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    MS Spasms
    mbsmiley71 posted:
    Please respond if you have ever experienced muscle spasms in your head. If so what are you ( if anything ) doing to relieve this ms symptom?

    shotsy66 responded:
    mbsmiley, Hi I just went through the muscle spasms in my head. For a few weeks I was getting quick sharp pains in my head and my neuro said they were muscle spasms and prescribed methylprednisone dose pack for six days and also to heat a towel in the microwave and put on the back of my neck. It worked but I still get the spasms once in a while but not continuously like I was.

    Feel better. Beth
    mbsmiley71 replied to shotsy66's response:
    Hey Beth
    Thanks for your reply. Sounds like we may be experiencing something similar. My headaches have persisted even into today Mon for the 3rd week but seems to be at a more tolerable level this morning. Hopefully I can start to cycle out of this very painful symptom. The headache has for the most part been located in the back of my head. However I remember these headaches starting with a pain on the left side of my neck rotating from side to side of my neck. The pain transferred to my head moving around for awhile eventually settling in to the back of my head primarily. My neuro told me they were muscle spasms. I was having a difficuult time with the muscle spasm dx in my HEAD but go figure. I eventually wound up in the emergency room to try and get a catsccan that my neuro refused to administer. I just wanted to take a look and make sure nothing else was going on as it has been a couple of years since my last mri.So the emergency room dr ran the catscan and as it turned out my neuro may be right. So the dr gave me a script for Vic 500 strength for the pain. The Vic has cut into the pain dropping level 10 headaches to a more tolerable level as of this morning to a 3. Hopefully I am on the way out of the woods with these headaches. I was dx back in 06 and I have never experienced headaches to this magnitude. Again thanks for your response. I might have saved an er visit it if I had talked to some of you guys first. I will keep in mind your tips if and when these headaches start to rise to high level again.

    Have a good day!
    shotsy66 replied to mbsmiley71's response:
    Ed, I also was having a difficult time with the dx of muscle spasms but I had had an MRI the month before this started so I knew it wasnt anything serious. ALso the way you described the way the pain traveled from the side of your head and moving around was exactly like my pains. Also I forgot to tell you that I have a lot of upper back and neck pain wich he said contributes to the spasms as well.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Janonly replied to mbsmiley71's response:
    It is always good to have more info, it is the best way to dispel fear. Your trip to the ER was beneficial in that you gained peace of mind that you had not advanced.

    Yes, this website is priceless in the valued information shared which helps us all to feel more secure and in control, as much as possible.

    I truly find that this disease and it's many faceted effects gives me a better understanding of so many other diseases out there that so many suffer from continually. 10 yrs now and from head to toe literally, my rt foot does some strange things, and in my estimation the head attacks are the worst, because they are the hardest to relieve, and the 'hugs', a host of effects. Muscles relaxants and 'down' time, since when I take enough to accomplish the need, I am pretty much 'good for nothing' for a smidge. Whatever works to relax them and cause them to 'stop'.

    Prayer is my personal strongest weapon with Rxs.

    wickedwanda0629 replied to mbsmiley71's response:
    Hello Ed,
    It's been awhile since you have posted,

    I can relate to the headaches( the worst kind) with muscle spasm.

    I also take a pain med and baclofen and it seems to help.

    I hope you feel better soon,


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