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    blondieandbrunnette posted:
    Hey guys I was just doing some research and came across this site asking what lies you have heard from doctors,families and friends before/during or after the diagnosis of ms.

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their "lies" on this board. for example..

    "pain is not associated with ms."
    daisyfordonna responded:
    candy, my neuro used to say not pain with ms but for some reason he has reversed that opinion! it is very real and very there! also, how about that "freezing up, cramped" feeling in diaphram/rib cage area that feels awful!! once was told it wasn't a common ms problem, then hear Montel Williams describe the exact same symp. oh well!

    guitarnut responded:
    "MS never progresses quickly."

    "Muscle weakness, spasms, and nerve-related problems are not associated with MS."

    "MS can never appear in children."

    "MS is easy to diagnose. If your MRI comes back clean, then you don't have it. If it comes back with lesions, then you do."
    Rory26312 responded:
    hi Candy

    some neuro try to claim there is no such thing as the MS hug don't know if their telling lies or just haven't got a clue.

    BTW did himself have a doctors app today if so anything to report hope he's doing better than allright.

    hackwriter responded:
    "...MS doesn't cause hearing loss..."

    Uh, yeah, it can. Any lesion in the XIII cranial nerve can affect balance and hearing. I've had an ongoing argument with two neuros about this. I had hearing loss between my 2nd and 3rd exacerbation and again during the last one. Recently, my neuro looked in my ear canals and proclaimed them clean of any wax build-up. He's looking for reasons and can't find any.

    I win.

    playnice01 responded:
    gotta go with rory on this one....if the hug isn't real pain, then I am not really going to pay my neuro...hey! HE started it! flapkat
    AL0728 responded:
    Before my diagnosis, I was having a hard time in the August heat in the south. I was sent to a neuro-surgeon who told me I didn't have MS because it was usually cold that aggravated MS not heat.

    Now the cold can agravate my MS sometimes, but heat is way worse.
    Danna0604 responded:
    I was told "You have a mild case of MS." I am now in SPMS. Duh!!!

    Terrie95 responded:
    Like most of you, pain isn't associated with MS. My neuro actually has my dx list as MS, depression, and chronic pain syndrome.

    Has anyone heard of pseudo(sp) flare, meaning you aren't actually in a flare, something else is going on in your body, so your MS is acting like a flare, but it's not really one?

    You can't start in progressive MS, so you must have relapsing remitting. I've been sick with constant ms symptoms for almost a year without let up. Still waiting for that remitting part.

    Greaywolf responded:
    Eight years of ...

    You're depressed.

    It's a kidney stone, but it's too small to see..

    You need glasses.

    You're depressed.

    We can't find ANYTHING.

    Are you SURE it hurts there?

    Are you SURE you can't feel that?

    Are you SURE you're not just after drugs?

    To my now ex-DH - I think she is severely depressed and acting out to get attention. You may need to seek Professional help for her.

    And my DH wonders why I can't stand most doctors!!!
    blondieandbrunnette responded:
    greay..I am so sorry it took 8 years for someone to listen!!! I couldn't even imagine. My husband's doctors appt is today with just a GP. I hope this doctor takes us seriously!

    My husband is still not feeling too well. His leg muscles got stiff last night and it hurt him to even walk. They are still bothering him this morning. He did take an anti inflammatory and muscle relaxer last night.

    Wish us luck!!!
    Always14989 responded:
    I have heard so many over the past 35 years, but the best one was....

    "You can't possibly have MS or you would not be able to do the things you do!" (be a wife, older mother of 3, business owner etc etc etc) I was in my mid 30's at the time and have had MS since I was 19 according to my present MS doctor.

    Yikes! And I believed it, too!

    Oh well....

    Al(ways a little suspicious these days!)
    Rory26312 responded:
    how can you laugh in such pain

    blondieandbrunnette responded:
    Here is another one.."MS usually doesn't present this way"

    I thought ms was an individual disease, meaning it was different in EVERY single MSer?
    AL0728 responded:
    Here is one more. The very first neuro I saw said it probably wasn't MS because MS was more of a woman's disease.

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