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    Head pain/pressure from sneezing, coughing or laughing?
    joseph1974 posted:
    I started having what has been diagnosed as chronic tension headaches last October. About the same time I noticed that bending down, sneezing, coughing or laughing caused intense pain and pressure in my head and often triggered a headache. My MRI and MRA were both normal. I've tried Nortriptyline and Topamax for the chronic tension headaches but neither has affected the pain while bending, sneezing, coughing or laughing. Any ideas what could be causing this and how to treat it?
    harp4 replied to Timothy Collins, MD's response:
    Hi Dr. Collins,
    My headache is only when I strain such as "coughing, sneezing, bending over or laughing hard". It only last as long as I do these things. When I sleep and first arise in the morning these symptoms are not there. This started about 2 weeks ago after I used one of those Shiatsu neck massagers. I used it for tension in my neck. I was pulling down rather hard so that the roller balls would massage the tension out of each side of my neck muscles. I then moved one of the rollers to the center of my neck just below the scull. I'm wondering if I have damaged some nerves or some how damaghed the spinal fluid passage way. Or could it be leaking as you suggested. Could this be caused from this type pressure that I used on my neck. I didn"t have this issue prior to this self therapy??
    claudiamarie64 responded:
    I found this discussion searching for personal stories re the tussive headaches. I have these. They started about a year ago, when I slipped and fell on my back on the ice. Within a week, I started getting intermittent mild headaches in my temples. A week or so later, the tussive headaches began - usually precipitated by coughing.

    I didn't worry too much because coughing was the trigger, and they didn't last more than a few minutes. I managed to avoid catching cold, so without the cough, there were few headaches. Fast forward to late summer, then fall of 2011, when the usual fire season started, followed by my ragweed allergies. The allergies caused congestion and coughing, so I began experiencing constant tussive headaches. Also, when my head gets irritated by the coughing/sneezing headaches, then I also get the headaches when straining or bending over.

    I have no answers since I have yet to see a doctor (which I will do asap) and get a scan to rule out tumor or Chiari.
    Worriedsick29 replied to zagman's response:
    I also appreciate all these posts. I tend to be over dramatic at times. I have become an over analyst with all my symptoms. Worst case scenario foot everything I feel. However, for the first time after reading these posts it all seems like everything is coming together. I have a dull headache almost everyday but have many triggers for it to increase. Laughing hard for longer than a couple minutes will trigger a stabbing sensation in my lower scull. Also, I have had a severe weight gain after an accident and started to work out (slow walks to medium paced walks) on the treadmill and experienced a throbbing sensation in my lower scull, which then triggered a headache. I have light sensitivity to halogen lights (don't know if that has anything to do with it). On occasion will get a migraine and cant function they make me extremely naseaus. And my ears constantly feel plugged. My story behind this ..I was a somewhat healthy 28 yr old women, active no neck or head issues. Small back problem from pregnancy. I was in a car accident nothing serious ( so I thought) ...whiplash turns into finding out I had two herniated discs in my neck one large one pressing on my spinal cord. does anyone know if working out will help this this life threatening or just something uncomfortable you have to learn to deal with. The only symptom I don't have with all this is the everyday migraine. I just want to be better for my normal! Do i have a smaller form than what you all have or possibly something different? Now I worry I may have a leak after reading these posts...
    harp4 replied to claudiamarie64's response:
    I'm 61 nad have now gone to the doctor. Turns out I had a sinus infection. I started 875mg of Amoxicillin every 12 hours. I have just taken my 3rd tablet and my headaches have all but gone. I will kkep you posted. Appears mine is sinus related.
    harp4 replied to claudiamarie64's response:
    You might try emailing Dr. Collins at Duke University and see his thoughts.
    cliffrunner replied to claudiamarie64's response:
    Ct scans, x-rays, pills, no diagnosis or relief, reading thread of similar offers hope
    harp4 replied to harp4's response:
    Well I must retract my statement. The headaches that happen for just a few seconds then go away returned the next day after I posted this. Still having the headaches however they do not seem to be there when I first get up in the morning. As the day goes by they are more intense but still only happen when I cough, sneeze, laugh hard, or bend over slightly, If I bend all the way over they go away! I will end up going to a Neurologist it appears. I'm beginning to wonder if this has all been caused by the Shiatsu massager I used on my neck and some how have irritated the nerves that cause this??? Wish Dr. Collins would chime in .
    Dr. Collins???????????????
    deedeedianes replied to Timothy Collins, MD's response:
    here goes, For 6 months now i get this popping and even pinching in my head, seeing I had a stroke baxk in 2009, fummy me starts thinking maybe the doctors didn't tighten the screws good enough. after you mention the lumbar i do recall hhaving a drain peg on the top og my head after the flap was put back. and the swelling on side of skull is back too. do i need a shunt?
    kkbuzz responded:
    I posted about a year ago and wanted to give an update. Not long after I posted my pain went away. The doctors never found out what it was, they treated me for allergies and sinus problems but nothing worked so I did my own research. I treated myself for TMJ-I am doing exercises for it, coathanger headaches-this is caused by a damaged muscles in the shoulder area due to things like computer work or holding a phone between your ear and shoulder. I do neck and shoulder stretches for it. I also take magnesium which has really helped with the headaches. I was having headaches weekly but since starting the magnesium I have had maybe a dozen in the last year, and last thing I do is take a natural product called cellfood. This sounds like alot but I was and am willing to do anything to keep the pain away. I pray that each one of you find out what is wrong and find something that helps you with your pain.
    harp4 replied to harp4's response:
    I want to give a followup to my condition. Now I'm not an MD however I do have a PhD and I search until I find a solution.

