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    It feels like my brain is moving when I jump. Any ideas?
    akvogel posted:
    When I jump rope, jump on a trampoline, etc., it literally feels like my brain is moving inside my skull. I know it sounds silly, but it hurts and the pain escalates with every bounce. I will end up with a pounding headache afterwords. I love working out and being active, and it's very bothersome. If it's something I'll just have to deal with, I'll live with it but just knowing why it happens would be a lot better.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
    Timothy Collins, MD responded:
    Your brain is moving when you do these activities. The brain moves back and forth slightly when you do these types of activities (in most people). This can be a trigger for headaches in some patients. I usually suggest starting out with less vigorous activities and slowly working up to higher levels of activity.
    jumpingbrain responded:

    I have the exact same thing. It started as a clicking noise when I was running, like I could hear my brain knock against my skull with each step. Then I noticed it when jumping. It's like my brain can't keep up with my head. When I jump my brain flings upwards, and when I come back down it crashes into the top of my head. I can't find anyone with answers, and I've become hugely sedentary because of it. I stopped running, jogging and dancing, and even just bending over too fast now sends my brain crashing into my skull.

    I sympathize incredibly with you, and doubt that this is "normal". I've asked doctors if it's possible for your brain to detach from your skull and float around banging into your head as you walk, because that's what it feels like. Everyone has said no. I've had 2 MRIs that came back normal, and do surprisingly well on balancing tests. (Most doctors think I'm just dizzy when I describe this symptom). I feel like a prisoner in my body, like I can't even walk around anymore without my brain flying around. I wish I had better news to tell you, but I haven't found any answers yet. It's just really reassuring to finally find someone else who feels this way also. I swear I thought I was the only one.

    My own condition has seriously been deteriorating since its onset more than 10 years ago, and it's not simply a matter of starting with something slow. I've been in physical therapy, sports, and gyms my whole life, and every ensuing year I do worse. Keep looking for answer; if I find anything, I'll let you know.

    33526 replied to jumpingbrain's response:
    I have had the exact same symptoms for almost a year. I have had an MRI, MRA, CT scan, and an EEG which all have come back normal. Please let me know if you find out what is causing these symptoms. Maybe we can go to Mayo Clinic together to see if they can find out what is causing it.
    33526 responded:
    Did you ever find out what is causing the symptoms?
    djdenney replied to 33526's response:
    Hey everyone, just thought I would let you know this, I just started having the same symptom's, and Im sure I figured out what it is. I have never had sinus problems before EVER! I read up on it, and this stuff happens when you get sinus's, when you bend over, jump, or anything. It feels like your brain is moving or jarred. I guess they call it a sinus headache. I guess I didnt realize that I had sinus's, but im glad I know now. I'm Going to the store to get some sinus medicine immediatley!! Hope its all the same thing for you, and im glad to hear that there was no major problem with any of you guys on the MRI's you had. I was also scared that there was something totally wrong with me, Thank You All So Much!!
    jesssteen responded:
    I have the same thing!

    it really does get unbearable!
    i often find tho that drinking 1-4 pints of water before exercising helps a lot and that this unbearable pain gets a lot lot easier to manage and sometimes goes completely!
    hope that helps x
    svenne responded:
    I have this condition too. Nice to feel that I am not alone somehow. I think we should really try to solve this mystery together. Let us assume that we all have the same disease. A good starting point would be to see what other common factors we have in our lifes and medical histories. Maybe this is a condition "on its own" but possibly it is caused by some other "medical" condition. One thing that I have noticed is that this mostly happens to people who are quite active. Myself I have been doing sports all my life. One hypothesis I have is that this condition is connected with low pulse. I have 35-40 beats per minute in rest. I also believe that it might be connected with a bigger than normal difference between systolic and diastolic blood preassure. Especially maybe with a low diastolic preassure. The theory would be that this causes too open blood vessels in the head and that the blood can move around too easily. There exist drugs today that causes the blood vessels to constrict so maybe they would be worth trying. Allthough the use of these drugs together with low blood preassure can possibly cause a lack of blood to the head, so some care is necessary.
    I really think we should try to talk with eachother and figure this out. It might be our best chance and many of us have had this for years.
    Let us talk!
    And take care you all!
    svenne replied to jumpingbrain's response:
    Hi! Have you done any tests of your cerebrospinal fluid? Maybe the cerebrospinal fluid around your brain has too low density or to low volume. What do you think? Or it may be low blood preassure?
    Best regards
    svenne replied to 33526's response:
    Did you find something out?
    An_252443 responded:
    I am so glad to find this discussion. The image I get is a water balloon inside a container. When I bend forward, it feels like my skull contents are sliding forward. The head's ache is severe, but lessens when I regain and upright position.

    I thought it might be due to dehydration but I have been drinking lots of fluids.

    The sinus connection makes sense but the pain in my head is not near a sinus cavity, nor are my sinuses being a problem right now.
    Ahmed1993 responded:
    I also have the same issue, its so unbearable. I sometime roll on the bed trying to put pressure on my head. Went to doctor, he said i had Sinusitis and he also told me not to consume Cheese, Chocolate and Avoid the use of perfumes and also told me not to skip any meals. And he prescribed me a pill called ''Inderal, tablets 40mg, Propranolol". The doctor told me to split those tiny tablets into half and consume them once in the morning after breakfast and then the other half at night after dinner.

    The doctor was right about most of the things. If i skipped meals and stayed empty stomach for several hours then i would start having the headache. Also perfumes also caused the headache. I did have cheese and chocolate occasionally, and it didn't give me headache.

    i googled the tablet, the tablets were made for this kind of migraines. Whenever i stop these pills the headache keeps coming after few days. But the pill is good though. It gives you relief.

    Here is a link to wikipedia describing the use of these tablets. I suggest all of you to ask your doctor if you can take these tablets.

    hope it helps!! My doctor told me to go to him again after 6 months of using these tablets.
    greysquirrel responded:
    Check out this article by a faculty member of PT/OT/Biomed at Creighton University..

    Do you think our meninges are defective?
    svenne replied to greysquirrel's response:
    Well, I have googled around and I have heard a lot of doctors opinions and so on. And it seems to me that the only way to find this out is that someone starts to do some research on the matter. I would want to found an interest organization/foundation so that we all can gather and together look after our interests. Maybe hire some doctors who work exclusively with this, do some PR work and so on so to mobilize resources on this matter. Or at least that we compare or medical stories to see if there is a common factor. I have to many obligations in society and a family to look after, to just sit back and let my life slip through my fingers.
    Rocky_85 replied to svenne's response:
    I have had the same problem for the last decade.

    I had to give up studying at university because the concentration issues/ADD caused by the jarring sensation in my head from walking prevented me from studying.

    Unfortunately the GP's I went to were useless. Neurologists I went to were useless and didn't do any tests because they were from state hospitals. I cannot afford to pay for a CT Scan at a private hospital.

    I basically would love to jog daily and get in shape but I cannot.

    We must all work together and figure this out.

    It could be sinus related. I have post nasal drip. Does anyone else?

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