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    tabbybrn posted:
    I just went throught the evoke tests and I was misserable. They had a hard time getting a reading from my right eye(not sure y) and my left eye ball hurt when they did the test on that eye.

    Then they did the shock test on my ankles. REAL BAD!!! I had bad cramps in my legs and couldnt take my meds before the test. My right wasnt so bad but my left was. I could not stay still and my nerves on my left side up to my arm were going crazy. I keep haveing to move and It felt like she was sticking the prongs through my skin. Is this normal???
    tabbybrn responded:
    OMG I feel awful. Very off balance and wierd feeling. Please tell me this is normal after this test.
    hackwriter replied to tabbybrn's response:

    The tests you describe don't sound like the same evoked potentials I've had, so I don't know what's "normal."

    I had electrodes attached to my head and given a hearing test, then a vision test that involved staring at a screen with dot patterns. Both tests were painless.

    Maybe somebody will respond to your experience who had similar tests as yours.

    arealgijoe replied to hackwriter's response:
    I had all 3 evoked tests last week, no real problems except they could not get a toe reflex in either ankle even though I could feel the pulses on the bottom of my feet and up into my toes. The finger reflexes worked on the wrist evoke, also had the eye evoked as well. No results tho for over a month when I go back.

    tabbybrn replied to arealgijoe's response:
    Same thing happened to my so the lady turned it up all the way and pressed the prongs in to my ankle harder to try and get the reading. I think thats why It hurt.
    truman861 replied to tabbybrn's response:
    Hello all,
    they are currently testing me for ms but I have an unusual situation. I cant have MRI's. I had a spinal cord stimulator installed last year in my lower buttock region.
    They did the shock test and the needle in the muscle test this past monday. I need to call the people back to schedule a ct of the head and I still need to go for bloodwork.but the nuerologist said that its possible, he doesnt want to say yes though till he gets the results.
    In the meantime, I am living with the fibromyalgia label and praying that things will not be ms or that they will clear up
    holly1416 replied to truman861's response:
    Have they ordered a lumbar puncter (spinal tap)?
    tabbybrn replied to holly1416's response:
    No not yet but i see an ms specialist on tuesday.
    roberlyn replied to hackwriter's response:
    hi kim,

    there are different types of evoked potentials. sounds like you had the visual and audio ones only. i had the visuals only. however, there are other sensory tests involved that people can have, which sounds like what tabbybrn went through.

    jrswannie1 replied to roberlyn's response:
    I had an eye pain and swelling 7 months ago. Didnt think much of it but went to 3 optho's and all couldn't find anything. 3 months later, I began to experience tremors, woke up one day with left arm and face numb as well. I have been experiencing inaccuracies for months as well. Saw a nuro at Mayo who ordered an MRI. All he saw was 22 small white spots in the ventricle area which he said was normal for ageing, I am 31. I lokked it up and found its normal for 45 yr olds. Either way, he said inner ear. Did 6 different audiology test. All negative accept one. The one were they make me look to the right and lean me back as they watch what my eye does. During that time that had me tell storys. All the sudden words started scrambling, got dizzy and then couldn't speak at all till i sat up. She looked at me and said "not the ears." They sent me over to nuro right away and now i have a eep, sep, and a ver next week.

    All i can say is i feel your pain. Wondering for 7 months what this is is killing my family.
    mottis responded:
    was it the usual evoke tests or was it the new method of evoked sensory testing ?

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