    I went to a Neurologist and we discussed the symptoms, of course his first reaction was to get an MRI, however I told him I was on a HSA PPO plan with BCBS and I had to pay the first 3500 out of pocket. I asked if there was something we could try prior to getting a MRI. We decided to go with a steriod to see if the cause was inflamation. He prescribed Methylprednisolone 4mg dospak 21's. You take 6 the first day 5 the second day 4 the third day ,etc. I finished the 6 days of doses. I returned to his office on day 7 with no results. We decided to go forward with the MRI and scheduled a visit 2 days later to view the results. The day after the MRI my symptoms disappeared TOTALLY! On day 8, I returned to his office and told him the good news. He said there must have been a delayed reaction to the steriod and the inflamation must have gone. I'm on day 10 and symptoms are still clear. By the way, the MRI revealed no issues or Chiari, which was what he was wanting the MRI to rule out that possibility. Hopefully the problem is solved. If you have not tried a steriod as I mentioned above please consult with your doctor. It could be as simple as inflamation and when that is gone perhaps your symptoms will be as well. Note: I also took Sudefed to clear any sinus issue that may have been contributing to this issue. Good Luck to you all, and if anything changes I will post it here
    TAS424 replied to harp4's response:
    I am 43, female, and have a 35 year history of cluster headache. On January 3 of this year I became sick with a cold, that became a sinus infection, and one sneeze apparently led to a spontaneous CSF leak. After multiple MRIs they cannot find the source of the leak, and I am unwilling to have a spinal tap. But I have all of the symptoms discussed in this forum, pain when laughing, sneezing, coughing, bending over, and when having a strenuous bowel movement. I have been on topamax, amytriptiline, and verapamil for several years to control the frequency of my headaches. And have not had a headache since June of 2010, until 4 weeks ago. Now I have had to increase all medications as I am in a serious cluster. I am encouraged that the steroid my doctor just prescribed ton help break the cluster might give me relief form the other symptoms as well, as nothing has helped. if anyone has any other information to share, I would be grateful, I have felt very frustrated, and alone for these last 6 months. Having cluster headaches is enough to make one isolate . . . This added joy has been completely debilitating as I can't work out or live live with any normalcy. But it is good to know I am not alone.
    shefa123 replied to zagman's response:
    I started having the coughing, sneezing, laughing, bending over headaches two months ago. I've had a CT and an MRI and both are normal. My GP has referred me to a neurologist, but the appointment isn't for another 3 months! Until then, I'm using OTC anit-infalmmatories and trying not to sneeze or cough.

    Like zagman, I'm learning to look up when I have to bend over. I put all kinds of things that are usually on the floor on tables and shelves, like laundrey baskets, shoes, etc. so I don't have to bend over. It's awful if I drop something!
    Has anyone found any relief from this kind of headache?
    luvorganic replied to lyds12's response:
    I am experiencing the same almost exactly and i am almost positive that it is because i had my silver fillings removed and replaced with white fillings and my bite has been off ever since. the dentist did all 5 at once and they just can not get my bite right. I have been dealing with this since October. I am very very frustrated and have pain by the end of every day. I too do acupuncture and it does help. I just have to deal with it until my bite is right. I see that you posted 2 years ago. I would like to know how you are feeling now. Hope everything is better for you.
    4AudiQ responded:
    Brain Pain:
    Sometime in late winter of 2012 (February), I began to experience pain in my brain whenever I would cough, laugh extra hard, sneeze, have to push during a difficult Bowel Movement or even bend over at the waist. I came on without warning. I had a CT Scan done on February 24, 2012, which came back with no signs of a brain tumor, which I thought might be the cause of my brain pain. I went to Google and discovered in the WebMD site, that other people have had this same condition, with no name and no known cure.

    I did find fellow suffers here:

    and here:

    I did not see any solution that would fit my situation, but it was comforting to know that other people have experienced the same thing.

    I saw my Neurologist, Dr. Michael Bell, on May 24, 2012 and he gave me a Prescription for Indomethacin @ 25mg with instructions to take 1 capsule 3 times per day. I received them in the mail and started taking them on June 7, 2012, with further instructions to stop in 2 weeks, because they could eat a hole in my stomach if I took them any longer. By the 3rd pill, I could already tell they were making a difference. I stopped on June 21, 2012 with no brain pain.
    By June 9, 2012, I had a serious coughing spell and yet experienced no pain.

    6/19/2012 - today I am feeling some pain when I cough.
    July 8, 2012 - I felt some brain pain when I coughed today.
    July 9, 2012 - pain has disappeared.
    July 24, 2012 - no significant brain pain since I quit taking Indomethacin.

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