches decreased dramatically.

    Duh- NOW, I realize that when I renewed my Topamax & got the generic stuff in July - my migraines started to return! They have been increasing & increasing! Fall is typically a "bad" time of year for me with migraines, but now I think the generic Topamax is a contributing factor.

    I can NOT afford the nearly $800 for a 3 month supply of Topamax. I almost fell off the couch when they pharmacy called & offered me the option of re-filling my script w/ the generic. Originally, I told them as a patient I was not the person medicall authorized to make that decision; however they must contact my doctor to get his permission to fill the script as generic or DAW. (I really do NOT like this pharmacy! I have no choice but to use this one for my 90 day scripts - gggrrr!)
    JennKG responded:

    I take Topimarate which is the generic Topamax. I have not had an issue.

    BUT! The FDA allows a 20% variation in the generic medications. So one dose of Topamax for you might be the correct amount while the next dose might be 20% less than that. The FDA also allows a 10% variation in all name brand drugs as well.
    susiemargaret responded:
    hello, FS --

    in a search on this board using (generic topamax) i came up with this page --[email protected]@.5987f447. it has 88 references to webMD discussions that cover generic topamax (generic topamax is called topiramate). i'm not sure whether the website address would come up the same every time; that is why i showed the actual search terms that i used.

    using only the search term "topiramate," i found 29 references to webMD discussions; these were at --[email protected]@.5987f447.

    a quickie summary is that many posts say that the generic topamax has not worked as well for migraine sufferers as the brand-name topamax. i have been taking the generic topamax and have had no migraines since i started taking it, but i have no reason not to believe other people's accts in this regard.

    -- susie margaret
    ajskt responded:
    Yes, the same thing happened to me and my neurologist indicated that he has had complaints from several of his patients. He is now prescribing Topamax with a "do not substitute" on the prescription. It is a little more on the copay but definitely worth it.

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